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How to give people what they want: a few simple but effective tips

If you are tired of being an invisible person and you want to evoke sympathy in people, you should learn to be a person of importance for others. Learn to give people what they want. The following tips will help you in this.

Recognize your mistakes

If you have ever been in a relationship with a person who does not know how to admit his guilt, you can well imagine how much it irritates. Nobody is perfect. You need to be more modest and be able to apologize.

Learn from the mistakes of others

Be attentive to what is happening around you, learn from other people's mistakes. You do not need to start taking drugs to understand that it's bad. The same applies to less radical life situations: do not repeat the mistakes that someone else has committed.

Learn to combine

It's just like a combination of a good book and a cup of coffee or ice cream with a biscuit - a good combination of good things opens up new life opportunities.


Learn how to communicate your ideas as directly and concisely as possible. People want simplicity. Too complex ideas are confusing and annoying. Get rid of verbal trash!

Yield to opponents

Sometimes it is more wise to give way, for example, if you do not have enough experience. It is wiser to allow an opponent to do something with which he will cope better than to fail the confidence of customers.

Surround yourself with successful people

If you spend time with successful people, you gain experience. If you are surrounded by losers, your life gets worse.

Focus on others

Do not talk only about yourself. Better pay attention to others and think more about them.

Learn to ask

Remember the day, which was not asked from the very beginning. How pleasant it is at such difficult moments to receive the sympathy of others! Learn this, note the details and look for the right way.


If you at least once opened a soul to a person who misses everything by ears, you know how unpleasant it is. Do not behave this way when people are talking to you - listen.

Think about the essence of things

For each event, look for a deep meaning. Think about the motivation of others. If you understand the reason for what is happening, it will be easier for you to attract people's attention.

Ask Others

People like to deceive themselves. Rely not only on your own opinion - ask others.

Consider what is happening

After an important event has occurred, take the time to think it over in detail.

Accept gifts

A positive reaction to a gift makes a person pleasant. Learn to be grateful.

Be able to be honest

Sometimes people need good advice. Learn to be an honest and thoughtful person.

Be sincere

Sincerity is not easy. Learn to always tell the truth if you want to gain trust.


If you are visited by any idea, look for all the necessary information. Careful research is the basis of success.

Apply for advice

Do not be afraid to ask for help from other people. All successful people know how to ask.

Disassemble with irritation

Learn how to use negative situations for yourself, let each obstacle be an opportunity for you to learn new things.

Avoid problems

Try not only to cope with difficulties, but also to prevent them. The better you do it, the more respect you cause.

Be Careful

If you can foresee what is happening, you know in advance how to behave.

Watch out for others

Copy the behavior of successful people, ask them for advice.

Keep your hand on the pulse

Watch for current events and trends. Fashion ideas can tell you the right way.

Be helpful

People like those who can help them. Be that kind of person.

Learn from failures

In every failure there is a benefit. Be smart and learn from your mistakes.


Good mood infects others!


Be polite, a simple "thank you" will help to achieve a lot.


Keep notes on what you can and what does not add up.

Repeat the Successful Steps

It would seem, what a simple advice, but many forget about it. If you succeed, repeat the tactics further.

Know how to refuse

Do not agree with anything, do not be afraid to refuse when it is necessary.


Some relationships are only harmful, know how to break them.


Share useful information, help others achieve success. People appreciate those who share useful experiences.

Strive for improvement

Try to analyze your behavior and constantly strive for excellence. Change in yourself what you do not like.

Think before you speak

Before sending messages or saying anything, always think about the effect your words will produce.

Think before every action

Do not do anything that you can later regret seriously. Think about every serious step before you take it.


Do not let impatience hinder you, always check your ideas and decisions.

Be punctual

Do not think that people will appreciate you if you do not appreciate their time. Always come to a meeting on time, do not make people wait.

Slow down the pace

Thoughtful behavior always brings fruit. Do not hurry.

Pay attention to details

If you are attentive even to trifles, people will begin to respect you more.

Make every effort

If you try your best, it's easier to impress people. Even if you fail, you will want to support.

Do not be afraid

Prevent problems, study the question. Try to fight your fears and behave rationally.

Be open

If you treat people in a friendly way, it is always rewarded for this. Remember the names of others, be affable and nice.

be careful

Send greeting cards to friends and friends. This is a trifle, but the result is impressive.

Do not promise the impossible

Do not make empty promises. It is better to surprise people by the fact that you are capable of more than it seems, than it is unpleasant to amaze them by their inability to conform to their own words.

Keep promises

If you still promised something, always keep your word. Otherwise, you will destroy your reputation.

Be consistent

People like constancy. If you behave unpredictably, it will be much more difficult for you, nobody will want to cooperate with you.

Use the system

If your approach is systematic, your productivity will increase. Develop your system and behave accordingly.

Pay Attention

Learn to not be distracted, be careful and watch what is happening.

Be flexible

Adapt. Be flexible, like grass, adjust to the desires of people. A hard line often hinders success.

Do not stop learning

Flexibility requires knowledge. For everything, knowledge is required. Do not waste time, learn something new. For new knowledge there is always an application.

Set an example

Be an example to follow, so that people feel sympathy for you. Become the person you want to follow.

Do not give up

You will fail if you stop trying quickly. Learn not to give up until the last, keep moving forward, just changing the tactics according to circumstances.

Be able to integrate

Be open, learn to trust, discipline. The ability to be a part of society is an essential skill.

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