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La Rosière - popular ski resort in France

There is a wonderful view of the valley, which enchants and fascinates the eye. It is also a part of the ski area of San Bernardo and is part of the club "Little Mountaineers". Well-developed infrastructure and various activities will give an unforgettable vacation. Every year the resort is visited by thousands of tourists, and many are here more than once. Tourism has always been developed in this region of France.

The ski resort of La Rosiere has different heights and difficulties in descents. Low and short are suitable for beginners, who for the first time have become skis, or those who are not yet sure that they will be able to conquer other routes. There are many such simple descents for beginners that distinguish this place from other resorts. Therefore, if you decide to go to a ski resort, but do not know how to ride, then La Rosier is ideal for mastering a new kind of skiing and just a good rest.

Higher, with various turns ski alpine tracks - already for more experienced tourists and professionals who have mastered the technique of skiing. Determine what your level of training, as well as master the technique will help an experienced professional.

For lovers of extreme sports, La Rosier can provide off-piste skiing (heli-ski). We must remember that for off-piste skiing, overcoming snowy peaks, there must be good physical preparation. It is better to use the help of a guide who knows how to properly descend, and will appreciate your willingness. You can ride from the array Val d'Aoste (Italian array), where you will be delivered by a helicopter. The nature here is incredibly beautiful and charming. From the top you can well see the Tarentaise Valley and the majestic mountain peaks.

In addition to skiing, from the top you can go down in another way, namely on a parachute. La Rosier is the only resort in France that provides such a service. You can rent a snowboard. For each select the optimal kit.

Another feature of this resort is the possibility of a family vacation. The presence of children's tracks, safe and interesting, will give children the opportunity to ski and feel "grown-up". After all, they can also work with instructors who will help you get on the skis, and then teach you to ride better than adults. While children are learning to ride, parents can watch them with a cup of hot tea or coffee. Children will be satisfied with the rest and will ask their parents to come here again.

As already mentioned, the height of the location of the resort above sea level is 1850 meters, there are also altitude differences from 1150 to 3200 meters. For lifting to different levels in La Rosiere there are 37 lifts. For example, three of them are for beginners. Lifting to the height is free. San Bernardo is an international class skiing area, integrating the La Rosière route and the La Tuile resort in Italy, with lifts it is possible to lift there. There is a separation of routes into blue, green, red and black.

The length of the longest descent is 3 km, and the length of all routes is approximately 150 km. The most insecure are the black tracks, they are designed for professionals. Congress with them is often closed due to weather conditions. Those who are not sure of their skills, it is better to practice longer at other levels for their own safety. Also at the resort there is a snowpark, snowtubing and a springboard for snowboarders. There are two slalom stadiums.

On a comfortable bus you can ride along La Rosière. This bus paves the route from the center to the outskirts. He works not round the clock, but in the morning and until eight in the evening. After driving along this route, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

You can spend time in a beautiful ski resort from December until the end of April. During this period, a good cover of snow, and the weather corresponds to the season of skiing. Nature is helped by about 300 snow cannons. Believe me, you will relax just fine.

In the evenings various events take place in the city, cafes are open, music plays everywhere. And after a busy day, when you climbed and descended on skis many times, it's nice to sit at a table for a cup of tea or coffee. Share with friends the impressions of the day. Who is not very tired, can visit a bar or a disco or stroll through the beautiful lighted streets, feel the local flavor. Entertainment can be found for each of the guests of the resort.

Mountain air contributes to good health and a wonderful mood. Here you can feel yourself a completely happy person. Leaving from the noisy city, from business and problems, you will plunge into a snow-white fairy tale. And after a rest with new forces you can start daily worries and cares.

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