Motorcycle Stels Benelli 300: description, TTX

Motorcycle Stels Benelli 300, like many creations of the Chinese motorcycle industry, is primarily designed for the city. Usually he is under the saddle of the pilot, who is still at the very beginning of the motorway. It is similar to the rest of the budgetary malukubaturnuyu technology, but it has quite impressive characteristics for its price. It can be said that this is the rare case when Chinese engineers and designers do not just copy the works of their Japanese colleagues, but look for their own innovative solutions, so they get an excellent result.


In the features of Stels Benelli 300 it is difficult to discern the features of a city dweller from Suzuki or Kawasaki. His appearance is pretty bright, but obviously was not borrowed from one of the Japanese brands. However, very remotely some of its features resemble the style and audacious ergonomics of "Ducatti".

In general, the design of the motorcycle is designed taking into account all modern trends. It organically fits into the urban environment. And many experts say that thanks to the elaborated details the image turned out so bright and spectacular that the motorcycle looks much more expensive than its small price. However, the most interesting is not outside, but inside.


Motorcycle Stels Benelli 300 is built on a steel frame and equipped with a 2-cylinder injection engine. Special attention should be paid to the inverted telescopic fork, and on budget motorcycles this does not happen very often.

At 11.5 thousand rpm "Stealth 300 Benelli" is able to issue 37 liters. from. With a low-speed ride, this unit manages to "crouch", which is quite expected for a 300-cc bike. But it is worth breaking up the speed, as it becomes quite frisky. The motorcycle can accelerate to 160 km / h.

A very unusual detail is the transmission. It has six steps. How often can this be found on an inexpensive 300cc motorbike? True, the pitch of the transmission is relatively small, during the skating around the city will have to actively work the shift switch foot.

The dry weight of the bike is 175 kg, the tank capacity is 16 liters.

The target audience

Stels Benelli 300 is often chosen by those who only recently sat in the saddle. He can do a good job and a busy person who is not going to immerse himself in the motor environment, preferring to use two-wheeled vehicles only if necessary. A frisky inexpensive device with excellent handling is an excellent option for driving around the city.

To race it is not necessary to count, to overtake this model of "Stealth" on the shoulder even to many Chinese, not to mention Japanese, German and Italian mototechnics.

Character and behavior of Stels 300 Benelli

Reviews about this device are very unanimous and positive. But no matter how much praise you hear, remember that European, state and Japanese bikes are not a competitor. Speaking about the merits, each owner clarifies: "Good for its price."

Outside the city, the bike is feeling insecure. By taromu asphalt that he goes , but with a gravel, slippery clay and sand, he does not risk taking with him. His environment is a city.

Comfort of the pilot and passenger

Many people say that even the "older brother" Stels Benelli 600 is too small for a tall pilot. But a person of medium complexity on this technique is comfortable.

Passenger seat Stels Benelli 300 compact, no attempts to make it comfortable and roomy the manufacturer did not. Moreover, if you put a rider there, the rear mono-amortization will take place. This does not degrade the characteristics of the motorcycle, but somewhat changes its behavior and control, it will have to adapt to the changed weight distribution.

It can not be called a flaw, because before us is still a typical transport for the city, and not a luxury class tourer.

Do you plan to travel long distances with a luggage on your motorcycle? Ride in this weight around the city, try to feel the transport. Many owners emphasize this point, noting its importance.

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