Hotel Riadh Palms 4 * (Tunisia, Sousse): check-in and check-out

Hotel Riadh Palms 4 * (Tunisia) is located in the center of Sousse, on the outskirts of one of the most beautiful beaches, surrounded by a green palm garden. If you believe advertising, this luxury hotel combines tradition and advanced modern technology, offers guests a pleasant atmosphere and the necessary comfort for a full rest. To the services of the guests, as assured by travel agencies, in Riadh Palms 4 * (Tunisia) provided indoor heated and large-sized outdoor pool, fitness center, beauty salon, spa, restaurants, snack bar, poolside and beach bars, tea room and Cafe, night club and numerous shops. Such information about the hotel is provided to all comers with promotional booklets of tour operators. Several other represent Riadh Palms 4 * (Tunisia) reviews of tourists who were fortunate enough to be there. About what and we will talk in our review.

Tunisia, Sousse, hotel Riadh Palms 4 *: location

It is more than profitable. Hotel Riadh Palms 4 *, Tunisia (photo represents its exterior decoration), is located in the center of the resort town of Sousse, on the first coastline. The airport of Tunis is located 140 km from it, Enfid - 40 km, Monastir - 20 km.

Riadh Palms 4 * (Tunisia): description

The hotel was opened in 1992, the last renovation was held in 2010. It is a 9-storey building with 6 elevators. In the territory of Riadh Palms 4 * (Tunisia) there are swimming pools: serpentine outdoor (there are 3 bridges), indoor (in winter time it is heated).


  • Oasis, restaurant (buffet).
  • Le Baron, restaurant ("a la carte").
  • Restaurant Neptune (beach).
  • Le Snack-bar (English pub).
  • L'Horizon (lobby bar).
  • American bar.
  • Coffee house.
  • Beach bar.
  • Pool bar.
  • Zen (tea shop).
  • Night club.
  • Conference halls (8).
  • Business center.
  • Serenity (spa).
  • La bella rose (beauty salon).
  • Casino.

Riadh Palms 4 * (Tunisia) does not allow pets.

The following payment cards are accepted: American Express, Master Card, Visa,

The services

Those who want to relax comfortably under the hot southern sun go to Tunisia. Hotel Riadh Palms 4 * provides the following services: Wi-Fi, gift shops, supermarket, mail services, medical room, laundry, massage, sauna, car rental, parking, exchange office.

Orientation of the institution

Hotel Riadh Palms 4 * is designed for adults, senior citizens, business people, youth, companies, parents with children.

The hotel has a mixed national composition of holidaymakers. The style of design is normal.

Types of recreation provided in the hotel: active, SPA, business, beach, youth, quiet, sightseeing.


As promo promises, guests are welcomed in oriental style, cozy, spacious rooms with comfortable furniture. The number of rooms in Riadh Ualms 4 * (Tunis, Sousse) is 650 rooms (there are Interconnected rooms).

  • Standard room (area: 22.62 sq. M, balcony size: 7 sq. M.), Number of rooms: 616.
  • Family room (area: 39.9 sq. M, balcony size: 7.98 sq. M.) - roomy room (one-room) with four sleeping places. It is possible to put an extra bed. Number of rooms: 8.
  • Suite room (Area: 80 sq. M.). Number of rooms: 34
  • Rooms for disabled guests. Quantity: 8.
  • Connecting rooms, consisting of 2 standard, which are connected by a door.
  • Junior suite. These rooms consist of 2 bedrooms and a lounge, there is a big TV.
  • Senior suite. Rooms consisting of a cozy living room and a large bedroom. There is also a large TV.

Room equipment, room service

  • Balcony or balcony (overlooking the sea: 80%).
  • Air conditioning (in summer).
  • Bathroom, shower.
  • Hairdryer.
  • Phone.
  • Wi-Fi (free).
  • TV (there are Russian channels, the remote is provided on bail).
  • Tiles (ceramic) or carpet on the floor.

Rooms are cleaned every day, served by the system: 24/24. Change of linen is made thrice a week. A safe and mini fridge are available on request, requiring payment.

For children

For accommodation and entertainment of young guests in Riadh Palms 4 * (Tunis, Sousse) there are:

  • Mini-club;
  • animation;
  • Children's pool;
  • Children's menu, chairs for children in the restaurant;
  • Baby cot in the room (on request);
  • The nurse (on demand, charge).

