Demon out of the box - scooter Yamaha Jog

Scooter Yamaha Jog RR - light, well-controlled unit with a sporting character. The stock version has 12-inch wheels, a helmet container under the seat.

A liquid cooling system is used, which allows an increase of about 30% in capacity (compared to engines of the same air-cooled class). Despite the fact that this scooter has a 50-cc engine, its lightweight design allows you to keep the necessary dynamics.

Yamaha scooters, in comparison with their Japanese counterparts, have the most sporting character. Of course, both Honda and Suzuki have special dynamic models, but most of these manufacturers equip their units with quieter engines. But the company Yamaha gives all its developments a dynamic character. Even Aprio, which is positioned as a more relaxed option, is still quite fast.
Scooter Yamaha Jog RR is the face of the company in the 50-cube segment of the market. The first motor scooter of this series was released almost 27 years ago, and all this time this lineup showed virtually no shortcomings. And all because they are constantly improving and improving. Scooters for Europe are manufactured by the French division of the concern. In Russia, there are models of both Japanese and French assemblies.

It is not recommended to buy a Yamaha Jog RR scooter for beginners. The engine here is very "evil", it will not forgive the inexperienced driver and the slightest recklessness with the throttle stick. If you, walking around the city, take a closer look at these units, you will notice that almost all have wings broken off. This suggests that Yamaha scooter made a rusty - on the rack it becomes without problems. This and enjoy the inexperienced owners.

Scooter Yamaha Jog RR is a dynamic model, but even he has a sports fellow - Yamaha Jog ZR. The Jog ZR series often wins the race and is the ideal choice for those who want to squeeze out all of the 50 cubes. Authentic models for the Japanese roar are equipped with sports switches, and with them this scooter can easily squeeze out up to 75 kilometers per hour. Such models are also delivered to our country, but there is only one "but". The fact is that folk craftsmen who prepare scooters for sale, like to shoot improved parts, replacing them with stock. Of course, everything in order to "weld" more. So think about how to buy unprepared Yamaha Jog ZR from the container, then there is a high probability that you will get a tuned unit that has a sports variator and / or Daytona switch.
However, before you get excited by the idea of buying a tuned model, you must clearly understand one thing. The fact is that tuning significantly reduces the resource of any technique. Judge for yourself - a lady driving a shopping store, and an eccentric young man who bought a scooter for aggressive driving, the engine suffers completely different loads and, accordingly, wears out completely differently. Therefore, to advise a series of Yamaha Jog ZR can be fans of speed and wind, but lovers of quiet and reliable scooters approach Jog RR or Aprio.

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