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Profession - dentist. How to become a dentist?

Professions related to medicine have always been very popular among mankind. After all, at all times people have suffered and to this day suffer from various ailments that can be cured only by the real masters of their business. Today, one of the most prestigious professions is the dentist and dentist. As a rule, the desire to become a doctor in the future, young people discover themselves in their childhood. Today we will try to find out what the "dentist" profession is and what qualities one must possess to become a real professional in this field.

What is dentistry?

For most people, the dentist seems to be a specialist engaged exclusively in seals, gum problems, etc. However, dentistry is a fairly broad section of science. She studies the structure, functions and treatment of a variety of diseases, both the oral cavity and the maxillofacial area bordering it. In this regard, this specialty covers not only dental treatment, but also includes cosmetology, plastic surgery and many other areas of medicine.

Subsections of stomatology

Since the dentist is a multifaceted profession, for treating the corresponding spectrum of diseases it is divided into several basic, completely independent directions. Among them we can distinguish the following:

- Therapeutic dentistry. Such specialists are engaged in treatment of carious and non-carious diseases of teeth, as well as dental injuries and diseases of the oral mucosa.

- Surgical dentistry. Doctors of this profession specialize in inflammatory processes of the maxillofacial area, diseases of the trigeminal nerve, the removal of teeth and the installation of implants.

- Periodontics. This industry is associated with diseases of the gums, the formation of tartar and dental plaques.

- Orthodontics. This area deals with correction of occlusion.

- Children's dentist. As the name implies, doctors of this specialization are engaged in the treatment of the youngest patients.

- Orthopedic dentistry. This direction is associated with prosthetics of the teeth, as well as the installation of crowns.

What qualities do you need to have to become a dentist?

Today, quite a lot of young people go to medical institutions for the department of dentistry due to the fact that, after their graduation, they will have a well-paid and promising job. A dentist, if he is, of course, a true master in his business, can really count on a decent salary, but it is a mistake to believe that it is easier to become a specialist in this profession than, for example, in surgery, oncology or gynecology. In addition, the future dentist should have the following qualities:

- Good manual skills, as well as delicacy in dealing with people. After all, a doctor should not only engage in dental treatment, but also communicate with his patients.

- Creativity. It is reckless to believe that the work of a dentist is routine and monotonous. As in any business, creativity is also important here. After all, sometimes a dentist can be compared with a sculptor who conducts an esthetic restoration of teeth, during which his duties include the color and shape of the tooth in accordance with all the anatomical features of the patient.

- The desire for self-improvement. Since medicine today does not stand still, but develops at a rather rapid pace, in order to be aware of all novelties and technologies, the dentist must constantly improve his qualifications. It will be naive to believe that after receiving a diploma of a dentist, you can forget about studying and practice exclusively. After all, in order to be a real expert, you need to regularly attend seminars, conferences, study new developments relating to drugs, equipment, etc.

Contraindications to the profession of dentist

Many even do not realize that some people can not work as dentists for their own health. Meanwhile, medical contra-indications for this profession do exist. They include the following:

- Addiction to allergies. This is due to the fact that the dentist constantly faces a variety of chemical compounds during his work, which can cause a strong reaction in allergic people.

- The presence of diseases of the spine. Few know that the profession of a dentist is a physically difficult category. This is due to the need for a long time to be in an uncomfortable position during the delicate work that requires maximum concentration.

How to become a dentist?

If you decide that the dentist is your calling, then safely go to the medical department for the appropriate department (surgery, therapy, etc.). If you already have a secondary medical education, then you can study at the evening department. Beginning with the third year, students begin to practice in polyclinics and hospitals as junior medical staff. On the fifth course, future dentists are already practicing medicine under the supervision of real doctors.

How much do dentists earn?

Many entrants, of course, are concerned with the question of what kind of salary they can expect after graduating from the university. So, in our country, beginners receive an average of 15 to 25 thousand rubles a month. A dentist with more than two years of experience can already count on a payment of 30-50 thousand. Well, a real professional in his business can earn and several times more.

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