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How to write an essay "What is the Motherland?": Recommendations and examples

The composition "What is the homeland?" Is assigned to students, as a rule, in primary classes. This work helps them deal with such concepts as "patriotism", for example. And in the end, they themselves can answer the question, what is the homeland for them. How do they see this concept? In general, the task is useful. But many have some difficulties in terms of writing. So, to get rid of them, it is worth giving some recommendations and give examples.


In the senior classes, the pupils observe the extended structure of the work - with an epigraph, author's opinion, theses. In elementary school it is quite ordinary, three-part. It consists of the introduction, the main part and the conclusion.

What is the best way to start the work "What is the Motherland?" In principle, you can write such a small foreword that will lead the reader to the main theme: "Each of us has his own homeland. The place where we were born. Someone was born and grew up in a metropolis. The other was born in a small village. Someone grew up near the sea. We are all from different places, but all of us are united by one thing - love for the Motherland. To where our childhood passed. "

After the entry, written in this spirit, it immediately becomes clear what will be discussed further. And the author will be able to develop his thought more easily.

Main part

After the introduction, you just need to continue such a topic as love of the Motherland. The composition should have an interesting main part, since it is the main one.

Continue the thought can be approximately as follows: "My great homeland - this is Russia, like all of us. I love my country. But I also have my little homeland. That is my city in which I was born and live. Some may say that there is nothing special about it. Perhaps, from the point of view of an outsider, a non-native person, this is true. Our small town, there are few sights, there are no skyscrapers or any special landscapes. But he is very dear to me. I appreciate every corner of it, since certain memories are associated with any place. And we, the local people, know about such picturesque places, which are unknown to visitors. In our town there is a romance, and I really appreciate it. "

That's the nature and you can continue writing. Looking at an example, you can make up something of your own. The main thing - do not forget to indicate the name of the city. Well, now it is worth to tell about what principles should be used in the process of writing the text.

How to write better?

The composition "What is the Homeland?" Already by its name makes it clear that the text should contain thoughts and descriptions. This is an essay, in the process of reading which a picture should appear that the author tries to convey in his own words.

It is worthwhile to describe in more detail those places for which the student values his city. Up to the smallest detail. It is also desirable to indicate why he likes this place. Maybe because of how it looks, or because of any memories associated with it. This will make the work on "Love for the Motherland" more lively and interesting. In general, the essay needs to be turned into a story that would capture the reader.

Variants of the theme development

The composition "What is the Motherland?" Does not necessarily have to be about the place where the pupil was born. If there is a desire, then you can write about the love of your country, for example. This will have its share of patriotism.

And it is possible and at all to go deep into reasonings without a territorial reference. For example, this way: "I believe that the Motherland is the place to which your soul stretches. Where you feel comfortable. No wonder they say that the house is not where you were born and lived, but the place where your heart stretches and where you feel good. The same can be said about the Motherland. This is not a city, not a country. A place in which a person feels part of it. "

In general, the topic "Motherland" can be developed in different ways. Composition on literature is the work, when writing, the student has the right to use full freedom for creativity and express his thoughts.

How to "decorate" the work?

To the essay does not seem ordinary and "dry", you can resort to the use of quotations or winged expressions. It is they who can "dilute" the essay and add a certain mood. Quotations are often put at the very beginning, even before the introduction. This is called an epigraph.

It is important to choose the right phrase. Great thinkers and figures dedicated many works to the Motherland. So, for example, the greatest French philosopher-educator Voltaire said: "Homeland is the land where the captive is the soul." And Napoleon Bonaparte somehow made a reservation that love of the Motherland is the first dignity of any civilized person.

Quotation is a lot, the main thing is to find the most suitable one in meaning. And do not put them in the text too often. Otherwise, the essay will seem overwhelmed.


Finally, it is worth mentioning how to complete the work on the topic "Love for the Motherland". The writing of literature can cause different problems for students. Someone finds it difficult to write the first paragraph, while others find it hard to cope with the last lines. Well, in conclusion, you just need to sum up everything that was said above. And you can do it this way: "Everyone has his own understanding of the word" Motherland ". And we all have it. This is the place where a person feels that he is at home. Where he is comfortable, comfortable and calm. This is the homeland, his home. "

And you can write in a different way, with a share of patriotism: "We are all citizens of Russia. We have an incredible country. With the greatest past, interesting history and promising future. And we should be proud of our country. After all, this is our Motherland. "

The most important thing is that after reading the ending there is no feeling of incompleteness. This is the basic principle of any essay.

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