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Can I make helium for balls at home?

Since Norman Lockyer discovered helium, and William Ramsay first learned how to extract it from a radioactive mineral called kleveite, more than a hundred years have passed. Since then, this amazing chemical element is known to any schoolboy. It's nice to watch how, for example, in a store, in a flash, a piece of rubber turns into a colored cloud. Air balls with helium look especially easy and beautiful. It seems that they want to fly to the sky. These toys always want to decorate the apartment for a holiday, to create a pleasant and cheerful mood. Let's see if it is possible to make helium at home with the help of improvised means?

Can I make helium for my balls at home?

As is known, more than half of the total helium stock is located in the earth's crust. More of its quantity is concentrated in its granite shell. Therefore, if you need this inert gas, go to the nearest mine, not forgetting to take with you a couple of empty cylinders. Go to the layers of granite and pump out helium from the accumulation of natural gases or from uranium springs. Of course, this is unrealistic, as it is impossible to make helium for balls in the home. Even if you purchase special equipment, the necessary catalysts and a protective suit, your success will be zero. In no school textbook on chemistry you will not find stories about how to make helium yourself. There are special plants for the production of this desired chemical element. Therefore, the man himself can not make a mysterious element.

How to make helium for balls at home?

However, to inflate a light and weightless ball at home on your own is a completely solvable problem. True, only a composition similar in its properties to a known chemical element will be obtained. To inflate balls with helium, you will need only soda, vinegar and a little patience. To do this, inside a blown ball should pour one spoonful of soda. Then take an empty plastic bottle, gently pour a little vinegar into it. Now quickly put the ball on the bottle, holding it at the base. Fill the soda inside the container. Helium for the balls in the home is ready. The ball will quickly inflate itself. When it reaches the right size, hold the tip of the air sphere and release it, taking it off the bottle. Tie the base with a thread or a gift ribbon, wrap it twice so that the structure does not untie.


Inflate the balls with the children. Turn the whole procedure into a spectacular spectacle. Tell me that you show the trick that the balloon will inflate without your effort. Children will appreciate your skills. Teach the children in this way to inflate the balloons, and their delight will not be the limit, but they will have to do this under your supervision. Decorate the finished house with an apartment for a birthday, and a surprise will be enjoyed by all guests. The main thing is to tie all the nodules on the balls harder, so that your colored miracle does not emit the spirit before the arrival of relatives and friends.

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