Amigurumi Monkey Diagram: Description, Species, Instructions

Knitting of amigurumi toys came to us from the eastern country of Japan. It was there that this style originated. The monkey-amigurumi scheme will help create a unique, multi-function toy.

Everything comes to life!

Knitted toys appeared, of course, not yesterday or even the day before yesterday. But the style of the amigurumi conquered the world only recently, because in Japan it originated only a couple of decades ago. At first the craftsmen knitted toys that were copies of the heroes of the Japanese animated cartoons-anime. Well, then in this style began to create the figures of everything that surrounds people from birth to the very last days - dolls, food, everyday objects, natural phenomena - everything that can be seen or even imagined can be represented as an amigurumi toy .

The "unlike" amigurumi

Toys in the style of amigurumi are knitted and knitting, and crochet, although it is the cretinous crafts that appear most often. Amigurumi toys have some distinctive features:

  • Cute faces, even inanimate things in life in a toy image often have eyes, a nose, a mouth;
  • A disproportionate ratio of a large head and a small calf;
  • Paws, arms, legs, other limbs can be deliberately long;
  • Originally amigurumi - toys, babies, although in this style are knitted and toys giant, reaching half a meter in height.

Another feature - tight knitting, allowing the shell to keep the shape with little or no packing. This is achieved with the help of a thin hook, in comparison with the usual knitting. If you need a hook for normal knitting, the diameter is equal to the double thickness of the yarn, then for the amigurumi style the thinner the work tool, the better. The material is chosen either - from natural cotton to textured synthetic yarn - it all depends on the idea of the master.

The world of animals in the technique of amigurumi

Most often, animals become the objects of creativity for the amigurumi style. They can be depicted in the manner desired by the soul, adhering to characteristic features that are distinctive for each species. Not so long ago the world of toys was conquered by amigurumi monkeys. The crochet patterns of people's relatives are very different, some of them are simple and are available even for beginner needlewomen. Others will require the work of skill and certain knowledge, so that the idea turned out to be glory. хема обезьянки-амигуруми и выполненная по ней работа доставят немало радости, если все делать по инструкции и аккуратно. With hema monkey-amigurumi and the work done on it will bring a lot of joy, if everything is done according to instructions and carefully.

Important element

Any toys created in this style (including an amigurumi monkey), a scheme, the description of which can be very different, necessarily begin with the main element - amigurumi rings. It is done simply: on the left hand, on the index finger, it is necessary to wind two turns of the working thread so that the tail of the thread freely hangs and it can be grasped with fingers and pulled off.

Then, on these two loops, a bar without a crochet is tied and pulled together - this will not be considered a loop, just a fastening element. But then there are as many loops on the ring as indicated in the instructions for work. When all the loops are connected, you need to pull the thread of the thread left. Thus, the loop is tightened as tightly as possible, attaching the loops from the very beginning of the knitting, which leaves no unnecessary holes in the toy.

Small copy

The monkey-amigurumi (crochet) scheme is a combination of columns without crochets and add-ons to expand the row or the decreases for, respectively, a decrease. On these elements, crochet-based amigurumi toys are based. Monkey amigurumi can be connected from separate elements - head, trunk, muzzle, paws, ears and tail, which are then assembled into a single toy. And can knit at once entirely - head plus trunk, separately - everything else. Common notations for crochet elements are: psn - you need to connect the half-shell to the crochet, stb - a column without a crochet, ssn - to tie a column with a crochet.

Simple crochet amigurumi toys

The knitting pattern "Monkey" begins with the head, and the loop counts off the top of the head.

  • 1 row: a ring of 6 loops;
  • 2 row: 6 loops add = 12 stbn;
  • From 3 to 11 series: in 6 loops add in each of the rows = 66 stbn;
  • From 12 to 21 row = 66 columns without crochets in each;
  • From 22 to 31 row: evenly in 6 loops in each row = 6 stems, pull the thread and cut.

Now the scheme of monkey-amigurumi will continue - we untype the trunk. Amigurumi ring - the bottom part.

