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Installing metal doors with your own hands is easy

Before starting the installation of a metal door, check the dimensions with the door opening. The size of the box should be more than 6 centimeters. Installing metal doors with your own hands in the gaps left allows you to do the job neatly. But before proceeding to this process, you should check the complete set of the product, comparing with the inventory, which is provided by the manufacturer. The rules for installing metal doors

  • Initially, it is necessary to dismantle the old structure from the opening, which should then be cleaned of dirt and chips, and then aligned.
  • Then, using paint tape, close all the technological holes and fasteners on the metal canvas. Especially carefully it is necessary to isolate the places of all locking elements and loops. With the help of a special mounting foam, the cavity of the frame must be filled to half the volume and after its full hardening it is possible to proceed with the installation of this structure.
  • In order to ensure the quality installation of metal doors with your own hands, you should carry out this process with an assistant, with which you need to place the door leaf in the opening in the open state in the box at a right angle. At the same time as a support under the door we put a wooden bar. On the side of the location of the hinges, it is necessary to set up this structure strictly vertically with the help of a building level. Then we fix it along the entire height with wooden wedges.
  • After the door has been leveled, it is necessary to fix its frame with anchor bolts, beginning with the hinge, which is located in the upper part of the structure. To do this, a hole in the wall with a 140 mm diameter and a diameter of 14 mm is made through the mounting hole. Then in it with a wrench we fasten the anchor bolt, which keeps the whole heavy construction. These fasteners are included with the specified product. This makes it easy to install metal doors with your own hands. If you need additional fasteners, you can purchase it separately.
  • The next step of installing the door metal canvas - the building level, check all the verticals and planes and adjust it if necessary.
  • In the wall, in the same way, we drill a hole to strengthen the lower anchor bolt. Then fix it and also install the middle fastener. After each installed bolt, the door should be inspected and the errors corrected.

The position of the structure and its adjustment by level

When installing metal doors with your own hands, you should pay special attention to fixing the anchor bolts at the location of the lock. In this case, you need to be careful. It is necessary to make sure that the door in the closed position is tight, without gaps and distortions, evenly located in the box. Only then is the final fastening of all anchors. After all the specified parts are securely fastened, place the plug in the fixing holes, and then fill with the mounting foam the remaining void between the installed metal door frame and the wall.

Setting locks

After installing this design, you should evaluate and adjust all the gaps between the box and the door metal sheet. Then you need to make sure that the installed locks work effortlessly, and the bolts enter freely into the nests. After complete adjustment we fix the platbands or decorative elements. In the proper observance of the above rules is the technology of installing metal doors.

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