How to make a Kansasi flower brooch

Kanzashi - the technique of creating jewelry from small pieces of fabric and ribbons, folded in a special way. Colors created from patches in this way, geisha decorated their kimonos and hairstyles. Hair accessories and brooches are often worn with national costumes, but they can add elegance to any image and transform even the most common outfit.

Material for Kansas technique

Flowers from shreds are used to create hairpins, rims, rings, bracelets. Such accessories can be made independently using conventional satin ribbons. Some needlewomen create leather and vinyl products. Let's try to make an unusual brooch together. It is best to use not too dense material for work, it will be easier to fold. Suitable silk and starched cotton.

What you need to create an ornament

We prepare the necessary materials. It:

  • A small piece of cloth, about 5 cm wide and 25 cm long;
  • Thick threads;
  • Quality sewing needles;
  • scissors;
  • Beads and beads;
  • A small piece of felt;
  • Glue gun;
  • Fastening for brooch;
  • Pins.

How to make a tissue of a Kansasi brooch: a master class

We cut the cloth flap so that five squares of the same size are obtained. It will be optimal to cut pieces of 5x5 cm.

We take one of the squares and fold it in half to make a triangle. Fold should be on the right. Lightly press the material with your finger, smoothing the line. We fold one of the halves again, creating a smaller triangle.

We bend the second corner back: on each side are now triangles of fabric. We got the first petal. Cut a few millimeters from the open edge and pin it with a pin. To fix the shred, you can use invisible, patchwork or patch the workpiece with a few stitches. This will make the middle of the flower more neat and will not allow the triangles to unfold.

Repeat all the steps until we get 5 petals.

Collect the flower, sewing the leaves together. First we make them in one line, then we sew the last pieces. We try to pierce the material with a needle as close as possible to the severed corner. The process itself is a bit like stringing beads on a string.

When you have finished sewing the petals, turn the workpiece over and sweep the edges of the flower to keep it in shape. Do not worry if the stitches are not too smooth, then they will be closed by a felt stock.

Now you need to straighten the petals. To do this, turn the fold in the middle of each leaf, pushing the fabric inside. The middle should "fall through", and the edges should remain vertical. Continue to form the petals until all 5 are straightened. We got a blank for a kanzashi brooch in the form of a plum blossom. It remains to decorate it with beads and make a back fastening.

Decorate the center of the flower is optional, but the accessory will look more attractive if you highlight its details. You can sew a bead in the middle or add rhinestones, attaching them with an adhesive gun.

Turn the brooch over and apply glue to the corners to strengthen them. Then cut out the pentagon from the felt and attach the holder to it.

Now the product is ready. It is possible to wear the resulting Kansashi brooch with pride, since it is created by our own hands.

Brooch of satin ribbons: tools for creating

The accessory does not need to be made so simple. If you add sharp petals, make curls, combine several types of fabrics and textures, you will get an interesting decoration that can be worn not only in everyday life, but also on festive occasions. Before you make a kanzashi brooch from ribbons, you need to prepare the material for work.

We will need:

  • Satin ribbon 4 cm wide;
  • Brocade tape width 4 cm;
  • Stamens for flowers;
  • Glue gun;
  • The basis for the brooch;
  • scissors;
  • tweezers;
  • lighter.

The process of making brooch from ribbons

Cut the ribbon into shreds 4x4 cm. We will make the petals double. To do this, one square of satin and brocade tape is folded diagonally and fix the tip with a lighter. We put pieces of tape on each other, connect the lighter on one side and fold them in half. We bend one tip and the other with a pair of scissors. Cut off the corner bend outward and collect the tips. Once again, cut off the edge and sing with a cigarette lighter so that the petal does not fall apart. Now you need to pull out the tip of the tape from the center. This is easier to do with tweezers.

Cut the edges off, drip some glue on the tip of the shred and tweeze it inside the workpiece with tweezers. Should get a petal with a curl. Press it and cut off the back of the diagonally, burn the edge of the lighter. We make 6-7 such details. In addition, as many simple triangular petals are made. Then we paste a piece of tape on the base so that the leaves stick better. Let's start assembling Kansai brooch. Apply the glue to the base and form the flower: first attach a layer with curled petals, along the edges add triangular leaves. We decorate the middle part with stamens, collecting them on two pieces, in the center we paste a bead. Kansasi brooch for a dress or any other costume is ready!

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