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The most good fighters from the 90's to the present

In the most box-office and successful action films, many genres are connected: crime, adventure, fantasy, action. The latter occupies a special place. What are good fighters? This is the most common genre of cinema, which is preferred by a strong half of humanity. Proved: men like to watch fights, shootings, chases and all sorts of tricks, often flavored with a fair amount of special effects. It's interesting and spectacular. In this article, we will try to answer the question, what are the best fighters should be known to every fan of this genre.

The best heroes are singles

In any epoch of development of world cinema such genre always took place. Annually, a huge number of militants come out, successful or not. A special peak of popularity of such films were the 80-90s of the last century. The pictures told of strong men, often real fighters, single-handedly challenging public crime. What are the best fighters of this time we remember?

Die Hardy Willis

First of all, it's Die Hard. Film franchise, which currently consists of five parts, rightfully takes the leading place in the list of the best. A police detective John McClain is an ordinary resident of a metropolis. The crisis of marriage, the passion for smoking and alcohol, disregard for the authorities leads to the fact that he is on the verge of dismissal. But this does not stop him from becoming a defender. Keeping a sense of humor and a sharp tongue, McClain will often face terrorist networks that encroached on his hometown. The image of a typical American hero brilliantly embodied Bruce Willis.

Universal Van Damme

Jean-Claude Van Damme, who conquered the audience in the 90's, can boast impressive filmography. Each of his work - the opportunity to once again observe the ideal possession of martial arts. It is understandable: before becoming a star of militants, Van Damme was the champion of Europe in various sports competitions. You can identify the best fighters with his participation, the remaining in the memory of the audience: "Universal Soldier", "Nowhere to Run," "Difficult Target."

Robotic Schwarzenegger

It is now difficult to imagine that the lover of romance and dramatic inevitability, James Cameron did not start with "Titanic" or "Avatar." After the space wanderings of "Alien", he decided to create a new film: stunning by the standards special effects turned the steel robot T-800 into a new modern hero. Both parts of the fantastic action game "Terminator" had incredible success, bringing Cameron and the performer starring Arnold Schwarzenegger to a new level.

Extreme sport

This film (crime, action movie) was released in 1991. "On the crest of the wave" tells about the robbers of banks who use their skills of surfers. It's almost impossible to catch them. The FBI agent becomes a duck decoy to infiltrate the team. The intrigue is that he has to make a choice: go back to the past or stay in a new life ...

"On the crest of the wave" rightfully takes place on the list called "The most good fighters." The film has paid back expenses three times and has collected set of awards. In 2015, a remake of the same name is being prepared. Many fans expect success, no less than the original had. The modern adaptation is allocated an impressive amount - $ 100 million.

The best Russian series

Militants of domestic production may well compete with foreign ones. We all remember "Brother" and "Shadow Fight", "22 minutes", "Inhabited Island" and the military "Stalingrad". Not only full-length tapes appearing on the big screen attracted by the naturalism and danger of many scenes. Among the striking examples of a dynamic action game are Russian serials-insurgents, who have already managed to gain spectator recognition. Here are the most famous of them:

  • "Spetsnaz in Russian." Employees of several special services unite to oppose criminal groups.
  • "Professional" will tell the story of scout Andrei Zubov, who fled from prison to find out who is guilty of the death of people close to him.
  • "Flint. Liberation ". Retired Major Andrei Shamanov postpones his leave to investigate an unusual case - the death of a group of commandos who conducted exercises in the mountains, not far from the place where the smuggling group was located.
  • "There are no former" narrates about an intelligence officer who, in order to save his son, agrees to the condition of the local criminal authority. All he needs is to deliver the goods to a certain place.
  • "Blind". An Afghan veteran, who received the nickname Blind, is engaged in the case of the murder of the manager of a construction organization. During the investigation it will be found out that the company has been decently enriched due to the restoration of the infrastructure of Chechnya.

Examples of today

Modern cinema knows a lot of vivid examples of successful fighters, for many remaining the most beloved. Among them you can name Hollywood tapes "Beginning", "Adrenaline", "Carrier", "Professional", "Blood and sweat", "Air marshal", trilogy "Hostage" and many others.

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