The concept of nutrition

For holidaymakers in the hotel Riadh Palms 4 * (Tunis, Sousse) provided food AI ("all inclusive"), providing breakfast, lunch, dinner with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks of local production (free of charge) during the day:

  • Breakfast (buffet): 06:00 -10: 00, in the restaurant Oasis.
  • Late breakfasts (continental, buffet): 10:00 -12: 00, in the restaurant Aziz.
  • Lunch (buffet): 12:30 - 15:00, in the rest. Oasis; 12:30 -15: 00, in the restaurant Neptune in the summer season.
  • Mini-buffet (pasta, pizza pancakes,): 15:00 - 17:30, in the restaurant "Neptune", in the summer season.
  • Dinner (buffet): 18:30 - 19:45, from 20:00 to 21:30, in the restaurant Oasis.
  • Late dinner: 22:00 - 00:00 - in the restaurant Aziz; 19:00 - 22:00 - in the restaurant A La Carte.
  • The restaurant Le Baron can dine once for all the time of rest (preliminary booking is necessary).

Recreation and Sports

In the Riadh Palms Hotel 4 * (Sousse, Tunisia) there are evening and day programs, live music, animation, dancing, disco, show programs (folklore), karaoke, cabaret show, darts, volleyball, bingo , A game of balls, water sports, board games, a gym with exercise machines.

There is a private beach (sandy). Sunbeds, umbrellas, mattresses on the beach and at the pool are provided free of charge. Provision of beach towels is not provided.


A multi-storey building, located on the seaside, with its own sandy beach, well-groomed green area, located 1 km from the center of Sousse, with a high level of service Marhaba, recommended for a quiet comfortable stay - is Riadh Palms 4 * (Tunisia). Tours to the hotel are offered by agencies for the price of 84 846 rubles. for two. Operators advertise the hotel as well located, large and comfortable, an excellent choice for a respectable relaxing holiday.

Hotel category: 4 stars. Number of rooms: 650. Address: Avenue du 7 Novembre - 4000 Sousse - Tunisia.


  • Hotel No. 1 in Sousse with an optimum ratio of quality and cost of services.
  • SPA-hotel № 4.
  • Hotel on the beach number 5.
  • Family Hotel No. 5.
  • Suite hotel № 6.

Best prices for tours

  • 3 nights - 49 678 rubles.
  • 4 nights - 54 313 rubles.
  • 6 nights - 56,255 rubles.
  • 7 nights - 69,515 rubles.
  • 8 nights - 58 629 rubles.
  • 9 nights - 62,748 rubles.
  • 10 nights - 72 874 rubles.
  • 11 nights - 67,994 rubles.
  • 12 nights - 85 075 rubles.
  • 14 nights - 92,110 rubles.

This is useful to know

  • Check in at the hotel Riadh Palms 4 *: 14:00 - 00:00.
  • Check out time: 06:00 - 12:00.
  • All children are welcome.
  • Extra beds are not available in the rooms.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Credit card transactions, including prepayment in the amount of daily cost (commission: 3% of the total payment).
  • The guest's name, indicated during the booking, must necessarily coincide with the name of the owner of the credit card used when placing the order. This credit card is required at check-in.
  • A card prepaid to the name of the company acting on behalf of the hotel. The name of the company will be indicated on the bank statement.
  • The hotel does not allow unmarried couples to stay. During check-in all couples must present a marriage certificate.

Impressions of holidaymakers

Riadh Palms 4 * (Tunisia) reviews of 2016 characterize very contradictory. Many are inclined to the fact that everything must be experienced by yourself, only so you can learn about something thoroughly. And yet, mostly tourists base their choice of the tour on a thorough analysis of the experience of other travelers.

Flight, airport

The first vivid impressions that tourists receive are the flight. If you fly by Tunisian airlines, the impressions, according to the passengers, are not at all pleasant. In all likelihood, the task of the carrier is to seat people as much as possible, since the seats in the cabin are set very close. A passenger below average growth knees rest on a chair in front, a tall person during this four-hour hour flight experiences a real nightmare.

At the airport, travelers are greeted by smiling Tunisians with very annoying offers of all kinds of services, for example, to help bring things free of charge to the bus. Near the bus for services from the traveler will persistently require money.


A truly unforgettable, vivid impression gives travelers Tunisia. Hotel Riadh Palms 4 * (Tunis, Sousse) reviews are characterized as corresponding category 3 *. What is striking is that everything here, in the opinion of tourists, is "some very worn out."

The pool may prove to be hot, and African mosquitoes can attack on those leaving it.

The building of the hotel Riadh Palms 4 * is not so white and beautiful, as you can see in the photo, inform holidaymakers. In general, they share, the hotel is not bad. From the reception down two big stairs, there is a nice bar with comfortable sofas. In the evenings music here sounds.

