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Many are engaged in self-improvement, they perform a huge, simply a huge amount of work, force themselves through a will to do this or that action and even when the whole inner state speaks and screams to him that everything is still enough, the person does not hear and does not stop, continues on Themselves "to improve," as a result, such self-improvement turns into torture. Titanic work will be done, and the result will be minimal, like a gold digger, who will process not one ton of land before he finds at least one small nugget. Many people at first simply learn not what they really need. To determine what a person wants, a person has such a simple feeling called interest. Improve yourself in what you are really interested in and that will expand your interest. This is the closest way to get quick results. With the first results, your enthusiasm will begin to grow, and enthusiasm gives new energy to achieve new goals.
There is another effective way of self-improvement, it is to learn from life, to receive Life Lessons. How to take these lessons? Each situation, each information has two meanings. One lies on the surface and the second one is in the depth, where wisdom is hidden. The task is to extract this wisdom and live according to the laid information. Examples can be given a lot. Here is one of them: someone at work or at home said something about you that is not very good, they condemned what they accused, and so on. An ordinary person either gets offended or goes to find out the relationship.
What is the deep meaning of this situation? Never condemn anyone, do not respond badly, what a strong temptation would be. Condemning a person, you leave in yourself information - the energy of condemnation. It will pass some time and you will be condemned, or for any particular act or circumstance so will develop that you will be condemned even if you did not do anything bad. And you get the impression that you were not rightly accused. But in fact, you got it for the fact that once in the past you, too, are not justified in some way by someone accused of something. And they just let you know how it is when you are accused of something or condemned. The deep meaning of this situation you already guessed what, "Do not judge and do not judge". Any situation that has an outwardly negative connotation indicates that you need to change something, change something in yourself, fix the vice in yourself. And while you do not eradicate this vice yourself, such lessons will all be and will be repeated in your life. Therefore, it is necessary to listen to all the bad situations and learn from them what vices to get rid of. The more you get rid of the big vices, the less you will make mistakes in life, the purer your soul will be, the more and more clearly it will be able to help you and manifest yourself in your life. Therefore, the more you become more perfect.

Take life lessons!

Learn to see wisdom in the lessons of life!

Follow the wisdom that they give!

Thank the lessons of life!

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