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Stylish curtains for the hall

The room in the apartment plays a special role. In this room, all family members gather after a day's work, they meet guests, relax, hold parties, celebrate Memorable events. Therefore, any shortcoming in the design will not go unnoticed by others. When designing the design, we always carefully select wallpaper, upholstered furniture, carpets, appliances, light elements, but sometimes we overlook such detail as the curtains for the hall. And yet this is a rather significant component of the interior. It should fit organically into the general manner in which the style of the room is maintained.

Each housewife knows that the unique warm comfort of the environment is attached to the curtains for the hall, making the room a special home and arranged. "Beating" the window openings, you need to consider several positions: first, curtains and curtains should decorate the living room, bring solemnity, splendor, splendor; And secondly, beautiful curtains are designed to help the inhabitants of the apartment to relax as much as possible in a comfortable pleasant environment. Do not forget that functionally this place is intended for relaxation, rest, as well as for receptions, meetings, celebrations or just soulful friendly gatherings.

We all know how the appearance of the room can significantly change as soon as we change the window decoration. And although curtains hang in the last turn, when the main repairs are completed, but the real warmth and harmony they make. Without them, the room does not look dwelling, mastered. In it there is no "soul" of the owner.

There are a number of techniques and principles, guided by which you can prevent errors by purchasing curtains in the hall. The first priority is the color scheme. In accordance with the general chosen style palette, preference is given to curtains. They can harmoniously blend with the main color, but can contrast favorably. But here one must be extremely cautious and know which varieties of paints are combined with each other, and which combination is inadmissible. When choosing a color, remember the so-called "cold" (gray, blue, silver) and "warm" (peach, cream, beige) shades.

Concerning the issue of design, it should be said that it is better not to mix different styles within the same room. This will look extremely inappropriate. For the classics there is a huge selection of lambrequins, pendants, brushes, fringes and other decorative elements, expensive silk and velvet fabrics are used. Laconic design suitable Roman curtains. In the Art Nouveau style, you can safely turn to the blinds in various variations. Hi-tech and country like straight forms with simplicity of cut without frills and excesses.

By its structure, curtains and curtains can be dense or almost transparent. The choice of those or other depends on the sunlight of the room. If the windows are facing south, I advise you to take a closer look at the curtains made from denser fabrics, to radically block the access of bright rays. For the northern side, where the lighting is not so intense, it makes sense to purchase light air curtains for the hall. They will easily pass the necessary sunlight.

It is important to take into account the dimensions of the room. In a small room it is optimal to hang thin curtains of light shades without enlarged drawings. If they are the same tone with the walls, then this will help visually expand the space. In the large living rooms, curvy curtains with three-dimensional images look perfect. For narrow or low rooms, the most acceptable solution is striped curtains. The horizontal strip will visually expand the narrow walls, and the vertical strip will create a visible effect of the high ceiling.

Do not forget about the fabrics for window decoration. They can be natural (linen, cotton), but require careful attitude and are not suitable for bright lighting, as they can burn out and lose the original presentable appearance. Alternatively, synthetic / semisynthetic fabrics can be used. They do not need specific care, they have a rich lineup.

Curtains for the hall are not just expensive fabrics, catchy accessories, beautiful bows and pendants. This is a complex work, which takes into account every detail and, at first glance, an insignificant detail. And in the end we get a worthy and spectacular decoration that transforms the room, making the living room original, incomparable and complete, and also emphasizes its elegant and elegant atmosphere.

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