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What should be a friend: meditation

Everyone wants to have a good friend. What should be a friend? A real friend is a kind, loyal, honest person, who is going to help at a difficult moment, who knows how to help out of trouble ... It is not easy to find the owner of such merit, because each of us has the right to make a mistake. Perhaps the best friend has those qualities that are of paramount importance for this particular person. In a friend, we do not value individual traits of character, but accept it as a whole as a person, with our habits, manner of behavior, speech.

It is difficult to answer the question: "What should be a friend?" Sometimes a real friend is someone who has experienced troubles with you, helped to overcome the setbacks. You trust such a person as yourself. A friend will never give up in trouble. He is a close, dear person, with him you are boldly going through life. The very combination of the words "best friend" causes a sense of calm, comfort. With a real friend it's easy to talk, without thinking that he will be handed over to someone in a distorted form, such a person can safely entrust his secrets. Everyone chooses for himself what a friend should be like.

People always dream of having an open, disinterested person next to themselves. Remember how many proverbs the people have written about true friendship: "A friend is known in trouble," "A best friend does not replace the new two," "One hundred friends are better than a hundred rubles." In our lives, money will not replace a friend. Although one hundred real friends to have is a utopia. Most often a real friend happens to be alone, sometimes two, rarely three. After all, not everyone will share any confidential information, discuss some personal, sometimes intimate situation.

Practically since childhood, everyone thinks about who is the best friend. Writing on this topic is often offered to write in school. Sometimes, and at a more mature age, it will not be superfluous to think about whether you have a better friend. It happens that we are surrounded by a lot of friends, friends, comrades, but there is no real friend. Perhaps this is due to the nature of the character, or is there simply no person for whom we can not become a "faithful shoulder", or are we just not able to keep secrets? Most often these "dignities" are prevented from making friends. It must be remembered that a true friend is not only a person for you, but you are also for him. True friendship is a two-way process. Both comrades, going through life, do not offend, do not deceive, will not remain indifferent in the event of failures. They will share joys and sorrows, and will put their shoulder in happy and unpleasant moments.

The way a friend should be depends on ourselves. After all, it is possible for a real comrade to sacrifice something, and give priority to solving his problems to the detriment of his beloved. The success of a friend is not caused by envy, but by rapture; And his failures are upset as much as his own.

Friendship should be valued, cherished by it, because often the slightest disagreement can lead to a break in relations, which later will be regretted by both sides.

A real friend is a value that should not be thrown away, real friends are those who know: we must always remember each other.

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