Connection of three-phase voltage 380 volts

Calculation of the power load of the power grid is the basis for its normal operation. For domestic needs, the voltage of 220 volts is most often used. But not always this value is enough for the normal functioning of all electrical appliances that consume electricity. Frequent cases when it is necessary to replace the standard voltage with a higher voltage - 380 volts.

The difference between the structure of networks

The approach of the standard electric grid, intended for domestic needs, consists in laying two cores - with load and zero. At the same time, the voltage arising between them is 220 volts. This is enough to ensure the normal operation of standard household appliances and lighting elements. But with increasing load, the power cable is heated, which inevitably leads to either a short circuit or a fire.

To avoid such situations, it is necessary to lay not one but three veins in the room. In the vast majority of cases, this possibility is provided for in apartment buildings. For a private sector, such a connection can be made only if there is a nearby power line with three separate phases. In addition, it is necessary to issue authorization documents from the management company and to ensure the installation of wiring with 4 cores in the room.

In what cases should 380 volts

The need to connect a 3-phase voltage can be caused by several circumstances. If there is a specific (powerful) equipment, or to distribute the load in the network.

There is a certain classification of electrical networks, for which it is possible to change the value of the number of phases:

  • Private houses or apartments.
  • Production halls or commercial premises with a branched electrical network.

In practice, at least temporarily increasing the voltage to the required level in an apartment or house is very problematic. If you need to connect 380 volts, then you need a good reason. For production, most often at the design stage, 3-phase voltage is provided. This is due to the high power of the equipment and the constant load on the network.

Private houses and apartments

When designing multi-apartment buildings, the calculation of the consumed electricity is performed. Based on these data, the wiring of the relevant section and safety devices are installed. If, for any reason, there is an increase in power consumption, it is recommended to perform a 380-volt connection.

This may be due to the following factors:

  • Installation of powerful household equipment - heating boiler, climate control system, etc.
  • Carrying out temporary repair works, during which the electricity consumption will increase significantly and the load on the network will increase.

Depending on this, a permit is issued to temporarily or permanently change the network parameters, under which the voltage of 380 volts becomes the main one.

The procedure for issuing permission

There are certain rules for changing the current parameters in the electrical network. To design permission at the first stage, the project documentation is prepared . It indicates the types of equipment and their characteristics. Based on these data, the management company must provide a technical condition for a voltage of 380 volts. How to connect and which lines of force must be used for this, the engineer decides.

After this, an act is drawn up, which specifies the following items:

  • Required package of documents for ownership by apartment (house).
  • The technical project, which was mentioned above.
  • The report, compiled on the basis of carrying out by the company representatives verification of the equipment parameters and the documentation attached to it.

If the requirements are legitimate - a significant increase in power consumption in accordance with the standards in the equipment certificates, then there is a connection and connection of 380 volts.

For private houses, the procedure is somewhat different. If at a distance of not less than 500 m from the structure there is a 3-phase line, then all works on its connection (after approval of the permit documentation) are performed by the management company. Otherwise, increasing the tension in the house is impossible.

Commercial and industrial use

For buildings and structures with constant high loads, the voltage of 380 volts is set by default. This directly applies to all industrial and commercial facilities. For normal power supply in the schemes, mechanisms for monitoring and distributing voltage are provided, depending on the load in a certain area. Drawing up such a design document is handled by specialized companies that are required to be certified.

Is it worth to spend a 3-phase line in a private house or apartment in advance? This is possible only if the design rules are observed, in which the types of electrical equipment and their characteristics should be indicated.

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