Bunny-staple: a pattern for creating a unique toy

Despite the abundance of modern toys with electronic stuffing, cute teddy bears, hares, cats are still loved by the kids. Most often these toys are bought to the child. But, for example, a rabbit-rabbit, whose pattern is the most simple, can be sewn for the baby by the mother or grandmother.

Dreams and tales

It is said that plush toys protect crumbs during sleep from monsters that live under the bed. No wonder, probably, every adult person has memories of what was his favorite toy, hidden under the pillow during the day and carefully laid to sleep on the pillow at night. своими руками зайки-сплюшки, выкройки которых могут самыми разными, точно так же ждут в кроватках своих малышей. Now made with their own hands, rabbit-spits, whose patterns can be very different, just wait in the cribs of their babies.

Quite simply

Baby needs coziness. For the youngest are invented toys, which have received the characteristic name of comfort. зайка-сплюшка. Such a sleepy favorite can be a rabbit-rabbit. The pattern is elementary - a two-layered base and a toy head. The toy-spatula in the form of a comfort can be made in two ways.

Method 1. Soft fabric, you can use a children's fleece trinket, folds into a square in the size of 35 x 35 centimeters, although you can choose any sizes. It is stitched on all 4 sides, there is only a small area left to remain unscrewed in order to unscrew the base, cutting an oblique angle. The hole is sewn and in the middle of the comforter sew small stitches head from the toy-rabbit.

Method 2. On a sheet of paper, draw a base of a splash that resembles an asterisk: two beams are legs, two beams are handles, and instead of the fifth ray a head is sewn. Dimensions: in height - centimeters 30-35, in width (by the rays-handles) - 40-45. Here is the comfort of a rabbit-spittle, whose base pattern is in the form of an asterisk. Marked with a dashed line, fill the ends of the beams with a sintepon more densely, separating them with a stitch from the main cloth.

For those who badly sew

A toy in a crib for a favorite crumb can be very different. зайка-сплюшка, выкройка которой предназначается для тех, кто ни шить, ни кроить не умеет, делается так. For example, a rabbit-rabbit, whose pattern is meant for those who can neither sew nor cut can, is done so. A piece of beautiful cloth measuring 60 x 30 centimeters is folded in half. Separately cut off two pieces measuring 10 x 15 centimeters, folded in half along, resulting in rectangles measuring 5 x 15 centimeters, which need to be sewn on the sides. Both rectangles are turned to the front side. These are the ears of the rabbit-spittle. The ears are embedded inside the large square. The square is sewn first on the side on which the ears are embedded, so that they are sewn tightly, then on the other two sides. Do not forget to leave a small hole to turn the spat on the face and loosely stuff the pillow-toy with the synthepone. The hole is sewn. Paint the fabric to draw a rabbit's nose, closed eyes with cilia, mouth and abdomen paws. Like this.

Pillow-spuslyushka Bunny, whose pattern is primitive, ready.

Long-eared dormouse

Many craftsmen sew toys on the same pattern, using only the distinctive features of this or that character for identification. For example, the cat's ears are triangular, and the bears are round. The pattern of a rabbit-eagle with long ears will not be difficult, because it's quite simple to tailor them. The toy pillow, on which the baby is comfortable to fall asleep, should be practically flat, because it is used in addition to the standard set of sleeping accessories. Any sleepy toy will be primitive, including a hare-splyushka. The pattern will make a fairly flat sleepy pet. If you use it, you need to sew in the following sequence:

  1. Sew ears along the contour, leaving the bottom straight part open. Ears turn, spread, slightly fill with sintepon.
  2. Sew the paws along the contour, leaving the straight section unshielded, turn them out, straighten them, fill them with sintepon, so that the paws are soft.
  3. The Taurus with the head folded inward with the wrong sides. On the location of the ears and legs, fix the necessary parts, putting them inside the work. Sew a toy-splash on the contour, sewing all the details together at the same time, leave a small area unshared. Through it, turn the hare on the front side and lightly fill it with sintepon.
  4. The hole is sewn.
  5. Embroider or paint with masks for the fabric of the muzzle of a rabbit.

Sleepy hares

Every kid has his own favorite toy. She lulls and tells fairy tales, protects from terrible dreams and wakes up in the morning to play. зайка-сплюшка. Such a favorite can become a rabbit- and -rabbit. A life-size shape will help you make your own beautiful and entertaining toy. Using the proposed version of the pattern, you can get a toy of two sizes - larger and smaller, if you print it on a sheet of A3 or A4 format. не только снов, но и детской пижамки, или же в нее можно прятать грелку, если малыш заболел. Such a rabbit-rabbit can become a keeper of not only dreams, but children's pajamas, or it can be hidden in the hot-water bottle if the baby falls ill. To do this, you should sew a zipper or a Velcro tape in the bottom of the toy body. Since this pattern is simple, it is possible to sew rabbits on it a little - hares-sony will become for the kid both fun, and useful thing.


Things that are designed for the baby, must always be clean. It is necessary to take care of sewn cushions on the pillows regularly. You can erase such toys in the car and on your hands. In any such toy you can sew a bag of herbs - lavender, melissa, chamomile. They will serve as flavors for a baby crib, which have a soothing and antibacterial effect. You can use as a filler instead of sintepon buckwheat. Naturally. зайки-сплюшки своими руками. It must be sewn into a separate pouch, which is then inserted into the tummy of a sewn rabbit-snipe with their own hands. Patterns in this case do not require any improvement, only before sewing a hole through which the toy was turned on the front side, it should be put a bag of croup.

Stunt toys, whatever they are, always bring joy to the child, and he will keep them in his heart for life.

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