Portable speakers JBL Flip 3: reviews and description

Many today can not imagine life without music. It has densely entered our life. Favorite tracks accompany almost everyone at home, at work, on travel, regularly updated and becoming more beautiful and pleasant. However, for their comfortable listening, a technique is needed that can cope with the task of reproducing in the best possible way, and at the same time it should suit your rhythm of life. One of the optimal options, ready for extreme loads, is the JBL Flip 3 speaker system , which will help you determine if you should buy this portable speaker for yourself. However, before you get acquainted with the opinion of users, let's analyze its detailed characteristics in series.

A little about the manufacturer

JBL itself is known to fans of portable acoustics for a long time. Many praise it for quality, because often users can meet even those first models, still regularly working and making their owners happy with quality sound. The only prophylaxis that was required for all this time is a battery replacement, after all, it is still subject to wear and has a certain number of charge-discharge cycles.

The company is constantly trying to update the model line, trying to follow the latest technical trends. That is why new products acquire additional useful functions. For example, one of the series can be used as an external battery. In addition, almost all the speakers have a built-in microphone, which allows you to talk on the phone without getting it. The only drawback in this case can be called unless the loss of confidentiality, because the conversation can be heard by others. However, given the moment that most of these speakers have moisture protection, and the phone may not have it, in some situations it will still be the best solution. Consider what the JBL Flip 3 column from which we are now talking about is derived from this.

Brief characteristics of the model under consideration

The column, despite the relatively low price, is an excellent representative of the budget class. Possessing a relatively low price and high power, portable acoustics JBL Flip 3 is endowed with the following advantages:

  • Ability to choose the source of sound between the Bluetooth broadcast version 4.1 and the line input for a standard cable with a mini-Jack (3.5 mm) connector.
  • Built-in battery has a capacity of 3000 mAh. According to the manufacturer, this capacity should be enough for 10 hours of continuous playback of music tracks.
  • As already mentioned above, this column is no exception and supports the possibility of using it for talking on the phone. The built-in microphone not only receives an audio signal, but also processes it using noise and echo cancellation.
  • JBL Flip 3, customer feedback about which we will consider at the end of the article, has received protection from water. Acoustics can not be submerged for a long time, but it can withstand a short-term fall into it. Do not hurt and flying spray or raindrops. For cleaning from dirt, the column can be washed under running water.
  • Thanks to the modern wireless communication protocol, it is possible to connect up to three devices-sound sources simultaneously.
  • The use of the new BassRadiator technology allowed to make the low frequencies of the portable column JBL Flip 3 more powerful and bulky, despite the compact size of the case itself. Due to this, the lower bar of reproducible frequencies starts from 85 Hz. The highest possible frequency remained standard for most of these systems and is 20 kHz.
  • The total power of the speakers is 16 watts.

All this list creates a positive impression of this electronic miracle. However, for some users, technical characteristics are not so important as the design of the device. About it now and talk.

Appearance of the case and ergonomics

This moment can be especially interesting for those who like to stand out from the crowd. That's what designers thought about it, adding to the lineup at once eight different colors, each of which can emphasize your personality and make life a little brighter. It came in colors such as blue, yellow, red, mint, orange, pink, gray and black. However, color is not the main advantage.

No matter how beautiful the design, it should be practical. The use of passive low-frequency radiators (the same as those found in the more expensive series Extreme and Charge) has added a flavor and expanded the use of speakers. When off, the emitters on the JBL Flip 3 column can be overlooked, but their movement is clearly visible during playback. They seem to dance in time with low frequencies.

Thanks to their use, the column can be mounted on either end without sacrificing sound quality. However, it can also be put to one side. Despite its cylindrical shape, it will not go anywhere - it will prevent the lace. It seems to be such a trifle, but not every manufacturer also cares about users, because with its help the column can be fixed almost on any surface. For example, given its water resistance, it can come in handy for fans to sing in the shower.

The case is made of interesting material. As they say about the portable column JBL Flip 3 reviews, outwardly it resembles a fabric woven with chain mail. To the touch it is quite strong, which can guarantee no damage even after many years of operation. Where there are smooth elements, you can see a nice matte plastic, which has some anti-shock properties.