About rooms

Lovers of relaxation under the hot southern sun does not cease to attract Tunisia. Hotel Riadh Palms 4 * reviews characterize as a place that strikes with its contradictory, incomprehensible contrast service. Designed as comfortable rooms, according to reviews, they impress negligence, dirt, dust, unwashed floors and wallow in other people's hair. Guests can get a room with a view of the construction site or garbage cans, they can operate poorly air conditioning, plumbing, etc. Sometimes, according to tourists, the room does not work balcony door. Often the window smells like an extract from a dry cleaner.


Nature and weather will not deceive anyone's expectations. The heat, palm trees are what everyone who chooses to relax in Tunisia wants. Nature, some tourists call beautiful, but monotonous. Many call the local climate mild, and the water here, according to holidaymakers, is "stunning - warm, clear azure".

But all the tourists who have visited there, are shocked by what they have seen on the road from the airport to the hotel. According to them, "everything is foully dirty, everywhere dirt, stink, garbage".


The hotel offers many beautiful interesting excursions: Solonchak, the Colosseum, the home of Berbers, scenery for the Star Wars, which are held, according to many guests, as a good, prepared guide. But in general, excursions to Rriadh Palms 4 * (Tunisia) reviews 2016 is characterized by ambiguous.

On the one hand, travelers are recommended to buy them, calling them very interesting and fascinating. The most important thing is not to miss a two-day excursion to the Sahara, which will give a sea of impressions. The trip is called very saturated and interesting. This is the most expensive tour out of all offered, but it's worth it to be not stingy. Another advise to visit the "stunning, simply fabulous, the reserve of Frigia" and do not spare any money on the excursion.

On the other hand, the authors of the reviews note shortcomings.

About the proposed in Riadh Palms 4 * trip on ATVs in the surroundings of Ssus, the guests respond as a trip to the local dump. Sometimes tourists are not given motorcycle goggles. The eyes of holidaymakers can suffer from the wind with dust and sand rising from the quad, going ahead. In addition, in part the route runs along the motorway, where trucks and buses rush, whose drivers, according to tourists, are very similar to some domestic minibus drivers with their cultural level.

A two-day excursion to the Sahara as a whole can be liked by many. But you should prepare for the fact that the bus will have a poor air-conditioning (this is typical of Tunisia), and will have to experience all the delights of a trip through the desert in the 45-50-degree heat.

On the ostrich farm, proposed for inspection to tourists, "3 ostriches are walking", in the zoo ("in a cage behind the curtain") one can see one monkey or "Pekingese on a chain".

In the water park in Port El Kantaou for more than an hour to endure, as many testify, it is difficult. It is "3 small slides, a pool with artificial waves, which often do not work."

In the shops where it is proposed to stop along the road, there is really nothing to buy, in addition, there is a special arrangement of owners with a guide about the supply of customers to their establishments.


In the district there are a lot of shops and shops. This is noted by all residing in Riadh Palms 4 * (Tunisia). Reviews of 2015 and previous years differ little in this from the impressions of tourists of this year 2016. Sellers are still as friendly as they call tourists when they pass by, but it's worth not to go, you can hear a lot of unpleasant words about yourself in the back.

Interested persons can buy in Tunis relatively inexpensive souvenirs. Especially valuable purchase, made here, travelers call a relatively inexpensive and high-quality olive oil.

On the culture of local taxi drivers

Staying at Radh Palms 4 *, Tunisia (reviews of tourists inform about this), it's easy to get acquainted with the style of work of local taxi drivers. Those abandoned their services vacationers can "gently" pursue for quite some time, dropping the price. With a decisive refusal, they will be "enclosed" with selective non-literary expressions.

City, night life

Sousse is advertised by travel agencies, as a youth-party district, where there are many clubs, discos and other entertainment venues. Quite not so characterize Riadh Palms 4 * (Sousse) reviews. Tunisia is famous for places where you can have fun and interesting to spend a day or a night of leisure. But, according to the guests Riadh Palms 4 *, this hotel does not apply to such. This, in the opinion of tourists residing there, rather, is a "sanatorium for pensioners".

In the city itself on the streets, according to tourists, it is not safe, especially at night. The shock of what is seen in the Tunisian city of Susse in some tourists can not be described. "It's something on the verge of good and evil," they say. Everywhere the travelers are shouted by the Arabs, Tunisian flags hang from the open windows, local music sounds very loud. Cars at night are three times more than in the daytime, they drive with a terrible speed, continuously signal. All this can be seen and heard while riding the night streets.

To tourists, the authors of the reviews strongly do not recommend walking around the streets of Sousse at night. The city has a very high crime rate. If you want to go to the club it is better to go by taxi.

