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Bavaro (Dominican Republic) is one of the most luxurious resorts in the country. It is considered so prestigious that it is even called royal. Here are expensive and exclusive hotels, and the resort itself is somewhat similar to wallpaper. Tourists who come here first can not believe that this is real - the whitest sand and tropical palms, as if in a pristine paradise. Let's get acquainted with these amazing places closer.

Location, how to get there

Bavaro (Dominican Republic) is located in the province of La Altagracia, near the famous resort of Punta Cana. This is the most southeast of the country. Get there from the airport only ten minutes, if you take a taxi. A shuttle bus can also be reached, and it will take you no more than half an hour. In addition, most resort hotels offer a shuttle service for guests. The distance from Punta Cana's hub is twenty-five kilometers. The resort of Playa Bavaro stretches for several kilometers to Macau itself. It is here that the Atlantic Ocean merges with the Caribbean Sea. The Bavaro resort is connected with the rest of the country by excellent roads, so if you want to go shopping or have a tour in a rented car, the trip will be very enjoyable.

When is it better to come

The weather at this resort, as, indeed, in the entire Dominican Republic, is very constant. The average air temperature is about 25-27 degrees Celsius. The heat comes in the spring-summer-autumn period, that is, from April to December. Therefore, some tourists believe that a vacation in the Dominican Republic in March - this is what you need. At this time there is still not too much heat and there is no rain. However, in this period there are many people. The resort can be loaded. Therefore, take care in advance so that you have on your hands a trip to the Dominican Republic. The price of it can be still high. In the west of Bavaro there are mountains that protect the terrain from strong winds. Therefore, the hurricane season is practically absent here. Rains in the resort are strong, but short-lived. Holiday in the Dominican Republic in March also has the advantage that it is for this period that the "love season" for humpback whales occurs. You can book a special tour and watch them. Special boats swim right between the whales.

Description Bavaro

A quarter of a century ago these places were completely deserted. Bavaro (Dominican Republic) then represented areas of impregnable tropical forest with wild beaches. And now it is all built up with luxurious tourist complexes. But the forests of coconut palms, despite the abundance of civilization, and now stretch along the coast for many kilometers. In addition, at this resort you will not get bored. Golf courses, tennis courts and horse races - traditional entertainments for aristocrats - are sure to please you. And in the evenings you will be bowled to a drop in the rhythms of salsa and merengue, as well as dozens of national variations of these dances. The shops here are expensive, and they sell mostly Dominican or Haitian souvenirs. But if you like something, shopping is better to go to Punta Cana - there it will all be at times cheaper. The cuisine of the Dominican Republic (Bavaro is no exception) combines the traditions of Europe and Africa, using local products. Many praise the local rum "Imperial". In Bavaro, there is a dress code - in church, casino, some restaurants and discos you will not be allowed in short-sleeved clothes or in shorts. And women can enter the temples only with their heads covered.


Bathing on Bavaro is absolutely safe. The beaches are surrounded by a coral reef. He made the water very calm, protecting the lagoon from the waves of the ocean. There are no sharks or other dangerous inhabitants of the sea. But a lot of colorful colorful fish. It's no wonder that diving enthusiasts aspire here. For the quality of sand, any Bavaro beach will give odds to every other resort in the Dominican Republic. The water here is amazingly clean and transparent. Fish and sea animals can be seen even at a depth of several meters. And the sand is very fine, soft and silky. Special canopies from the sun, you probably will not need, because coconut palms, growing literally everywhere, create a very comfortable shady zone. On the beach you will be offered a lot of water activities. However, in no case swim out into the open sea - the currents are so strong that you will be carried to the ocean.

What are the hotels here?

Hotels in Bavaro are huge palaces with parks and villas. There are no small private hotels here. All these large complexes in Bavaro are about thirty. This is the case, and hiding in the shadows of the bungalow. Most of these hotels have private beaches, and usually they occupy the most delightful parts of the coast. All hotels work without exception on the "all inclusive" system. And there can be included not only free alcohol, but also expensive cigarettes. Some hotels in the Dominican Republic (Bavaro including) specialize in relaxation and privacy of clients, while others, on the contrary, offer them an active holiday. The most popular hotels are the Grand Palladium Palace Resort and Spa with loft-style suites, Royalton Punta Cana with a singing fountain, cozy Lakshari Rosa Hermosa with suites and Ocean Blue and Beach with the most beautiful swimming pools. By the way, you can build here only on projects approved by environmentalists. The erection of buildings or structures that could harm the local nature is strictly prohibited.

Places of Interest in Bavaro

Even in this luxury resort you will probably want to see the sights. And there are enough of them here. For example, the village of Cabeza de Toro. This settlement is built in a typically Dominican island style. Residents here are engaged in art crafts. Popular among tourists are also jeep riding in the outskirts of Bavaro (Dominican Republic) and a boat trip to the island of Saone. Lovers of surrealism can visit the so-called "Palm Cemetery", where dry trees stick out of the mangrove swamp and many interesting birds are found. Still there is a rope town, a park of dinosaurs, where you can take pictures with the models of monstrous reptiles in full size. Near the resort is the cave of Cave Oleg Bat House, where there are different kinds of bats. She is also known for stalactites and stalagmites of fantastic colors. By the way, Bavaro shopping centers are also of interest to tourists, and not just for those who want to buy something. For example, "Palma Real Shopping Village" is a mall decorated in a classic colonial style. And the jewelery store "Harrison Fine Carbbean" will show you the work of jewelers.

Prices for tours in Bavaro

Most often travelers fly here on special packages, which already includes not only travel, but food and accommodation. What is the approximate average cost of a trip to the Dominican Republic? The price per person is 70 thousand rubles for seven nights. At a discount you can buy a tourist package for 60 thousand, and the cost of living in exclusive hotels can reach up to 225 thousand rubles. The most expensive packages are in November and December.

Vacation with children

Have you decided to come to Bavaro (Dominican Republic) with the whole family? Wonderful! After all, this is an ideal place to relax with children. In addition to bathing, sunbathing, beautiful desserts and exotic impressions, you can give the opportunity for kids to visit Manati Park. Here they can swim with dolphins, watch shows of dancing horses, talking parrots, trained dolphins and even sharks, watch the most colorful and interesting wild animals and reptiles (iguanas, snakes, crocodiles). Such an excursion will leave a lot of impressions. As this natural pearl is among beautiful tropical plants. It will be interesting here for adults. Bars, restaurants and shops are also located in the park. In addition, an ethnic settlement of the Indians of the Taino tribe - Otra Banda is organized there. Its inhabitants are engaged in fishing and make souvenirs for visitors.

Reviews about Bávaro

Tourists point out that this resort is ideal for a romantic getaway or a family holiday. Not for nothing Dominican, Bavaro in particular, is a popular destination for travelers who travel to the Caribbean Sea. Travelers praise not only beaches, hotels, the sea, but also the local cuisine, especially seafood. However, at first they are somewhat discouraged by the manner of communication of local residents, because when speaking English and Spanish, they often use Indian words, so even knowing these languages, you do not always understand what it is about. More Bavaro inhabitants often carry firearms with them - it is allowed here. But you should not be afraid of this, because life here is completely safe. By wearing weapons local simply emphasize their high social status.

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