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Shannon Briggs. Unrecognized genius

It's no secret that the birthplace and the environment of a person's life largely determine his future. This statement is quite applicable to such a boxer as Shannon Briggs. He was never a darling of fate and therefore from an early age learned that a place under the sun should be fought. And, as his behavior shows in recent years, in life an American does not pay too much attention to the norms and rules of normal human behavior. But let's talk about everything in order.

Born in the ghetto

Shannon Briggs Was born in Brooklyn on December 4, 1971. Unfortunately, he did not have any family, and so he grew up an orphan. It is also quite obvious that only boxing lessons saved him from the "usual life route" of most immigrants from this criminal area of New York City, the finish point of which is often a prison. The boy joined the fight at the age of 17. Time has shown that he turned out to be sufficiently talented and hardworking.

Successes in amateurs

The first victory in the Amateur ring Shannon Briggs Began to conquer almost immediately. His victory at the prestigious tournament "Golden Gloves" proved to be quite natural. After it followed a triumph in the state championship. In 1991, the young boxer reached the final of the Pan-American Games, where he lost to Felix Savon in the title fight. However, already in 1992, Shannon is rehabilitated and wins the national championship among amateurs.

Professional Path

July 24, 1992 Shannon Briggs first came into the ring in the status of a professional. And his debut was quite successful. He defeated his opponent by the name of Basil Jackson.

Undefeated Shannon was until March 15, 1996, until he met with Doroll Wilson. At the beginning of this battle, Briggs immediately began "off the bat" and how the tank tried to crush his opponent, arranging a flurry of attacks. However, Wilson coped with this onslaught and already in the third round managed to knock out Shannon, breaking through his head the "deuce", which consisted of a right and left hook.

November 1997 was marked for the "Gun" (this is the nickname Briggs wears) a controversial victory over boxing legend George Forman.

In March 1998, an outrageous American lost in the fifth round by knockout to the then-current champion, the British Lennox Lewis.

August 1998 was marked for Briggs by a draw with South African Francois Botoy.

But the most unexpected defeat of Shannon occurred in April 2000, when he lost to the junior Cedric Fields. The series of losses continued in April 2002. Briggs suffers another fiasco in the battle with McCline.

After this fight, the Shannon Briggs fights are a series of eleven victories in a row, the last of which in this list was over Ray Mercer. It was she who gave the opportunity to "Gun" to challenge the world title according to the WBO version.

November 4, 2006 Briggs defeats Sergei Liakhovich and becomes the new world champion in this version. But the century of ruling the extravagant Yankees was short. And already in June 2007, he loses by points to the Russian Sultan Ibrahimov, thereby losing his belt.

October 16, 2010 was the day when Shannon could once again become a champion, but he did not succeed. To all the fault was still boxing then Ukrainian Vitali Klitschko, who was able to stop the American and defend his belt. After this fight, Briggs takes a long pause in his career.

Return to the ring

In April 2014, Shannon Briggs, whose photo is literally saturated with his crazy energy, triumphantly returns to boxing, knocking out in the first round Aruneso Smith. This fight gave impetus to a new round of career of the famous fighter, and he continues to fight with redoubled fury. At the moment Briggs spent his last fight on September 6, 2015 in Florida, knocking out Michael Marron in the second three-minute standings.

The total persecution of the Ukrainian

Fight Shannon Briggs vs Wladimir Klitschko, whose results boxing fans are known in advance, for the American - his ultimate goal. In all his words and actions Briggs tries to show his readiness for this fight, in every possible way provoking a full-fledged tyrant of the heavyweight division from Ukraine. An indicative episode can serve as the moment when Shannon threw Vladimir off the surfboard, which infuriated Klitschko. It should be said that this episode is not the first in the conflict between these two boxers. Somewhat earlier, Briggs tried to provoke Klitschko in a restaurant, for which the Ukrainian poured a Brooklyn bully from a glass of water over his head. As a result, Shannon literally barely smashed an institution on the rocks, and he had to be reassured. There was also a demonstration episode when Briggs, in a boorish manner, interrupted Klitchko's conversation with Hollyfield during their conversation at the Lucky Street Gym. As a result, this conflict almost turned into a massive scuffle.

In short, the line of the permitted is already passed. A good PR should also have a measure. But in the situation with this couple the final is not yet known. What will eventually end the protracted confrontation between Klitschko and Briggs - time will tell.

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