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Veterinary Academy of Kazan: faculties, admission committee, passing grade

In Kazan, there are several dozens of higher educational institutions - state and non-state universities, academies and institutes. Because of such a huge number of educational institutions many applicants are very difficult to make a choice. Which university to choose? To find the answer to this question, you need to pay attention to your hobbies, interests. If you feel the desire to help animals, the best option is the veterinary academy of Kazan.

Description of the university

At one time in the city worked veterinary institute named after NE Bauman, which was created in the XIX century. This institution functioned more than 100 years, while in 1986 its status was increased - so there was an academy in which students are trained to this day.

The modern name of the university is the Kazan State Academy of Veterinary Medicine named after NE Bauman. It consists of three faculties and offers four areas of training at the undergraduate level. An interesting fact is that the veterinary academy has been working for more than 100 years, the zoological museum, in which a huge collection of exhibits is offered to visitors - periodically it is replenished with new copies.

Main structural subdivisions

Veterinary Academy of Kazan provides training of qualified specialists due to the work of the faculties:

  • Veterinary medicine;
  • Standardization and biotechnology;
  • Correspondence education.

The first of them has 11 departments. For the students, several laboratories have been established, in which students conduct research, study clinical disciplines, receive the first practical skills in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various diseases and pathologies.

The second faculty prepares specialists for working with livestock products and agricultural products. At the correspondence faculty educational services are offered for those persons who are ready to study without interruption from work.

Specialty and directions of training

Veterinary College of Kazan has only one specialty. She is one of the most noble and sought-after among the other professions, since it is about veterinary medicine. Future veterinarian doctors are studying here. Students get acquainted with the diseases and pathologies of various animals, ranging from bees and small animals, ending with large livestock and representatives of exotic species.

Veterinary Academy of Kazan has a bachelor's degree. There are 4 directions of preparation:

  • "Veterinary and sanitary examination" (the tasks of specialists include carrying out various examinations, disinfection and disinsection, veterinary and sanitary control of various products and raw materials of livestock).
  • "Zootechny" (the activities of students will in the future be linked to the technology of production of livestock products).
  • "Standardization and metrology" (graduates of this area of training will have to deal with certification and standardization in the food industry).
  • "Technology of processing and production of agricultural products" (this area of training will allow in the future to process and store agricultural products).

Veterinary Academy, Kazan: Admission Board

In the veterinary academy, admission is started every summer. This procedure is handled by a selection committee, which works in a certain period, approved by the rules of admission to the university. During the admission process, you can:

  • To learn the peculiarities of admission to the academy in 2017;
  • To receive answers to the questions of interest;
  • To submit documents.

To talk with the members of the admissions committee, you can independently come to the university. Some information can be clarified by phone.

Entry score for admission

Veterinary Academy of Kazan approves the minimum passing points every year. The year 2017 is not an exception. To participate in the contest it is necessary to have at least the following results in subjects (for USE and entrance exams):

  • Russian language is 36;
  • Mathematics - 28;
  • Physics - 37;
  • Biology - 37.

As a result of the admission campaign, the veterinary academy (Kazan) determines the passing score. It reflects the minimum result that allowed the applicant to be on the list of enrolled people for the first year of study.

In conclusion, it should be noted that many applicants ask about Kazan universities, budget places. The Veterinary Academy is an educational institution where you can get free education. In addition, it is considered a modern educational institution. It has specially equipped audiences for training skills in machine milking, the treatment of animal diseases, feed preparation. Students receive not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills. Also on the basis of the academy there are study museums. This anatomical, and pathoanatomical, and pharmacological, and obstetric, etc. Reviews indicate that the level of teaching and training of specialists here is very good.

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