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Biography of Saveliy Kramarov. Filmography, personal life

The biography of Saveliy Kramarov is a sample of the determination and perseverance that each person should show for the realization of his dream. The artist did not manage to live a very long life, but in 60 years he managed to do a lot and leave behind a great legacy. How did Savelia's career begin in the 60s. And how did he end his life in the 90s?

Biography of Saveliy Kramarov. early years

Saveliy was born in 1934 in Moscow. Biography Saveliy Kramarova began with the test: when the boy was only 4 years old, his father, an attorney, was arrested by the NKVD and sentenced to 8 years in prison. At the age of 12 Kramarov first saw his dad, but for a short while - Viktor Kramarov could not live in Moscow. At the age of 16, Saveliy buried his mother. But they did not send him to the orphanage, because relatives took care of the future artist.

After school, Saveliy tried unsuccessfully to enter a theatrical high school. I had to spend four years studying at the Forestry Institute. Kramarov even managed to work for several years by profession, but he did not last long. He firmly decided to become an actor, so he began his studies at the theater studio of the Central House of Artists, and then sent his photographs to several film studios. The answer came only from VGIK. Saveliya was approved for the main role in the youth short film "The Guys from Our Yard."

Films of the 60-ies.

The biography of Saveliy Kramarov could have developed quite differently, if not for his perseverance. However, Saveliy was able to show his will power and waited for his finest hour: a guy from the forestry without a higher acting education was filmed in some films with the first Soviet celebrities.

Perhaps the most brilliant work of Saveliy in the 60's was the role of Ilyukha in the popular film "The Elusive Avengers". The phrase the artist said in one of the episodes ("I looked out: the coffin with the dead man is flying over the crosses, and the dead with the braids are standing along the road , and silence ...") was long quoted by spectators and was accompanied by jokes and laughter.

In the 68th, Kramarov starred in the continuation of the "Elusive" and in the same year, embodied on the screens one more colorful image - the mine detector Peter from the musical comedy "Trembita".

Pictures of the 70's.

Saveliy Kramarov, films with whose participation Soviet television viewers enjoyed watching, in the 70's was just like hot cakes. I must say, the actor did not always play the leading roles, but even appearing in the episodes, he well kept the viewer's attention.

The first very worthy picture of the 70's with the participation of the artist is "Twelve Chairs" by director Leonid Gaidai. Savely got in this film the episodic role of a one-eyed chess player from Vasyukov. Together with Kramarov in this picture, Archil Gomiashvili, Sergey Filippov, Mikhail Pugovkin and many other famous artists played.

In the 72nd, the comedy "Big Change" appeared on the screens, in which Kramarov played Petya Timokhin. A year later, the artist appeared before the audience in the form of the deacon Theophanes from the film "Ivan Vasilievich changes his profession." The audience remembered this character in the phrase: "Overseas caviar ... eggplant."

Then there was the role of Egoza in the comedy "Afonya", Serega from "Can not be" and Viktor Polessov from "12 chairs" staged by Mark Zakharov.

"Gentlemen of Fortune": Saveliy Kramarov in the role of Slash

It is better to work Kramarov in the 70's can be considered the role of "Scythe" in the film by Alexander Gray "Gentlemen of Fortune." Of course, there were a number of other worthy films, but in them Kramarov played the supporting roles, and Alexander Gray entrusted the main role in his picture to the actor and did not lose it.

Saveliy Kramarov, whose films are in the majority of the "Golden Fund" of Russian cinema, remarkably coped with the role of accomplice of the dangerous criminal of the Associate Professor. His hero - Fedka Kosoy - a crook, but at the same time a man with his life history and tragedy. The character of Saveliy Kramarov gave the audience a lot of funny expressions, which are quoted so far: "Everything! Kina will not be - the electricity is over! "," I wonder what kind of hmyry is a snivel on Khmyrya dripped? "And many others.

Together with Kramarov, Evgeny Leonov ("For matches"), George Vitsin ("The Caucasian Captive"), Radner Muratov ("Can not be!") And Natalia Fateeva ("A Man from the Boulevard of the Capuchins") also starred in the film "Gentlemen of Fortune" .

Movies of recent years

The roles of Saveliya Kramarova, played in the 80's and 90's, were less popular. Largely due to the fact that the artist in the 81st emigrated to the United States. However, in America, the actor found a way to do things he loved: he starred in such films as "Moscow on the Hudson", "2010", "Valery", "Tango and Cash". But in America, Kramarova was used only as a man capable of playing Russian.

In the 90's Kramarov returned to Russian cinema, but managed to act in only a few films: "Nastya" and "Russian Business".

Around the 80's Kramarov turned into an ardent fan of a healthy lifestyle. He completely abandoned nicotine, alcohol and all kinds of medications. Also, the actor removed salt, sugar and meat from his diet. Once a week Kramarov allowed himself to fish. Saveliy enthusiastically read the works of Paul Bragg and even practiced starvation.

Personal life

Saveliy Kramarov, whose personal life was very busy, was officially married three times, and two of his civil marriages are known. The last wife of the actor was younger than him for 20 years. Saveliy has only one daughter - from a marriage with an American of Russian origin, Marina.

In 1995, Saveliy Kramarov died at the age of sixty. The cause of death is officially a stroke. But before that, the actress was diagnosed with cancer of the rectum. For Kramarov, this was a real shock, because for so many years he led a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps heredity or some other factors played a role. But the fact remains: the actor, planning to live 120 years, died at 60.

And the doctors who commented on this case in the press agree that the rehabilitation period after the operation made to Kramarov was carried out incorrectly, which also killed the artist. He received a colossal dose of radiation during subsequent therapy. Because of what various complications followed, first of all - deformation of the heart valve.

The grave of the famous actor is in San Francisco, at the Jewish memorial cemetery.

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