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Priznyakova Alisa: biography and the twists of fate

As it turned out, it is quite difficult to find any information about this artist. Either her life is so uninteresting that there is nothing to describe, or vice versa - so fascinating that you have to hide it. And in reality Prizniakov Alice, whose biography consists of several lines, does not attract an interesting personality. But let's find out better.

Priznyakova Alisa: Biography

So, what do we know about this person? Priznyakova Alisa Viktorovna was born in 1973 and is a native Muscovite. Her father is Viktor Andreevich, the colonel of the militia. After school, actress Alisa Priznyakova (then still just Alice) entered the art school, graduated from it and received a diploma in costume design.

After that, Alisa goes to VGIK to Anatoly Romashin (in his studio). But after the release in 1997, the domestic cinema almost did not shoot new films and a serious question arose: "And what to do next?" It required not just perseverance, but a maniacal enthusiasm for the chosen business, so as not to quit your profession. And Alice was lucky this time - she played in a play called "Hamlet" and in several tapes, including in the well-known "Accident - the daughter of the cop."

Now Alisa is acting in films and taking part in theatrical productions. She played roles in well-known films and serials: "Sarmat", "Secrets of palace coups", "In the first circle", "Operative pseudonym", "The Odyssey of Detective Gurov," etc.

Priznyakova is described as an effective, fashionable and elegant woman. She follows the figure, is engaged in fitness, swimming, ballet and yoga. As for diets, they do not recognize them at all. In 2008, Priznyakova had a son, who was given the name Daniel. Everyone knows what weight problems occur in many women during and after pregnancy. But Alice pulled herself together and dropped sixteen kilograms in just two months, then returned to the shooting.

Cases amorous

As it turned out, Priznjakova Alisa is not so simple. Her biography also contains some "piquant" details. Separate sources say that Alisa was the mistress of director Nikita Mikhalkov, that because of her, allegedly, he almost abandoned his family. The wife herself opposed this, threatening to commit suicide, and the children begged the pope not to leave the family. As for Nikita himself, he loved insanely Alice and did not want to change her even when she had the opportunity. It was her, not her wife. However, could not mistress long lead a double life - twisted the affair with the rich jeweler, than broke the heart of the famous director.


Whatever you say, Priznyakova Alisa, whose biography is so meager, the person is ambiguous. The conclusion is that she used rich men, because, as they said, during the novel with Mikhalkov she went as a princess, who soon will get a huge and sweet piece of pie called "Wealth and Glory." However, she never became a famous actress. As for the reviews, on the one hand, Alice is often praised. On the other hand, some do not loathe the "star of the screen", calling "the most talentless actress" and attributing all the laudatory comments about her only to her relatives and friends.

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