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"Maincraft" effects: list

The effects of "Maykraft" affect the mobs or the player for a certain time. In the game at the moment there are more than 20 different effects. Do you think that this is not enough? No problem! After all, their number can be increased by installing the "Effects" mod under "Maincraft". Nevertheless, in this article we will consider the standard modifiers that are present in the official client of the game. Do you want to know more about them? Welcome to this article.

How to make effects in "Maincraft"?

There are several ways to get this or that effect. The simplest thing is to use the potion. Where can I get it? Potion can be cooked yourself (the ingredients depend on the effect that the player will receive). In addition, the potion can be found (for example, in chests, which are located in the village). It is worth noting that there are several types of potions. Usual drinks and imposes "Mayncraft" effects only on the one who applied it. And exploding and settling potions, in turn, are sprayed in a certain radius, and act immediately on several players or mobs. In addition, various effects can be obtained if you stand near the lighthouse.

Enter the command - another way to get effects in "Maincrafter". Commands must be entered in a special console. However, this method is not suitable for everyone. After all, in order to use commands on servers, you need to be an administrator. And in a single game you need a creative mode.

Several modifiers may hang on the same player at the same time, even if they are opposite in effect (for example, speed and deceleration). Also worth noting that the effects of "Meincraft" are not combined. That is, if you apply several identical potions, then the effect will not increase.

The positive effects of "Maincrafter"

Speed - expands the field of view of the player and increases the speed of his walking as much as 20%.

Haste - increases the speed of the hand by 20%, so that the blocks are destroyed much faster.

Strength - Increases the melee damage dealt by 130% against the initial score.

Jumping - gives the player the opportunity to jump higher. In this case, the character loses 0.5 hearts less when falling.

Regeneration - restores 0.5 hearts every second.

Resistance - reduces all damage received by the player by 20%.

Fire resistance - makes the player completely immune to fire and even lava.

Absorption is an effect that adds two additional hearts to the scale of life. Initially they are filled, but if you take damage, they will disappear.

List of negative effects

Slowdown - narrows the player's view and at the same time reduces the walking speed by 15%.

Fatigue - the speed of the hand is reduced by 20%, which leads to the fact that the blocks are destroyed more slowly.

Glow - the contours of the character's figure begin to sparkle, and they can be seen even through the opaque blocks. The effect is superimposed when a ghost arrow hits.

Nausea - creates a visual effect, because of which the image begins to spin (exactly the same effect is created when entering the portal).

Blindness - narrows the review and thus does not allow to run, to put critically damage.

Levitation - the player begins to fly uncontrollably up. This modifier is superimposed in the event that the mob shalker hit his shell on the character.

Hunger - the effect of "Maynkraft", because of which the indicator of hunger empties faster.

Poisoning - removes 0.5 hearts every second. In the event that the player has only 0.5 lives, the effect does not kill. When poisoning, the health indicator turns green.

Searing - removes 0.5 hearts every 1.5 seconds. But, unlike poisoning, it can kill. When the withered, the health indicator turns black.

Effects that are entered using the command line

Instant treatment - immediately after the introduction of the team, the player regains 3 hearts. In case the effect was used in relation to the mob - it removes 3 hearts.

Underwater breathing - when the player is under water, the bubbles are not taken away. Thanks to this you can swim as much as you want. In addition, the effect increases the viewing range under water.

Invisibility - the selected player becomes invisible. Mobs also do not see the character until he starts attacking them.

Night vision - increases the brightness of the image and the range of vision in the water.

Weakness - reduces all damage done by the player by 0.5 heart.

Health promotion - restores 2 hearts. In the event that the player has a full stock of lives, then in this case it acts as an absorption.

Luck - increases the likelihood of catching fish during fishing.

Bad luck - reduces the chance to catch fish while fishing.

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