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How to hang a modular picture: features and recommendations

In the modern sphere of decorating the interior, modular pictures became very popular. This fact has a justification, because people year by year want to differ in their individuality, create a comfortable environment around themselves, buying beautiful and unusual things for the house, including pictures. In this article, we'll talk specifically about them and how to hang a modular picture on the wall.

What is a modular picture?

Otherwise, such works of art are called segmented. They consist of parts that are united by a single theme. Elements are not connected together, they are placed on the wall at a distance from each other. Framed picture standard frame or baguette. At the ends of the picture continues, due to what the canvas looks more voluminous. From different angles the picture looks different.

Diptych, triptych and polyptych - the name of modular paintings, which, respectively, consist of two, three, five or more elements. The name came from Ancient Greece. Ancient Greek painters created huge partial paintings, consisting of several segments.

In the process of creating a diptych, triptych, or polyptych, one pattern is divided into parts of different or equal sizes. Then on the wall, as a result of the connection, one image is formed. And how to hang a modular picture, we'll talk further.

A few tips

Of course, before you hang a picture on the wall, you need to choose the most suitable place. With all responsibility it is necessary to approach this stage. A successful chosen place contributes to the correct perception of the image and a harmonious combination with the interior of the room.

Suffice it to listen to the following tips:

  • It is better to hang a picture with a vertical riun on the main wall to visually enlarge it, but horizontal images widen the wall visually.
  • Large segmented pictures are not suitable for a living room or a hall, they do not fit well in a densely furnished interior.
  • Light is also important. If you are dealing with an oil painting, it is better to hang it in a darkened room to avoid the rapid aging of the paints.
  • The picture is hung on the wall at 1.5 meters from the floor.

How to determine the sequence?

So, you have chosen and bought a beautiful painting, but you can not decide on the sequence and the way how to hang a modular picture. First, we select the central segment, which, of course, is attached first.

A diptych or a two-part picture can be hung easily. It will not be difficult for you to determine the main module. The situation is more complicated with the triptych. In this case, the center will be the middle segment. In a polyptych or picture of 5 or more modules, the central part can be any segment. After selecting the main module, it is necessary to attach it to the wall and put the marks corresponding to the corners of the picture.

It is important to exactly draw a horizontal line, otherwise the entire fabric will hang under a slope. The distance between the parts of the picture should be between 2-4 cm.

Fixation of polyptych

How to hang a modular picture of 5 parts? There is an algorithm for successive actions, and it is as follows:

  1. Determination of the central part and its fixation. Most often, the main module is large in size.
  2. Fixation of side parts. They must be located parallel to the central module. The gap between the parts should not exceed 4 cm.

One person finds it difficult to understand the segments and understand how to hang a modular picture. It is better to do this together.

We place a diptych

A modular picture is characterized by several parts that make up one image. Now we'll talk about how to hang a modular picture of 2 parts, or diptych. Of course, first you need to determine the place.

Let's list some features of accommodation:

  1. The first segment is placed at a distance of 2-4 cm from the second.
  2. It is necessary to strictly observe the parallel.
  3. If any segment needs to be shifted, it is better to make measurements and notes in advance.
  4. To hang a picture is better at 1.5 meters from the floor.

How to arrange a triptych?

Triptych is a triple picture. Often it is represented by a large central part and two smaller sidewalls. Although sometimes there are the same segments. So, how to hang a modular picture of 3 parts? First, let's answer the question about the origin of the name.

In ancient Rome, a triptych called plaques for writing. Accordingly, these plates consisted of 3 parts.

Arrange the triple canvas in three ways:

  • The vertical arrangement will visually stretch the wall;
  • Horizontally, that visually increase the room;
  • Diagonally, the picture can be hung on a flight of stairs.

Not a single nail

Often people seek to translate their creative ideas into reality through the arrangement of premises. For example, a person buys a segmented canvas and asks how to hang a modular picture of 4 pieces in an urgent and without tools. And there are several methods that simplify the process of placing the canvas on the wall.

So, the methods include:

  • Use of paper clips;
  • Needles and hooks;
  • Fixation with adhesive tape;
  • Assistance from the Commond system;
  • Use of liquid nails or glue.

Paper clips

So, how correctly to hang a modular picture without nails? You can use staples. On the wall, draw a straight line the size of a paper clip on the spot where the picture should hang. We make an incision along the line, then make a small longitudinal incision in the center. The edges of the wallpaper a little bend and poddevayem knife, so that they moved away from the wall. Get a pocket.

Further we unbend the clip, as if it holds a stack of paper. One end is pressed against the wall, and the other becomes a crochet. The cross made in the wall is filled with glue, we press to it a long part of the clip and press the wallpaper.

After the glue has dried completely, you can hang the canvas. If you want to speed up the drying process, it is better to buy glue immediately.

Hook for clothes

If there are no staples in the house, then there is another simple way how to hang a modular picture on the wall. In this case, a hook for clothes can be useful.

We make an incision in the wallpaper and lightly tear them from the wall. Fill the cavity with glue and press the hook. We are waiting for complete drying.

This method is reminiscent of the first, in this case, the hook is able to withstand small-sized paintings.

We use scotch tape

Regular scotch can solve many problems. This is a great thing in the household. So, for example, how to hang a modular picture of 5 parts using scotch tape?

It is advisable for this to buy an adhesive tape, sold in a car dealer, where there are spare parts. Scotch looks like a thin foam. On the wall the place for the picture is measured. One piece of adhesive tape glued to the wall, and the second to the picture and fasten together.

System Commands

In the modern world there are special assistants - systems for fixing photos, posters and pictures to the wall. This method is quite simple.

The suspension system is easily glued and also simply removed from the surfaces. A clear instruction of the sequence of actions is attached to the system.

Liquid Nails

This method is more traumatic for the walls. When the picture bothers the owner, the wall is to be dismantled. But it is worth noting that liquid nails can withstand the heaviest canvases.

On the spot where the picture will hang, we put a mark. On the reverse side of the cloth we put nails liquid around the perimeter. We press the picture in the wall and wait. After about 5 minutes, the canvas is firmly sealed.

People are constantly striving to improve their homes and apartments. Most recently, the main attribute in the house was a carpet. And now people are increasingly choosing modular paintings, photographs and posters.

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