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What is the skill of interpersonal communication?

Our life passes in society, which means that we involuntarily have to enter into communication with other people. And the more interesting we are in interpersonal communication, the more success we can achieve in everyday life. However, not everyone can easily get along with others. For some reason, some simply and harmoniously join the company of strangers before, and others even with their own relatives can not establish a relationship. Why is this happening?

Learn to listen and hear

In fact, it all depends on how well developed your communication skills. If you are afraid to engage in panic, but would like to be communicative, everything is not lost for you. You need to develop your knowledge, skills, skills. There are several excellent ways to do this. Their essence boils down to one: become an excellent listener. Yes, it can sound very simple. However, not all are able to follow this advice. What is the skill of a good listener? It's not just the ability to close your mouth in time and allow your interlocutor to say a few phrases. You need to completely go into what the person is saying, that is, to immerse yourself in the topic, catch the intonation and look for the main meaning. When the interlocutor realizes that you are listening to him attentively, he involuntarily imbues you with respect. It gives rise to a genuine desire to reveal to you even more, which will have a most beneficial effect on your relationships.

Everyone wants to be heard

We are so arranged that in case of any problems we want to share them with others, in the hope of hearing advice or simply expressing oneself. So do not deprive people of this opportunity. What is the skill of an attentive listener? First and foremost, the ability to immerse yourself in time into a problem, to follow the thought of the interlocutor during the story, ask clarifying questions, respond to key moments, maintain a conversation, remembering your stories on a similar topic. Do not avoid situations where a person wants to tell you about something intimate. Consider that if he does, then he trusts. Do not ignore this trust. Donate a few minutes of your time in order to further strengthen interpersonal relationships with this person.

Try not to interrupt your interlocutor. By this act you are telling him that you are absolutely not interested in what he is talking about, since you can tell more interesting things. It is also very important not to end other people's proposals. Of course, there are often situations where our thoughts far outstrip the possibility of speech. In addition, it is tempting to help the interlocutor in expressing thoughts. However, it is better not to do this, because in this case you question both the mental and oratorical abilities of your interlocutor.

What is paraphrase skill?

There is a good psychological technique that allows you to quickly enter into the credibility of the person with whom you are talking. It is called paraphrase. If your task is to show that you really understood what you were persistently trying to communicate, then just reproduce the main idea of your interlocutor. This will increase the level of his trust in you. But in our world, a significant part of misunderstandings and conflicts occur precisely because we think one thing, we say another, and the interlocutor understands the third. What is a skill A universal communicator? It is the ability to penetrate into what the interlocutor talks about, the ability to maintain conversation with key phrases and, in the end, to completely locate one with whom you are engaged in a dialogue.

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