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How to multiply residents in "Maynkraft" and what will it give you?

When a player only appears in the freshly generated world of "Maincraft", then he can feel quite lonely - and he has every reason for that. After all, you are alone in a vast world filled with dangers. Naturally, I would like to find people who could diversify your stay in it. You may be surprised, but such an opportunity exists, because along with the main character, special innocuous mobs are generated in the game, which can bring you a lot of benefits. These are the villagers whom you need to look for, respectively, in the village. However, there may not be too many of them, so you need to know how to multiply the residents in the "Maincrafter". Naturally, this is not the same way as in the case of animals, when you have enough to feed them with special food. Here everything is a bit more complicated.

Search for a village

Before you ask yourself how to multiply residents in the Meincraft, you should find them. And it will not be easy to do this. The fact is that in the big world, which is generated at the start of the game, most often only one, and two villages are created. Accordingly, you have to spend a lot of time searching. But when you find a village, you better have a map with you. In order to keep the location and do not have to start searching again. As it was said before, there can be very few people. So now you can think about how to multiply the residents in "Maynkraft", because it will be very useful for you in the future.

Reproduction of inhabitants

Every gamer should know how to multiply residents in "Maynkraft", because this will give new opportunities, which will be discussed further. For now, you need to understand not the most difficult principle of population formation. Here everything depends on the number of houses that are in the village: the more of them, the more residents will be. The house is a room that has at least four free blocks in any direction, is equipped with artificial lighting, and most importantly - with a door. It is the number of doors leading to a similar room that determines the number of inhabitants. And the settlers will always be 35 percent more than the doors. Now that you know the importance of the house for residents in the "Maynkraft", you can start building. You can behave honestly and create full-fledged houses of the right size. And you can use tricks. For example, to create a basement with a large number of doors leading into one room. So you do not have to build many houses, but you will get a considerable increase in the population.

Why residents?

Now it's time to sort out one very important question: "Why all this was necessary?" What benefit can you bring the villagers? The fact is that almost all settlers are sellers, from whom you can buy resources or trade items with them. So the more opportunities for trade, the better for you.

Differences of inhabitants

Most likely, you noticed that all residents look identical, but have different clothes. Most likely, you did not pay much attention to this little nuance, but in fact it plays a crucial role. The fact is that different colors - it's not just a decoration, you can determine from them what the particular resident is doing. For example, if you see a man in a brown suit, you can recognize him as a farmer, accordingly, you will understand that he should sell (or buy from him) various products related to the farm, such as meat, wool, eggs or vegetables. Each color means something. So, green signals that this villager does not have any specific profession and, accordingly, will not become a good business partner for you.

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