The controls are made slightly convex, which makes it convenient to use the column even in the dark. Separately, it is worth noting the presence of an indicator of the level of charge, because it, although it is also a small thing, but there is not on every model. However, the thing is quite useful, since it can help to correctly calculate the intensity of using the speaker system depending on its plans.

Combining Speaker Systems

If you look closely at the controls, you can notice an interesting symbol that can not be explained by standard rules. This is an hourglass icon that you will not find on any other manufacturer's speaker system.

If you carefully read the instructions to the columns, you can see that they support the possibility of merging. So, if you and your friend have the same speakers, you can connect them in parallel to achieve a better effect and increase power. This is especially true during picnics in nature, where a large number of people are present, and accordingly, the area on which they are located is quite large. Despite the fact that not many people managed to use this function, there is already a sufficient amount regarding the column JBL Flip 3 reviews showing the use of this solution.

Moisture Protection

As noted in the user manual, this column is not recommended to be immersed in water, as its performance may be impaired. However, if you look at the video reviews, you can see that many bloggers did this, and the speaker system continued to work without losing its characteristics. This indicates that it can easily cope with heavy rain or accidentally spilled on it a lot of water.

Also, as they say about wireless acoustics JBL Flip 3 reviews, it is not afraid of sand, so it is optimal for use on the beach. The phone may lie in a waterproof bag or cover.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the presence of a key to answer a call. If you bathe and listen to music, and then an important call came, you can easily answer it without fear of harming the phone, which may not have moisture protection. The quality of the microphone at a height, and you can speak without raising your voice, that is, as usual when you call.

It is worthwhile to be careful and always, when the interface connectors of the line input or charging are not used, to close them with a special rubber stopper. If this is not done, the water trapped in them can seriously damage the acoustics.


The battery, as already mentioned above, is set to 3000 mAh. For most users this will be enough. When playing at an average level of loudness it really lasts for about 10 hours, when connected through the line input and deactivation of the bluetooth module, this time can be slightly increased. To fully charge from a powerful power supply, as they say about JBL Flip 3 customer reviews, it will take about 3-3.5 hours.

Dimensions and weight

Girls who are used to compactly place everything in their small backpacks can pay attention to this model. Given the rather high power and autonomy, it will be the best candidate, because its dimensions are only 64 * 169 * 64 mm. This is a bit longer than the 5.5-inch smartphone. The thickness is then equal to its width. So it's easier to imagine the overall dimensions, and understand that this will be a good choice.

Concerning weight, you can also not worry, because for such a device it can not be called great. The weight of the speaker system is 450 grams. For comparison: this is approximately the weight of three smartphones. Agree, this is not so much, given the ability to comfortably listen to music anywhere.

Sound Quality

This parameter can not be missed, because the device can be as beautiful as you like, but nevertheless, its main task is the reproduction of pleasant music.

When you read about JBL Flip 3 reviews, they all boil down to one - compared to previous versions of budgetary options for acoustics from this manufacturer, the sound has improved significantly. It became more voluminous and clean, without any interference or artifacts. It can not be said that it is ideal, and audiophiles will unequivocally find flaws in it. And yet for a wide application this speaker system is very good.

The ability to connect three devices at once is very useful, if you are going to a company, and everyone wants to show off something new from their playlist. Then you can connect to the column at the same time, and then turn on the desired tracks in turn.

In acoustics, two modern speakers are used, each with a power of 8 watts and a diagonal of 40 mm. The volume is enough to listen to music in an open space, for example, resting in the forest or on the beach. This indicates that in a room or a car, you generally will not be able to twist the volume to maximum, since the sound power level will be too high.

The frequency range, as you can see, reading about JBL Flip 3 reviews, is fully disclosed, so the column is well suited for different types of music, ranging from rap or electronic, and ending with heavy metal. It's nice to note that there are no dips when the volume in the track itself rises sharply or decreases.

Column Settings

With the first connection of problems does not arise at all. Enabling the column, you can immediately find it in the list of available devices for pairing devices on your smartphone. If you want to connect another device, just press the button with the "Bluetooth" icon, and the acoustics will appear again in the search.

