Setting up the Samsung TV of any model: step by step guide

Setting up the Samsung TV is not as complicated as it might seem at first. It can be done independently without problems. As the menu at this manufacturer differs the big degree of unification, and it allows with the minimum expenses of time to do this operation. It consists of the following stages: connection, channel search and image and sound correction.


Setting up the Samsung TV starts with switching, as it was said before. At the first stage, the wire from the local television antenna is installed. Further, if necessary, a CAM module must be inserted into the special slot. This will allow you to watch encoded channels in digital quality. Additionally, you can connect a satellite receiver through the RCA, SCART or HDMI interfaces. A digital tuner can also be connected in the same way . If the TV is equipped with an RJ 45 jack, then it can be connected to a twisted pair from a laptop, a PC or a router. At the final stage, you need to connect the power cord from the outlet to 220 volts. And only after that you can turn on the power button on its front panel.

Find channels

Next, you must give the command to turn on the remote control. To do this, click the appropriate button on it. Setting up the Samsung TV at this stage consists in automatically searching for available channels. To do this, you just need to change the menu language. Press the corresponding key and find the item "Setup". We go into it by pressing the "Enter" button. Then we look for the "Language" item. Again, press the same button on it, change its value to "Russian" and exit the menu. Then, by pressing the "Menu" again, we return and find the "Settings" item. It should contain the section "Searching and tuning channels". In it, select "Autotune". Next, you need to wait for the time necessary for the TV to scan all available ranges. At the end of this operation, the first channel found will be included. You can view all available transmissions by switching the corresponding buttons on the control panel. When using an external device (satellite receiver, for example), you must select the source of information for the TV by pressing the "Source" button. Then the choice of programs will already be done with the help of his console.

Sound and Image

The next step is to adjust the Samsung TV, associated with the image and sound, correct. Well, if everything suits right away. But this does not always happen. Then go to the main menu in the previously described way. In it we find the "Service menu". Next we need to find "Image" and "Sound". In each of them there are a number of parameters that need to be set by fitting to the required values. Adjustment of the LCD TV should begin with the correction of the picture, and only then you can proceed to the speaker system. At the end you do not need to save the set values, this operation is automatic.


Setting up the Samsung TV is not as complicated as it seems at first glance. She can do it for everyone, regardless of his qualification. Following the previously stated algorithm, you can easily set up any TV of this Korean manufacturer. Including models with support for 3D and SMART TV. At least, the basic settings for them are set in a similar way.

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