Dress with flowers with what to wear? With what to wear a dress in a flower?

Strikingly light, colorful motifs that elegantly replaced the leopard colors last year, decorated this spring with floral marvelous juicy ornaments.

Accustoming the modernly loaded ladies to wear flowing and breathing unsurpassed femininity clothes, designers with enviable patience represent the world of their touching favorite - a dress with flowers. With what to wear such an elegant outfit - a dilemma that tortures many women of fashion, forcing to dig in search of the sounded truth.

An important factor is the length

To get to the decision of the master advise sedately, without falling into a spring hysterics. Trying an overly prominent dress in flowers, it is worthwhile to conduct a simple analysis. The first valuable factor is the length.

Dress in the floor

A beautiful and memorized dress in the floor in a flower print set can play a cruel joke. The image of the dark-haired women of fashion in such a colorful bottle can resemble a gypsy camp. To adjust or muffle your own brightness, swarthy girls need to dose to include floral outfits in their everyday life. Maxi dress is worth choosing a pastel, soft shade, which not only helps to balance the color gamut, but also to highlight the natural effulgence of the girl.

Such a thorough length will go to the tall lean girls. Soft pastel in tandem medium warm flowers, such as violets, will help to awaken tenderness and touching in the image. Do not overload the romanticism of the image with the burning details of shoes. The color scale of sandals should not attract excess attention.

It is necessary to guard with a friendly accessories company, which is able to complement the dress with flowers. With what to wear such an inspired outfit, try to answer the most enlightened in the world of fashion. To win back the lofty outfit, it's worthwhile to slightly structure the image - delicate small ornaments skillfully graced, an elegant and laconic handbag will give courage, and makeup with a characteristic emphasis on the depth of the eyes will add to the languor and chic.

Midi and incredibly stylish mini are charming in the flower cut. Flirtatious and divinely feminine dresses with a touching little flowers in a cocktail with abstract fascinating ornaments excite women of all ages.

Those who want to awaken the constrained energy and strength will have to taste the current tendencies of the blood-red main and dark shades as the foundation of the image. Burning poppies, imperishable roses of scarlet color are the indisputable leaders of this year. Combinations with orange, juicy brown and velvet-black are presentable and enchanting.

Midi dress with flowers. With what to wear it better?

Playful midi - the most sociable among his kindred. With what to wear? Strictness and stylishness will add a high thin heel and a string of pearls, romance and passion - a large vintage decoration. Well, the office code will be able to level a thin contrast cardigan or a tight tailoring jacket.

Mini - youth and madly compromise option. How to combine this dress with flowers? With what to wear so intriguing option? In this season, designers decided to reflect on this topic.

Any, even the most practical length, is obliged to approach a figure, to reveal the dignity of a woman in the most delicate and noble way. Picking a dress in these motives, it is worth taking into account your own age. Young and full youthful fervor of a girl are beautifully revealed in flowers of small sizes. Densely scattered flowers of the most magical shades will help to play on the features of the figure (completeness or disproportion).

More well-to-do and measured women are surprisingly transformed in roses or peonies with clearly cut out contours. Dresses consisting of dark (black or dark blue) shade and juicy intoxicating colors, strikingly emphasize the solidity and stylishness of the fair sex. This outfit bravely adorns any evening, having advertised the woman from the most valuable side.


Remarkable are the features of the figure. Fragile, slightly aristocratic women are suitable for large, pronounced flowers. Due to their glossiness, the outfit will be able to irreproachably emphasize the subtlety of the figure and embellish the breast. The case in pastel shades with floristic bright motifs is an ideal option for important events.

Women with a small excess weight, the ideal option will be a flower of medium size and monotony in detail. To veil the extra couple of kilos, it is worth choosing a dark bottom and a floral top with a V-neck. So the outfit will give slenderness and advantageously shade the beautiful breasts.

