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Bird of kiwi - a smile of nature

Probably not find someone who does not like to travel. And this is not surprising, because in the world there are so many wonderful places that you just need to see. Would you like to visit New Zealand? This island is famous not only for its fantastically beautiful nature, but also for its amazing wildlife. One of the most interesting representatives of the New Zealand fauna is a kiwi bird. Dwells only here.

Kiwi - a bird or a small animal?

And this question is not accidental. The fact is that in many ways this bird is completely at the bird and does not look like it. Well, firstly, this is the only wingless representative of birds. Yes, there are wings, he does not even have a keel, where those same wings could be fastened. The feathers of a bird are more like the fluffy long fur of some beast. Near the long and narrow, slightly curved beak are the mustache, resembling a cat's. Thanks to these antennae, the kiwi bird (photo presented in the article) is better oriented in space. On the short legs are four claws. Because of this uncharacteristic bird set ornithologists nicknamed them "honorable mammals." These birds are nocturnal, so their vision is very weak. But the sense of smell is second only to the sense of smell of the condor. At first glance, it may seem that the kiwis are clumsy and clumsy, but in fact these birds are very agile and enduring. For one night they pass the entire nesting site, which can be up to a hundred hectares. And kiwis are real partisans, they will never settle in a freshly dug burrow. They will wait until the moss and other greens grow around the house. Kiwi live in pairs, which create only a few seasons. Female birds are much larger than males. Egg eggs are harvested for three weeks, and its weight is about 500 g. The male sprouts posterity, only occasionally going out to find food, at which time the female replaces it. Birds feed on insects, earthworms and fruits.

Birdie kiwi - Aboriginal darling

This representative of birds is so loved by the locals that one can even talk about the cult of kiwi. His image is everywhere: on coins, on postage stamps, etc. And also the image of kiwi is an unofficial emblem of the country. On the road sections that pass through the kiwi habitat, there are warning signs, so that drivers are more attentive and do not harm the birds. Aborigines call themselves kiwi children. Indeed, at present the kiwi bird is surrounded by care and love. And now the population of this bird has increased dramatically, but it was not always so. According to scientists, about a thousand years ago the population of these birds numbered about 12 million individuals, and by 2004 it was reduced to 70 thousand. There was a sharp decline in the number of individuals for a number of reasons. The first is the meat of this bird, very tasty and tender; The second - predators imported by Europeans, such as cats, dogs, caresses; The third - deforestation, habitats of birds. The kiwi bird is listed in the Red Book. And thanks to the state program to protect these birds, the kiwi population is kept under control.

It is better to see once

And if you have such an opportunity, be sure to go to New Zealand, to admire the wonderful scenery and, of course, to see with your own eyes a miracle bird.

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