Shopping should go to Medina, but alone - in any case! Souvenirs are best bought in a shopping center (souvenir) near the market, although there they are slightly more expensive, but it's safer and calmer. Walking around the city is better in the morning, advised by experienced travelers.


Dining at the hotel, according to tourists, is quite good, varied. According to many holidaymakers, they feed here "amazingly, perfectly prepare meat." Vegetables, fruits are always plenty, for every taste. But seafood, according to hotel guests, the choice is small. Meat, as it seemed to some, at first pre-brew, and then extinguish or fry, so its taste to some vacationers do not like. And yet, nobody goes hungry from dinner. Also, vacationers say that for lunch and dinner you need to come strictly in the allotted time and take a table reserved for a tourist. If you do not want to, and at certain times you should have lunch (breakfast, dinner), otherwise you can miss the time of eating, because after the elapsed half an hour the table will be given to the other guests next in line.

The waiters, the tourists divide, will smile, clean the plates and bring water if they give them a tip. Otherwise, not once for the whole dinner will be suitable for vacationers. It is necessary to give the waiter on the first day 10 dinars, and each subsequent day of tourists will expect a humanly laid table: flowers, drinks. So do all the holidaymakers, do not be greedy. Otherwise, you'll have to sit down to dine at an untidy table, remove the dirty instruments yourself, or watch the waiter simply turn the tablecloth with the other side, without changing it after the previous line has dined.


According to tourists, the service at the hotel Riadh Palms 4 * leaves much to be desired.

On the beach, they complain, you can not take water with you. If you want to drink, to quench your thirst, you need to go to the hotel.

Daily cleaning of rooms, in their opinion, is very superficial. In addition, it can be held "at the most inopportune moment", in the presence of vacationers. Just without knocking, the clerk will open the door and begin cleaning, despite the discontent of the tenants.


Vacationers in the hotel - mostly Germans, French, English. Russian is less, without the knowledge of English here they have very difficult.

The attitude of the staff towards Russians, as the tourists note, "spoils everything." According to the authors of the reviews, in the Riadh Palms 4 * "Slavs for some reason do not like", and this manifests itself in many ways. To collide with this for the first time will have when settling: arrived at 8-00 Russians will have to wait until 12 hours.

At the same time, while waiting, they can observe how they are resettled immediately upon the arrival of Europeans who arrived later, allocating the best rooms (which provide a view of the sea, not the construction site).


The reviews characterize it as "weak, boring and monotonous." There is not much to look at, according to the authors. In the afternoon, the animators "seem to be trying" to entertain the holidaymakers: they carry out exercises, and dances, and games. But the desire to join the holidaymakers to join the "fun" animators especially fails. They do not insist, to the delight of the tenants of the hotel.

It is unpleasant, the authors of the reviews share, that, for example, it is very difficult for a Russian to get tennis rackets and play before lunch. "Only after dinner," without any explanation. Although other holidaymakers (Europeans) play at any time. "Did they come to rest with their racquets?" - Ask the Russians.

Relax on the beach

The sea is clean, white sand, everything is wonderful on the beach, tourists respond. Much algae in the morning, but this can be tolerated. The presence of a large number of jellyfish - this, they believe, is also not scary. The bad thing is that the urns stand near the water, sometimes they turn over waves, and all the garbage gets into the water.

Biting local traders, constantly "darting" along the beach. Bedouins can also enter the beach. In general, the beach in Riadh Palms 4 *, in the opinion of tourists, is similar to the entrance yard. Here, "the local men constantly slither", allowing themselves liberties towards the guests.


Determined with a choice of where to go on vacation, tourists usually read a lot of reviews about the hotel, as well as the city in which it is located, and, in general, about the country.

The pluses of the hotel Riadh Palms 4 * include a wonderful warm sea, a wonderful clean beach, animation, a varied and full meal, a convenient location, some note the courtesy of the staff. Minus is the dirt on the territory and in the rooms, poor service in the restaurant, "unrealistic" lines for food, to the elevator, to the bar, the lack of cutlery and dishes in the restaurant, old furniture, lack of repair and poor cleaning in the rooms, the need to pay even basic Services. In addition, many are upset by cases of rudeness and disrespect for Russian tourists. Very many reviews about Riadh Palms 4 * are sharply negative.

To those who are frightened by the abundance of tourist's minuses, the authors of the advice advise not to forget that Africa is not Europe. Here it is not necessary to complain and grieve over the dirty streets of the city, "arrogant and annoying Arabs" and other things. It is necessary to perceive everything, they consider, as the color of the country. In this case, the attitude to the flaws will be different, and, accordingly, the mood will improve.

In Tunisia come for impressions from Africa. Do not expect to see a European resort here. With this attitude in Riadh Palms 4 * a lot can be liked.

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