Proportional folded ladies can combine small and medium flowers, a print of this format amazingly highlights the perfection of the forms. With what to wear a colorful dress, tell a sense of harmony. Bold shades combined with ornaments or a dark background are elegantly combined with ankle boots or coarse jackets. Soft and cozy pastels are perfectly fitted with ruches, light handbags and comfortable shoes.

Floristics and tenderness perfectly complement the outfits and other rich spring tones. With what to wear dresses of different colors, you can determine from the texture features of each shade.

Blue dress

In this juicy season, a noble blue shade burst with a new pressure. Irreproachable and a kind of tolerant color is friendly both to young ladies, and to more mature women. Sensuality and deepest kindness allow him to get along perfectly in any wardrobe.

With what to wear a blue dress, will help to figure out your own appearance. Goldilocks should closely apply the celestial and turquoise hues, which most effectively emphasize the pallor of the skin and incredible fragility. A driver electrician or cosmic indigo are faithful comrades of burning brunettes. The first advantageous shades of light-skinned dark-haired, dark-complexioned women pre-presents tan. Their depth, richness and strength surprisingly kindle the inner fire of brunettes.

To the fiery beauties nourishes the passion of the sea with a gentle shade. The brightness of the hair is particularly poured and with a thunderous sea.

Blue is insanely solid and aristocratic. Its fascinating depth does not tolerate the explosion of chaos and emotions. Wearing dresses so capricious color is necessary with gallantry. Thin lines of shoes, shiny droplets of jewelry and laconism in fragrances - the main guarantee of a long friendship with blue.

Mint dress

Mint - in some way a follower of blue and no less sweet green. The same multifaceted, delicate and elegant, this color is a sensible solution for both walks and secular evenings. With what to wear a mint dress, his tender structure will tell. Due to its harmony, lightness and tenderness, mint color looks great on soft fabrics such as chiffon, cotton and cashmere. Combine in the image it stands with the same warm and soft colors - beige, peach, heavenly or purple. The classic couple - white and black - are also allies of this color.

Blondes look good in rich mint, but bright brunettes are perfectly complemented by light, close to white mint colors.

A laconic and boundlessly innocent dress of this color is perfectly complemented by stylish things, such as a thin brown strap or bright blue, orange jackets. So the image will be spectacular and not aggressive.

Elegance such a dress will add handbags and shoes solid monotonous color. If you choose black shoes, they will make the image more solid. Ornaments from feathers or artificial materials of mint shades will enhance the romantic notes of the image.


The captivating pink continues the line of innocent and magical shades. Fresh, unimaginably light and sociable, this color looks chic both on blondes in its lighter forms, and on brunettes in bright and juicy. Only red and autumn brown-haired should skillfully use a pink dress. With what to wear so sophisticated color, will help to understand the advice of masters.

The intrusiveness of stereotypes about juicy and puppet color forces many women to abandon the sheer pleasure of radiant pink. The palette of the offended color has borders from a smoky and mysterious rose to a persistent amaranth color. Black thin belts, sexy sandals and a laconic handbag will create a win-win blow that competes even with the classic combination of white and black.

Strict office or solemn institutions with open arms will take pale shades of pink . Relaxing club moments will appreciate the combination of pink and juicy salad motifs in footwear and accessories.


Why wear a fuchsia dress ? In this case, you will be able to sort out the baggage of experience and, of course, stylists. Juicy, Hollywood color with animal instinct reveals the most beautiful dignity of every woman. Blondes look great in pink languid fuchsia. A brunette with elephant skin - the lords of the most juicy shade. The dark-skinned males perfectly wings with a light cherry fuchsia tone.

Overloading so turbulent color is not worth it. Absolute partners of it will be light or silver shades of shoes and straps. Handbags, and favorite jewelry must be elegant and minimal. The brightest color should not be interrupted by other details. Muted emerald, silver and light purple-a beautiful palette for shoes of any height. Black will help break the fuchsia into a dynamic and self-willed style with a leather jacket and a flat sole.


Now you know with what to wear a dress in flowers and other bright outfits. We hope that our tips will help you create the perfect image.

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