Recreation center "Casargi" in Chelyabinsk region - photos and reviews

Finally, after such a long and cold winter, the long-awaited spring comes, which means that very soon there will be a warm summer and now it's time to start planning your vacation. After all, we are all tired of the city and with pleasure we dream about the tender sun.

Where to go on vacation?

Only the criteria for a good holiday is not so little, and you need to spend your vacation so that pleasant memories for a long time remain, and the vacation was a success, and the budget was not badly affected.

Residents of Russia have been fortunate enough to be born in such a large country, and we can talk endlessly about natural beauty and riches. There is everything you want here: the sea, the fields, the forests, and the mountains. Rest in Russia is profitable, convenient and safe. In addition, there is no need to issue numerous documents for traveling abroad. Do not get used to unfamiliar food and worry about overseas insects, their effects on the body. In addition, in Russia you can find many options for a wonderful holiday for every taste and budget.

The edge of 3,500 lakes

Although the country is big, not everyone knows that there are more than 3,500 lakes in the Chelyabinsk region. One of them, Casargy, is located in the Sosnovsky district, in the most immediate proximity to the city of Chelyabinsk (only 27 km). This means that for the inhabitants of the city the lake is a permanent place for summer recreation and fishing.

For convenience, nearby there is parking for cars. The lake has an elongated shape, in length it is about 6 kilometers wide, 2. It is small, but small it is difficult to name, the maximum depth is 6-7 meters. The lake is formed due to tectonic faults. The nearby village is also called Casarga, from the ancient Türkic language it is translated as a male name. The water in the lake is slightly salty, considered mineralized. Flowing, replenished with underground sources, so it is clean and perfectly suited for swimming - the bottom in the lake is mostly sandy, pleasant and smooth. For the convenience of the beach equipped with sun beds and cabanas for changing clothes, there is a shop. Also nearby are other lakes.

Comfortable rest among birches

The lake is surrounded by a wonderful birch grove. Just imagine: slim, thin birches, clear blue sky, peace and quiet. No city bustle, there is no endless buzz of cars. You can completely relax and give yourself to a wonderful rest.

Conveniently located recreation facilities in Casargah (Chelyabinsk), graciously providing all customers comfortable living in an environmentally friendly place. It is very convenient, you can come and settle in a comfortable house or rent a cozy cottage. Guests who have already come to this wonderful place, assure that the conditions here are at the highest level.

Many people prefer to rest with the whole family and take their children with them. It is for a good family holiday that the recreation center (Lake Casarga) is located. Also a comfortable settlement in cozy houses is provided. For the convenience of tourists, the rooms have plastic windows. Premises are heated - this means that your holiday can be winter, but at the same time comfortable. In the houses there is a kitchen corner with a stove and a fridge, so, if necessary, there is an opportunity to prepare food yourself. This is especially true if you are relaxing with children. Self-cooking allows you to keep the usual menu, which, in turn, eliminates unpleasant consequences after taking unfamiliar food.


What can be more relaxing and calming than a quiet pastime alone with yourself or in a pleasant company of a loved one? The recreation center "Casargi" is ready to organize it. For those who like to sit in peace with a fishing pole, the lake is just an ideal place. There are a lot of different fish there: carp, ripus, peled, carp, crucian, perch, Chebak, pike perch, burbot, pike, omul and whitefish. This is a real paradise for lovers to sit with a fishing rod.

For fishing, you can come with your equipment or rent. All that is needed, ready to provide a recreation center "Casargy". You can fish from the shore or from the boat. And on the lake they fish all the year round, there is also popular ice fishing. In order to come here in winter, there are also no restrictions. The recreation center "Casargi" is heated, which guarantees comfortable and cozy accommodation and full relaxation.

Fishing is a wonderful holiday: quietly and quietly sit and watch the barely moving float - akin to meditation. It relaxes and soothes. Well, the presence of a diverse fish is a guarantee of a good catch.

Russian sauna

Leisure with health benefits - what could be better? Recreation center "Casargi" also offers this kind of pastime. For all lovers, a steam bath was built on the shore. Where else can you properly rest with your body and soul? A pleasant warm steam, a fragrant broom, a warm house made of logs. Visiting a bath positively affects health, although this type of rest has contraindications. But if your condition allows, then there is no reason to miss the opportunity to steam from the heart. For all lovers of Russian baths, as well as for all those who want to be healthy, having a sauna near the lake is another reason to visit this place.

Boats and catamarans

Another great service that you can take advantage of is renting boats and catamarans. Walking along the lake will leave an unforgettable experience and will be a pleasant addition to a wonderful holiday. Friendly instructors will help you understand the management of the catamaran and will not let you get into trouble on the water.

What do the guests say?

People who have already stayed in these parts assure that all the services provided by the recreation center Uralets (Casargi) will pleasantly surprise you with their accessibility. This is an important factor in choosing a place for a vacation or a family holiday in the open air. Reviews of the rest are only positive, the guests say that all the amenities are on Lake Casargi. Recreation center "Birch" is the ideal place to spend leisure peacefully and find harmony with yourself.

Guests recommend people to visit these places, because the beautiful nature, unusually clean lake, comfortable conditions and friendly attitude are indisputable pluses. They also note that every corner of this region is unique and unique, so you should not miss the opportunity to visit here. Ural beauty is harsh and mysterious, surrounded by ancient legends and fairy tales. If you have not decided how to spend your vacation, then you should pay attention to what the recreation center "Casargi" (Chelyabinsk region) offers.

The guarantee of an unforgettable holiday is a correctly chosen place, a cheerful company, a close friend, a beloved family and, of course, a good mood. You can cook soup in the open air, fry a fragrant shish kebab and sing songs to the guitar. People who have been here, leave only positive feedback and always return to these regions again.

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