Certificate of admission to the competition: what does it contain, where is it drawn, the particularities of obtaining

Medical document form 083 / 5-89 is a document that indicates that a person does not have any contraindications preventing sports. With him you can participate in certain tournaments and championships. The certificate of admission to the competition is given only for a specific time, during which the events will take place.

What information should be reflected in the document

The paper must contain the conclusion that the sports doctor makes. He does this after conducting laboratory tests and a close inspection. In order for a certificate of admission to the competition to be issued, a person must:

  • To pass the general analysis of urine and blood;
  • To pass a survey with specialized specialists;
  • To make an electrocardiogram.

Obtained information on the state of health will help the doctor decide whether the athlete can participate in the competition or not. Before issuing a certificate of admission to the competition, a sample of it must be carefully studied in order to avoid possible fakes and annoying mistakes.

Also, the document should reflect information on the results of the research and examination, data on possible limitations, the signature of the doctor and two seals. On the triangular stamp will be the name of the medical institution, and on the round - the name of the specialist.

Purpose of the certificate, its types

Important information about human health contains medical certificates, admission to the competition will confirm that the body can survive the worst loads without negative consequences.

Two kinds of papers are issued:

  1. Single. Are formalized before the direct beginning of actions for those who is engaged in mountaineering, struggle, diving, boxing. To receive them you need to undergo an examination and take tests.
  2. Long-term. Six months are given to people who take part in disciplines that are not dangerous.

There is also a third type of reference. They are valid for one year. They are obtained by those who are fond of fishing and chess.

How to get the document form 083 / 5-89

The certificate of admission to the competition can be issued in specialized centers, polyclinics, private medical clinics with a license. Most people prefer the latter option, since the centers even charge a fee for their services, but they save energy and time.

The list of necessary procedures for issuing a document will depend on the particular sport in which a person wishes to participate. The paper will confirm that he has not revealed pathologies of musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems, musculoskeletal system, respiratory organs. If the research causes suspicion or ambiguous conclusions from the doctor, he will prescribe additional tests.

Requirements for the recipient

The certificate of admission to the competition can not be issued if the athlete has absolute or relative contraindications. The latter say that a person will have to refuse participation in certain disciplines. However, other physical activity is allowed.

Absolute contraindications include the presence of:

  • Various deformities of the foot, including flat feet;
  • The possibility of bleeding;
  • Diseases of the respiratory system;
  • Heart and vascular diseases;
  • Pathologies in the nervous system;
  • Acute diseases and infections;
  • Increased body temperature.

The certificate of admission to the competition must be received no earlier than five days before the start of the sporting events. This applies to ordinary disciplines. A medical document is necessary for all participants of competitions without exception. If he is not received for some reason, then the person will not be able to compete for medals in the tournament.

Thus, without the help of Form 083 / 5-89, you can forget about the sporting events. Only it serves as a guarantee that the competitor will be allowed to compete. Typically, the paper is valid for six months, but there are exceptions. You can arrange it in a polyclinic, a specialized center or a private medical organization. It is worth noting that the latter option is most popular.

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