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Sights of Germany: a unique atmosphere for the traveler.

Traveling to Germany is a fascinating undertaking for those who like to visit places shrouded in the spirit of antiquity. Here, each city boasts its own distinctive history and unique atmosphere. Sights of Germany throughout the year attracted here numerous groups of tourists from different corners of the globe. In this country you can find and attend the event for every taste: tours of theater companies, magnificent exhibitions, colorful festivals and festivals, street markets, concerts of stars and many other interesting things.

The sights of Germany are included in the cultural world heritage of UNESCO. Their long list includes chic palaces, brick and wooden buildings, stone paths, the unique architecture of this country and many monuments of history and culture. Each city will give you an unforgettable experience of visiting and viewing its sights.

Undoubtedly, Berlin is the place that every tourist who has come to Germany should visit. Thanks to the fact that the Berlin Wall was erected and then destroyed, the city has two centers - the western and the eastern. Over time, new quarters, shopping and cultural centers, residential buildings and so on appeared here. Life in the capital of Germany boils and at night - there are a lot of institutions that receive guests until the morning. In the list of places that must be visited, you can make: Berlin Zoo, Alexanderplatz Square, Victory Monument, Charlottenburg Castle, Postdamerplatz Square, German State Opera, St. Nicholas Church and so on. And Germany has kept the Brandenburg Gate since 1791. They have been restored many times, and now the eyes of not only the local population, but also visitors are pleasing.

Another city that offers to see the numerous attractions of Germany is Bonn. Its image is a cozy traditional medieval city. And despite its modest size, there is something to see: the Catholic Church of Jesus Christ, the Parliament Building, the Historical Museum, the University of Bonn, the Poppelsdorf Palace and so on.

Another city that is loved and respected by many tourists is Cologne. It is divided into two parts, one of which is the sights of Germany, residential and historical quarters, and in the other - industrial areas. This is a major European transport hub. Here you should definitely see the famous Cologne Cathedral, 12 Romanesque churches, a huge number of museums, the Rhine Park and its dancing fountains, the Gürzenheim building and many other interesting places.

In Frankfurt is the largest airport and the highest skyscraper in Europe. Tourists are waiting for a large number of fairs, festivals, concerts and exhibitions. You have to go to the German Museum of Motion Picture Arts, the Museum of Natural History, the Town Hall, Goethe House Museum, St. Paul's Church and Palmengarten Park.

Verily, the city of theaters, bridges, lakes and parks can only be called Hamburg. It is not only the business center of the country, but also a place for many festivals and fairs. Local attractions: fish market, red light district, a large number of churches and museums.

Beer lovers should definitely visit Munich. In addition to the fact that Germany's sights are widely represented, every year the largest beer festival Oktoberfest takes place in this city. Places to visit are: Residents Palace, German Museum, New Town Hall, Olympic Park, Church of Our Lady, Zoo Hellabrunn, Statue of Bavaria and others.

Rest in Germany involves not only visiting historical places, but also ski resorts, as well as treatment on local mineral springs.

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