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How to cook turkey fillet in a multivariate

Today, a multivark is a popular item in the kitchen of every housewife. Prepare with her help you can dish any complexity and from any products. The main advantage of this household appliance is that it saves time and practically controls the entire cooking process. The turkey fillet in the multivark can be made delicious and appetizing.

A simple recipe

This recipe is very simple and does not require a lot of ingredients. The turkey fillet in the multivarquet is prepared as follows. We take 500 grams of this poultry meat, two onions, salt and any spices that will go well with this product. The recipe is for three portions. First, we clean the onion and cut it into half rings. We cut the turkey fillet into small pieces. If it is with bones, then we cut the carcass. We put the meat in the bowl of our multivarka, salt and rash all spices. Add the chopped onion to it and close the lid. We turn on the "Multiprocess" mode, set the temperature at 110 degrees and the pressure for 15 minutes. The liquid is not added. In the process of cooking turkey fillet in the multivark will give juice. The result is a tender and juicy meat. Serve this dish, sprinkled with herbs. It can also be offered any sauce to your taste. As a side dish we use mashed potatoes, pasta or just fresh or stewed vegetables.

The combination of chicken and turkey

These two kinds of meat perfectly match with each other. Preparation of chicken fillet in a multivarquet is also possible. The following recipe is ideal for a picnic and is very useful. It is desirable that in addition to the multivarka there was also a ham. Take 700 grams of fillet of turkey and chicken, 15 grams of gelatin, one egg, spices, salt and a few cloves of garlic. Initially, we dilute gelatin with hot water (60 degrees) and leave it to swell. Then add spices (nutmeg, pepper) and salt to it. Garlic is peeled and husked. Now proceed to the processing of meat. Chicken fillet and turkey chop very finely. It is convenient to make a good big knife in the form of a cleaver. The smaller the pieces, the better. We add egg and garlic to the meat. After that, pour in gelatin and mix. Now put this mixture in the sleeve for baking and place it in the ham. Tighten the springs and put the ham in the multivark. We add water to the bowl, not reaching one centimeter to the edge. The ham should be completely covered with liquid. We set the soup cooking mode for an hour and a half. Then we take the ham from the multivark and cool first in the natural conditions, and then in the refrigerator. After 4 hours, ham can be eaten, making from it delicious sandwiches.

As easy as pie

At last one more variant of preparation of a fillet of a turkey in multivark. You should take 400 grams of boneless meat, 300 grams of champignons, 500 grams of potatoes, one onion and carrots, frozen string beans, half of sweet pepper and spices. Preliminarily cut the meat into pieces and marinate in mayonnaise. Potatoes cut into cubes, pepper - straws, carrots and onions - rings. We put the meat in the bowl, and the layers on top of the vegetables. We add some water, sprinkle any spices and put the quenching regime. Here is a delicious turkey fillet. Photo of this dish will be a worthy adornment of any culinary magazine.

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