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The film "Vacation". Reviews about the comedy of 2015

A new comedy from the writers of the "Unruly bosses", the film "Holidays", critics' reviews were labeled as inferior in the charm and level of humor to the original, capable of entertaining, but not pretending to cult status even remotely. The comic film "Holidays" is the official remake of the 1983 motion picture directed by Harold Remish's "Groundhog Day" according to the scenario of the legendary John Hughes.


Critics, analyzing the film "Vacation", reviews usually leave no evaluation of the plot narrative, since John Daley and Jonathan Goldstein only adapted the modern scenario of John Hughes. The history underlying both paintings is identical. The protagonist - the pilot of the local airline Rusty Griswold, a loving husband and the father of two sons, decides to make his family a real surprise. Instead of traditionally spending a vacation in a neighboring state in a miserable camping chalet, the main character is going to take the family to the legendary attractions of the Valley World. And to go all over America the head of the family gathers on the bought car under the original name "Tartan Skakun". Native, learning about the idea, roll their eyes, not showing much enthusiasm. And Rusty dreams of replicating his adventure from childhood, because he traveled with his parents on this route and is sure that his offspring will also be in wild ecstasy.

Change of the era

No wonder the film "Vacation" reviews are called a crazy cocktail. The picture combines the features of the sequel, remake and rebut (cinema looks like a new reference point for a prospective franchise). The tape draws the beholder into the atmosphere of a predominantly warm, with little witticisms and vulgarities, humor of the 80's. But the creators ignored the main danger that lies in wait for each remake - this is a change of time period (era). And not so much external, as internal, built on political and social contacts, relations in society, at the level of morality, freedom and ethics. In 1983, the original movie "Holidays" reviews critics dubbed bold pioneering work, breaking traditional comedy fetters, raising the level of screen absurdity to the extreme. Now, after the "Bachelor Party", "Devichnikov" and other "We are Miller", the comedy does not look fresh and original. The viewer does not react violently to bawdy jokes, curses pronounced by children, and so on. In order to break into the vanguard, you need something more powerful.

New heroes

Nevertheless, there are many advantages in the new comedy "Vacation", actors, for example. Incarnated on the screen, new central characters could become favorites of the public. But the creators now and then expose them in an impartial way. Christina Applegate ("TV presenter") and Ed Helms ("Bachelor Party in Vegas") are very talented comedians, able to saturate the "chemistry" of their screen characters. But because of such fragments as the stories about Helms's map (excellent tragedy) or the story about the student adventures of Applegate for the actors, it becomes embarrassing. Strange way chosen by the authors in order to tie the viewer to the characters of the picture. It's unpleasant to look at the actors of boys, children really look defective. In this case, Skyler Gisondo ("Night at the Museum: The Mystery of the Tomb") and Steele Stebbins ("The House with Paranormal Phenomena 2") have some experience working in the cinema.

Sweetened the pill second plan

Despite the authors' efforts, the cinema is played exceptionally well. The appearance of Chris Hemsworth ("Thor") as an exemplary stupid Republican in terms of the level of dedication corresponds almost to DiCaprio in the film "Django the Liberated". The second plan of the film is represented by a brilliant casting: Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo are the pillars of the franchise, the intimidating Norman Reedus, the homerically funny Chris Hemsworth, the prankster Charlie Day and the gorgeous Leslie Mann ("The Other Woman"). Such an abundance of bright cameos in the second plan practically turned the plot of the film into a set of anecdotes that are not very skilfully connected. Naturally, the original plot, borrowed in the picture of 1983, binds the old solution to the components of the new movie and the old gags work sometimes, but the film "Vacation" (actors are not to blame) lacks integrity.


To be fair, it is worth noting that none of the existing previous comedy sequels of 1983 failed to achieve a high bar of the original tape. Many of them have slipped down to the dull format of direct-on-video. Against this background, the project of John Daley and Jonathan Goldstein looks brisk and not at all hopeless, although he also loses one of the best comedies of John Hughes and Harold Ramis. Individual viewers can consider in the comical misadventures of Grizwold family the satire on a purely American way of life, based on empty illusions and lies. But do not exacerbate it, it's better to remember Elena Zvyagintseva's "Elena", and so "Vacations" is almost the same, only with hope and funnier.

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