  • 1 row: 6 loops of the ring;
  • From 2 to 10 rows: in each row plus 6 loops = 60 loops;
  • From 11 to 21 rows: 60 loops with columns without crochets;
  • 22 row: reduce 6 loops = 54 loops;
  • From 23 to 26 series: knit 54 loops with columns without a crochet;
  • 27 row: reduce 6 loops = 48 loops;
  • 28 series: 48 stbn;
  • 29 row: reduce 6 loops = 42 loops;
  • From 30 to 31 series: for 42 stbn;
  • 32 row: reduce 6 loops = 36 loops;
  • 33 series: 36 stbn;
  • 34 row: reduce 6 loops = 30 loops;
  • From 35 to 37 rows: 30 columns without a crochet;
  • Cut the thread.

For knitting the basis of any toy that has a rounded body and head, you can use these diagrams.

Now it's the muzzle:

  • Begins also with a ring consisting of 6 loops;
  • From 2 to 4: plus 6 loops = 24 stations;
  • From 5 to 7 series: 24 stbn;
  • From 8 to 10 series: plus 6 loops = 42 loops;
  • In the 11th row, the place under the eyes is fixed: 1 stb, 1 pcn, 2 ssn in one loop, 2 ssn in one loop, 1 pcn, 2ss in one loop, 2 ssn in one loop, 1 pc, 1 stb, then the remaining 30 sts Perform a column without a crochet;
  • In the 12th row, the location of the place under the eyes is continued: 1 stb, 1pss, 2 ssn into one loop, 1 ssn, 2 ssn into one loop, 1 ssn, 1 pcn, 2 stb, 1 pcn, 1 ssn, 2 ssn in one loop, 1 ссн, 2 ссн in one loop, 1 пссн, 1 стбн, the remaining 30 loops to make columns without nakidov;
  • 13th row: make all the stitches with columns without a crochet for a harmonious fringing of the face.

Ears need to be made double. The main color thread for the outer part of the tab is to connect the ring of 6 loops, then in each of the 7 rows evenly add 6 loops to make 42 loops. 8 tie the rows in 42 columns without a crochet.

The inner part of the eyelet is knit similarly, but on 1 row and, accordingly, 6 increments less - 36 loops. Both parts of the ear are stitched together. To connect the second ear as well.

The front legs are knitted in this way:

  • 1 row: 6 loops per ring;
  • 2 and 3 series: 6 uniform increments = 18 loops;
  • From 4 to 7 series: 18 stbn;
  • 8 row: reduce 6 loops = 12 loops;
  • From 9 to 21 row: for 12 stbn;
  • 22 row: reduce 6 loops;
  • Loops tighten, cut the thread.

The hind legs consist of two separate parts - the feet and legs:

  • The feet begin to knit with 6 loops of the ring;
  • 2-4 row: plus 6 loops = 24 loops;
  • From the 5th to the 9th row: on 24 stbn;
  • 10 row: remove 6 loops = 18 loops;
  • 11 and 12 rows: 18 each;
  • 13 row: 6 loops to decrease = 12 loops;
  • 14th row: 12 telescopes;
  • 15 row: reduce 6 loops = 6 loops;
  • Thread and tighten.


  • 1 row: a ring consisting of 6 loops;
  • 2 and 3 series: plus 6 loops = 18 loops;
  • From 4 to 9 series: 18 loops each;
  • 10 row: minus 6 loops = 12 loops;
  • From 11 to 14 row: for 12 stbn;
  • Thread and tighten.

The tail of the monkey knits on 6 loops of the ring as long as you want. When collecting a monkey in the tail, you can insert a piece of wire, fastening it with a loop inside the body, then it can be bent and hung on the tail of a monkey.

Collect the connected parts, gradually sewing them together, eyelets specially bought in the store are attached to the muzzle, or suitable buttons are sewn on the substrate. Scheme monkey-amigurumi will be available even not too experienced needlewoman, if you carefully read it.

Monkeys are different

Amigurumi toys are knitted according to different schemes and are obtained, respectively, different. Our example is a crocheted amigurumi crocheted monkey. Diagrams, description for beginners will make a simple toy. A well-designed scheme, with a lot of transitions, changing the shape of the resulting part by tying in additional or decreasing loops, is available to experienced craftsmen.

The toy world of the Amigurumi is huge. There live a variety of figures - huge for the toy world dinosaurs or a small monkey amigurumi. The scheme of any toy should be accurate so that the result does not disappoint. Therefore, the work of the needlewoman is always mindfulness, orderliness, diligence and love for what is done by oneself.

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