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How to remove ink from paper? Ways and features.

There are situations when you need to know how to remove ink from the paper. For example, you made a fresh repair, pasted new wallpaper, and the child decided to leave their autograph on them. What to do? Do not paste the same wallpaper in the entire room. Or you need to remove the stain from the ballpoint pen, which "flowed" and left its mark where it should not be.

There are several options how to cope with this problem at home.

In order to remove ink from the paper, it is necessary to make a solution of acetic essence and potassium permanganate in such proportions: a glass of essence - a tablespoon without a slide of potassium permanganate. Stir until all the crystals have dispensed. A solution of pink color should be obtained. Next, wadded discs start to blot (do not rub) the soiled area until the ink disappears. As a result, instead of ink from the handle, there will be a dirty pink patch from the manganese. Do not be scared, it should be so. Immediately take 3% hydrogen peroxide, soak a clean cotton pad in it and pat the spot. There will be no trace of ink and manganese! Dry the surface with a hairdryer.

You can use this method: mix citric and oxalic acids (10 grams) in 100 grams of water. Apply the solution to the paper with a swab or a cotton swab. If you can not get the ink out the first time, repeat the procedure. If the speck is too small or needs to be erased or corrected, say, a letter, then it is better to use a toothpick rather than a cotton bud, as it is thinner. It is necessary to act carefully so that the hole does not come out.

Stains from ink can be removed with ordinary lemon juice, moistened with a cotton swab and pressed it to a contaminated place.

And here is one of the "grandmother's" recipes, how to remove ink from paper or wallpaper: you need to boil a hard-boiled egg, chill it, cut it into two pieces and cut it to the wallpaper. The spot disappears!

To get rid of ink it is possible and quite modern chemical means known all under the name "Domestos" or "Belizna" (economy-variant). It is only necessary to dab a brush or toothpick into this solution and wipe the stain as it disappears.

Another recipe: in 10 ml of distilled water add 10 grams of hydrochloric acid and common salt, stir and process the desired part of the leaf.

And here's a way to remove ink from the paper, in which you do not have to slip and rub anything. Mix the water with sodium sulphite or another substance containing SO3. Next, fix the sheet over the solution and wait until the stain disappears. Neutralization of ink occurs due to the vapors released by the chemical compound. In this case, be extremely careful with the use of a chemical and note that not only unnecessary stains will disappear, but everything that is written in ink.

Now you know several ways how to remove ink from paper. It remains to choose the most appropriate option in your case and act. Where acid is used, take precautions: wear gloves before work. Any process of removing stains does not tolerate haste and fuss.

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