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"Shoot them": actors and plot

Today we will talk about the movie "Shoot them". Actors and roles will be presented further. It's about a criminal militant with elements of black humor, which was created by the director Michael Davis. The premiere took place in 2007.


First, we discuss the plot of the film "Shoot them". Actors will be presented further. The main character is Smith. He is a desperate man who can not forget about the tragic events of his past. The hero becomes a witness to the attempted murder of a woman. During the shooting, bandits kill her, and the main character saves the baby. As a result, he gets involved in a government conspiracy.

Key players

Smith and Donna Quintano are the main characters in the film "Shoot them". Actors Clive Owen and Monica Bellucci embodied these images. Let's talk more about the first one.

Clive Owen is a British actor in film, theater and television. For the first time he received recognition after the appearance in the UK of the series "The Lawyer". Nominated for "Oscar", awarded BAFTA and "Golden Globe" for work on the painting "Proximity".

The most famous films with his participation: "King Arthur", "City of Sins", "Child of Men". Born in 1964, October 3, in the UK in the city of Coventry. The father, a country singer, left the family when the boy was three years old. Clive, as well as his 4 brothers raised their stepfather and mother. The husband of the mother was the cashier at the railway station.

Clive performed in the youth theater. Finished school. Two years he lived on unemployment benefits. Then he became a student at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. His fellow students were Jane Horrocks and Rafe Fiennes. The training lasted three years. After the release of the young actor was accepted into the staff of the London Theater under the name Young Vic. There he played in two productions of Shakespeare.

He made his debut on television. He played a small role in the series called "Rocks of the Rockliff". His film debut is the film "The roar of the engine". Over the years, the actor worked productively, starred in TV shows and films, and collaborated with television.

The first tangible recognition was after the release of the costume melodrama "Lorna Dun". There, the actor played the role of John Ridd. The series "Censer" was well received by the audience. The actor appeared in three of his episodes. He played in a drama called "Close my eyes." The attitude of critics to the film was ambiguous. Despite several film awards, the picture gathered negative reviews in the press.

The actor took the first failure painfully. He left the movie for two years. During this period he sometimes played in the theater. I returned to work. He starred in two TV movies. The first was the American "Class of 1961". The second is the British "Magician". Then he appeared in the drama "Centenary". There he played the role of an idealist doctor who found that his mentor at the research center was a supporter of eugenics, sterilizes the disabled and the poor.

Paul Jiamatti played the role of Hertz.

Other heroes

Hammerson and Senator Rutledge are two memorable characters from the film "Shoot them". Actors Stephen McHatti and Daniel Pilon embodied these images. Greg Brik appeared in the film as a lonely man. The mother of the child and the driver also appear in the plot of the film "Shoot them". Actors Ramona Pringle and Julian Richings embodied these images.

Tony Munch also took part in the film. The actors of the film "Shoot them" Joanne Leach and Wiley M. Pickett played a woman in the park and a hitman.

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