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Baked eggplant with beef and liver stuffing

Baked eggplant casserole is a versatile and satisfying dish that will help you feed your whole family without exerting too much effort. There are several options for cooking this food. Minced meat can be taken from different types of meat or even from by-products. Pay attention to the preliminary processing of these vegetables.

Baked eggplant with liver stuffing

This is a very tasty and dietary dish. To prepare a liver mince, you can pass the liver through a meat grinder in a raw form. But this will make it dryish. It is better to pre-fry large pieces of liver in butter and onions. To speed up the cooking process and make the dish more dietary, bake the liver in the oven (along with the vegetables) and then twist, giving the mass homogeneity. You will need a meat grinder or blender.

You need to take a pair of eggplants (about four hundred grams), 700 grams of pork, beef or chicken liver, 2 onions, a spoon of vegetable and 100 grams of butter. Well combined with this dish freshly ground white pepper.

A young housewife may have a question: "How to cook a casserole of eggplant with a liver so that the vegetables are not bitter?" First you need to clean and cut them, and then leave for twenty minutes. This will help to eliminate bitterness. This should be done only if the vegetables grow on the ground. Greenhouse aubergines do not contain bitterness.

Also should be cleaned garlic, onion, Bulgarian pepper (the ratio in which these vegetables should be taken, do not have much importance - be guided by your taste). Cut (except garlic) in large pieces. Cut the liver and vegetables into a baking tray and put in an oven heated to 230 ° C. Sprinkle with vegetable oil on top.

The dish should be in the oven for about 25 minutes. Somewhere in the middle of cooking, the baking tray needs to be removed from the oven and the liver and vegetables mixed well. At the end of the meal, take the dish, cool it, then pass it through a meat grinder, adding 100 grams of cold, chopped butter. Get a viscous mass, it needs to be shifted into a container, well kneaded with a fork, rammed and put in the cold for several hours. The dish is ready.

Baked eggplant with minced beef

This dish can serve as an excellent dinner for the whole family, its huge plus is that you can experiment by adding different vegetables. Minced meat is better to take beef or mixed. You can also use grinded chicken meat (not just one breast, but the meat of the whole chicken). In addition, it perfectly lifts the mood - cooked casserole from eggplants (with the photo we can see that the dish looks very aesthetically pleasing) pleases the eye and stimulates the appetite. This dish is very suitable for simple boiled pasta or a salad of fresh vegetables. To give the original note, take the cheese of sharp varieties. For example, cheddar. Expressed pungent taste will be very appropriate. Casserole from eggplant with minced meat is also well combined with a lot of spices. For example, with ground pepper. Let's start cooking.

Fry the onion and garlic, mix with raw ground meat (800 grams). Then sprinkle with pepper and oregano. Fry a little. Eggplants, cut into circles, browned in a frying pan. Lay the layers in a roasting dish for vegetables and minced meat, pour the cheese. We bake twenty five minutes.

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