"Stealth" - motorcycles of high quality at an affordable price

The most interesting model, according to some professionals. The motorcycle "Stealth 200" in principle does not differ from other models. The same details, a similar assembly, the difference with the rest of the class is minimal. Many specialists were interested in how correctly Russian engineers used spare parts from Chinese origin, which did not differ in high quality. It was possible to note a couple of such facts. Next, we will talk in more detail about the brand "Stealth", these motorcycles are undoubtedly worthy of attention.

Advantages and disadvantages

The downside is the monotony of such vehicles. For example, the elder brother - the motorcycle "Stealth 250" - is not very different from the earlier model. At least, we did not see anything new. On the contrary, the original model, in an attempt to improve, slightly worsened, taking away her engine power. Due to this, the motorcycle "Stealth 250" is more reliable, but I did not get a sensible speed. In principle, both of these models are performed at an average level, users appreciate them and buy, but this kind of motorcycles are incredibly many, and this negatively affects the popularity. At the same time in our time, such "Russian" models instantly sold out and used. Of course, even sincere fans would not take this miracle if it had a sea of shortcomings, so we can say that the "Stealth" - motorcycles that have a decent quality. Expecting something supernatural is not worth it, but for the middle class, in truth, it will fit all 100.


Prices for the "Stealth" -mototsikly quite reasonable, and sometimes it seems that understated. For example, the standard model of the economy class of 2012 is about 20 thousand rubles. Used versions in perfect condition are also loved by buyers. These motorcycles "Stealth" prices are even more interesting, because they can be purchased in the redistribution of 13 000 rubles.


Whatever it was, the Russian creators have combined this model incredibly skillfully, but there are still some downsides. For example, low speed. They accelerate to a maximum of 90 kilometers per hour. It is likely that for urban conditions this may be enough, but for driving on the road or for fans of thrill will be too little. It's just a shame that the design of the motorcycle says that the car should be powerful, but in practice we do not see it. Many buyers do not like this fact very much, but it is eclipsed by the low price for almost all "Stealth" -mototsikly. Of course, many specialists like how smartly the developers were able to use cheap components. Note that all parts are Chinese, but they work at an average level and are capable of withstanding severe weather conditions. In principle, the masters from Russia were able to predict what would happen to the motorcycle and made it not only strong, but also slightly reduced its speed, so that they did not particularly suck on our roads. A very prudent decision to protect "qualified" pilots from dangerous accidents on the highway or in the city, while traveling.


"Stealth" can be not only a motorcycle, which is the most interesting. Russians, noticing that their model is gaining popularity, also released a series of good scooters that are below average models, but have the same advantages as motorcycles - they are reliable, and also collected at a high level. All systems, according to users, work well, but here's the speed is not high. Although this, perhaps, for the better. The whole essence of these motorcycles and scooters lies in high reliability, as well as a good design. Both the one and the other factor are present in these models, and more, probably, nothing is needed. It is worth considering the low price for this bike and enjoying the availability of a quality and cheap vehicle.


If to sum up, it should be said that the motorcycle "Stealth" is quite good. For its price, this quality is really a good investment of money. However, the model is more suitable for beginners, rather than avid drivers of such means, as some factors are not liked by professionals of higher qualification. Firstly, these models have small wheels, the speed is not that high, but overall the motorcycle fits its price. The assembly is done at a high level, the model itself looks great, which means that the design is also worthy of praise. That's what certainly did not cause any questions and censures - so it's appearance. It's simple, but by common factors, you can even think that the model goes like a racing bike. But alas, this is not so. Of course, if you own a large amount of money, then the best option will be, for example, Yamaha UBR, as it will look better in its characteristics. But if the resources are not so much, but want to get the best quality, this model is especially for you. Thank you for your attention.

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