Where to invest money in a crisis: optimal and risky options

Investments are a guarantee of financial stability, well-being of modern man. Money should bring income. But how can this be ensured if the country is in a state of crisis? Where to invest money in a crisis?

Ways of investing

By the way of investing money, you can distinguish three types of people: conservatives, "extremals" and something in between these types. And if we are talking about a crisis in which the economic situation in the country is unstable and any predictions are not made even by analyst analysts, then it is better to follow the example of conservatives and invest money only in reliable sources. So, we'll figure out what can be considered a reliable investment and where to invest money in a crisis?

"Eternal values"

You should always invest in "eternal values", and in the material terms this is real estate and gold. Such property will always be in price, the drop in prices in this category of investment is insignificant. The apartment, for example, can generate income in the form of rent. And gold can be purchased not only in the form of jewelry, but also impersonal metal accounts in banks. In the latter case, income is generated by increasing the value of gold in the metals market. Such a contribution is considered a more reliable alternative to "games" in the stock market and well suited to the crisis.


Where to invest money in a crisis, in the second turn? Accounts in banks, called deposits, allow you to save and save money. If you open a deposit without the possibility to withdraw money within a year or two, then you multiply your savings by 6% per annum, and in the Savings Bank of Russia - by 8.5%. Of course, there are proposals in 13-14%. Everyone should consider: pay attention to the terms, the possibility of replenishment, the terms of the deposit and the consequences, if you suddenly take the money out early.

But here arises another question, in which currency to open an account? Dollar, euro, rubles - they are constantly changing their value. Despite the fact that the crisis in the US led to a stable growth of the euro and a weakening of the dollar, the ruble, it is not worth translating all savings into euro. Experts advise to keep money in deposits in all these currencies, so you will reduce losses (somewhere you will win, you will lose somewhere, and as a result, savings will be saved and multiplied by the annual interest rate). This option is easier than trying to calculate the benefits: take into account inflation, depreciation and interest rates on deposits in rubles (6%), dollars (2%), euro (3%).

Give the bank an order to transfer from your savings account, to which monthly payments (salary, allowance, pension) are received, an automatically determined amount to the deposit account in the amount of 10% of the income. The truth for opening an account will require a substantial amount, although banks are ready to open an account for you and for 1000 rubles. But then a year will accumulate a little.

Mutual Investment Funds

Even where to invest money in the crisis, prompt "professional" investors who are accustomed to invest in a promising business project in the developing spheres of life in the country (shared construction). From the same direction, mutual funds have appeared - a general fund of investors. And with the development of this form of investment, many analyst analysts began to equate them with the storage of money in bank deposits, thus stating the reliability of mutual funds. However, investments in Mutual Funds make a big profit, but at the same time it is also a more risky way of investing, especially in a crisis when the stocks of funds are all falling in price and no one can accurately foresee when they start to grow again. But ... Numerous Internet services on the banks' websites help to calculate possible risks, besides banks offer the services of their managers to manage your investments on trust. The minimum contribution to the UIF is 15 thousand rubles. And this means that, if desired, this method of investment can become available to every Russian.


A completely different way of investing is securities (certificates and bills). Are purchased to store savings. They can be used as collateral for credit obligations. But if you are looking for where to invest a lot of money in order not to lose them - this is the best option. You need the help of a reliable expert in the securities market to find out which bills of exchange or certificates today are "in price".

So we answered the question of where to invest money in a crisis: in things that will always have value, in deposits of reliable banks with a stable income of 6%, in mutual funds and securities. Choose what is closer to you ...

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