The transition to the operation mode via the line cable is carried out automatically immediately after its connection. At the same time, the bluetooth module turns off to conserve battery power. More detailed information on the settings can always be found in the attached detailed operating instructions.

Factory fitted

A column is delivered in a small box where you will find not many things. However, all branded accessories are executed qualitatively, so they can serve for a long time with careful handling.

So, except for the column itself, you will find one cable in the box. This is a micro-USB, designed for charging from a power supply. The most block in the complete set is not present, but any will approach, with a current of charging about 1 ampere.

That's all, there's nothing more there than a warranty card and instructions, no. However, due to this it is possible to reduce the final cost of the device. The manufacturer allows you to decide which accessories to purchase separately and whether you need them. However, many users, when they write about the portable acoustics of JBL Flip 3 reviews, note their dissatisfaction with such a meager bundle.

Positive feedback about the speaker system

All the above information is official data from manufacturers and the results of survey tests of major publications. It represents dry data, a kind of thematic JBL Flip 3 review. Reviews give the opportunity to see a live picture. Nothing can give the most complete information about this or that device, like the user's estimates, which already had the opportunity to test it in action. So, we can now consider the positive and negative aspects of the device, and then compare the information received with the manufacturer's statements to make sure of the quality and determine whether it is worth buying such a column for yourself or for a gift.

Analyzing written about the column JBL Flip 3 reviews, you can see that among the positive things users most often call the following:

  1. High-quality sound. Despite the fact that the column is small and refers to the budget segment, its sound is really pleasant and allows you to fully enjoy your favorite musical compositions.
  2. A good range of colors. It's nice that the manufacturer makes it possible to choose which column you want, and all this without a difference in value. This allows you to be unique, even if your friends have the same model. And anyway, with different colors it's easier not to get confused, where's whose gadget.
  3. Light weight and size. For its characteristics, the speaker system received really low parameters of these parameters, which makes its use more comfortable. It will not hurt in the backpack, and even the back will not be delayed.
  4. Moisture protection . Thanks to its presence, the column can really be used on beaches and places of active recreation. Do not sink it in the water, but with the main problems of finding on land, whether it's sand or spray, it will cope without problems. This option is clearly not superfluous in JBL Flip 3. The Bluetooth-column, reviews about which we are now considering, largely owes its popularity to it.
  5. Possibility to connect several (up to three) devices at the same time. In a large company, this function can not be neglected, because everyone can have different musical tastes, and this option helps to smooth out such a different opinion.
  6. High volume and power. The speakers are quite enough for dubbing quite large residential premises or for use in nature and in noisy places.
  7. Good autonomy. As noted by users, the operating time is really about 10 hours, and turning on the maximum volume is often not necessary.
  8. The ability to connect to another JBL Flip 3 Black column. The reviews show that although this function is rarely used, it still has a positive response among the few users who have already used it.

This list could be continued, but the main parameters, which are especially critical for the majority of those who plan to purchase this acoustic system, are already listed. As you can see, the manufacturer really tried and released a practical and high-quality product to the market. However, there are quite significant disadvantages, which also should not be kept silent.

Negative sides based on user feedback

Among the minuses the main one can be rightly called the appearance in some columns after some time after the use of wheezing during sounding. Most likely, this factory marriage. The good news is that, according to the majority of thematic reviews about JBL Flip 3, it often manifests itself almost immediately after purchase, so the gadget can be exchanged or repaired in time for warranty.

The second minus is a meager factory equipment. Many users are unhappy with the fact that it does not have a cable for the transmission of a linear signal, since this option is provided in the speaker system, but it can only be used after a further investment in a suitable high-quality cable.

Well, the third nuance, which is noticed by many buyers, is the lack of an opportunity to even buy a case in which you could listen to the column, and not just transfer it. However, given its good resistance to water and sand, this can not be considered a serious problem.


The acoustic system JBL Flip 3, the reviews we just analyzed, will be perfect for those who want to always be on their own musical wave and do not want to part with their favorite performers. It will allow you to enjoy musical compositions everywhere and always, given the good autonomy and compactness.

However, there is a chance to encounter a defective option and subsequently exchange it through a service. If you are ready for this, you can safely take this model - it just will not disappoint you.

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