Scooter Honda Forza 250: description, features

Scooter Honda Forza 250 is created specially for those who "outgrew" malokubaturnik, but does not represent life without two-wheeled transport. The model has an excellent standard equipment, which could be envied by many maxi-scooters and even some motorcycles. The design is made in the traditional style for the Hondurians, which is also important for many. Our article will be useful for those who are considering the option of buying this comfortable but unpretentious transport.

Features of the model

The model was produced from 2000 to 2008. Honda Forza 250 was produced exclusively for Japan's own market. But she had analogues designed for sales in the States (Honda Reflex) and Europe (Honda-Jazz).

In developing this transport the manufacturer tried to combine convenience, reliability and style in order to satisfy the needs of the most demanding client. Few models can boast ABS brakes, parking brake, many convenient trivia like a volumetric seat trunk and a jack for charging the phone or cigarette lighter.


In appearance of scooter Honda Forza 250 it is easy to guess features of unique style of a brand. Transport has quite impressive dimensions and among the brothers it looks like a real hero. If we carry out the classification of scooters, this model can be safely classified as a tourist class. Adds a good windscreen charm and a fairly bulky fairing.

Technical data

The scooter has a single-cylinder four-stroke engine with a working volume of a quarter liter. The power reaches 22 liters. from. Gearbox - automatic. At first glance at this model it becomes clear that the technical characteristics of the Honda Forza 250 are designed for a measured, imposing riding style. Weight of 180 kilos - not too little for a 22-horsepower engine. The instrument panel is clearly visible, even in bright sun the arrows of the sensors are visible. For the night time there is an unusual red light.

The scooter is equipped with an on-board computer. Smart system itself monitors the work of transport. If you have stopped for a while, the program turns the motor into a power saving mode. It stops working, but in order to start it again, it will only take a little turn of the gas knob.

The clearance for this model is quite high. Unlike most scooters, "Forza" can overcome quite impressive errors in the road surface and even jump over small pits. Here, of course, affects the work of the suspension. According to most owners, the shock absorbers on this model are quite powerful.

Many people also note a comfortable landing. The pilot's seat is equipped with a convenient roller that supports the waist. Planting is a classic, almost straight. All controls are conveniently located, access to them is not difficult. The manufacturer took care of it and liked the passenger to go on this transport. No additions like armrests and a backrest are present, but it all the same the scooter, instead of a cruise motorcycle. The second seat is quite spacious and soft.

Behavior on the road

The characteristics of the Honda Forza 250 determine the behavior of this vehicle. Fans of fast driving and maneuvers in the flow of urban transport rarely choose this model, preferring faster technology.

"Forza" is often the choice of those who do not chase after the frantic tricks, but appreciate the comfort and reliability. Many drivers say that they really appreciated this transport while driving in torrential rain, at night or on a bad road. It is worth noting and the excellent work of native brakes. In general, the Honda Forza 250 scooter reacts quickly to commands, behaves absolutely predictably and obediently. This model can be an excellent alternative to four-wheeled vehicles for travel around the city.

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