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Russian taekwondoist Vladimir Kim: biography, personal life, achievements and interesting facts

Who is Vladimir Kim? What does he do? Where he was born? These and other questions will be answered in the article. Vladimir is a Russian taekwondo player. What kind of sport is this? Taekwondo is a martial Korean art, the characteristic feature of which is the active use of legs in battle, both for blocks and for strikes. By definition, Choi Hong Hee, Taekwondo means a self-defense technique without weapons and a method of spiritual training. It is necessary to competently perform jumps, strikes and blocks, committed by legs and bare hands to defeat rivals.


It is known that Vladimir Kim owns the following titles:

  • Winner of the European Cup in Azerbaijan.
  • Bronze medalist of the World Cup in Cottodio.
  • Bronze medalist of the World Cup team.
  • Master of sports of interethnic class.
  • Two-time champion of the Russian Federation.

Vladimir Kim has 2 dan.


He began to play sports in 6 years. He had gaps, not everything was smooth, since he was sick a lot, often moved. These results, Vladimir Kim began to show only in 2006, and in 2010 he already became a champion.

Today he trains in Rostov-on-Don with VV Khan. Vladimir - the champion of the Russian Federation in 2011, the vice-champion of the Russian Federation in 2014, the captain of the national team of the "Grandmaster".


Kim Vladimir Radionovich was born on July 13, 1987 in the small town of Gulistan (Uzbekistan).

Why did Kim Vladimir get carried away with Taekwondo? When he was 6 years old, his uncle, who was the president of the regional Taekwondo Federation, offered to take up this sport. At that time, all the brothers of Vladimir were fond of taekwondo of different directions, so he decided to keep up with them. At that time this kind of single combat was very popular.

Kim Vladimir initially engaged in the non-Olympic kind of ITF, but soon switched to WTF, which is very happy today.

Great competitions

What kind of competitions did Vladimir remember most? It is known that Kim became the champion of the Russian Federation in the city of Vladikavkaz. He had long dreamed of getting this title, went to his goal for many years, which became for him the most difficult, but memorable.

In the final, he defeated Mehdiyev Ibrahim (Dagestan), his longtime opponent, who won it 4 times in a row. Vladimir won the battle, and for the finale the gap was decent - 18:11. He remembered this day for life.


How does the Russian taekwondoist Vladimir Kim try to reach athletic heights? At his house in the room on the wall hangs an album sheet, on which he wrote in large letters: "I'm an Olympic champion." Vladimir daily glances at this inscription. When something does not work for him, when he comes from tournaments with a defeat, he wants to break the sheet. The inscription seems funny to him when it is not visible. But then he realizes that it is her dream to be invisible.

Vladimir thinks that he has not in vain set himself the ultimate bar - he does not like trifling. In addition, Kim annually fixes on the paper goals for the year. The huge sheet of Whatman is placed on the other wall of his room. By the way, some goals are fantastic, but many of them come true.

One day the coach of Vladimir uttered the words of the famous Olympic champion A. Karelin that he feels himself a champion only when he is on a pedestal. Descending from him, Karelin feels like an ordinary athlete, who should strive for permanent victories. It is known that Karelin, having won the Olympic medal, came to the training the next day. So does Vladimir.

Kim respects hard-working people who love their work.


What did Vladimir Kim achieve in his life? His biography interests many fans. In sports he reached the following heights:

  • Cup of Russia, Taganrog - 1 place, 68 kg.
  • Cup of Russia, Moscow - 3rd place, 68 kg.
  • Competition of the Russian Federation, the city of St. Petersburg - 3 place, 68 kg.
  • Cup of Europe, Baku - 1 place, 68 kg.
  • Championship of the Russian Federation 2010, Vladikavkaz - 1 place, 68 kg.
  • Inter-national rating competition G-1 German Open, Hamburg - 3 place, 68 kg.
  • Inter-national rating championship G-1, Russia Open, Chelyabinsk - 1 place, 68 kg.
  • Inter-national rating competition G-1, Israel Open, Rishton-Zion - 3rd place, 68 kg.


Kim Vladimir Radionovich likes to revise photos of his first battles. He compares himself past and present, sets himself new goals. All the victories that Vladimir wins, he dedicates to God. Kim always prays before the battle and believes that the Lord will help him become the first.

In 2010, in early November, the Russian Taekwondo team, of which Vladimir was a member, won gold in Azerbaijan at the European Championship in Baku. Already in a couple of weeks at the tournament in Vladikavkaz appeared champion - Vladimir Kim.

Taekwondo is a kind of sport. After the fight, Vladimir said that he had strong opponents from Samara, Karachay-Cherkessia, Dagestan and St. Petersburg. In the final, he met with the opponent, who lost at the tournament in Egypt. Vladimir argued that this duel was a very serious test for his beliefs. He prayed diligently before the battle and knew that it was God who helped him win this battle.

Vladimir won the championship title, became the first candidate for the Russian team. In the summer of 2011, he introduced Russia to the tournament in Korea.

It should be noted that the participants of the church "Exodus" - Vladimir Kim and his teammate Denisenko Alex - became candidates for the Russian national team to participate in the 2012 Olympics in London.


Great deeds are performed by Kim Vladimir (Taekwondo). Russia is a country of talent. Vladimir first came to church when he was 8 years old. He liked it, because his world view coincided with biblical wisdom. Kim always struggled with a lie, tried to live right, was strict to himself and demanded the same from others. He found allies in the church, he found the true meaning of life and faith in God.

Vladimir argues that many condemn his occupation of taekwondo. There are no meditations, idolatry and spiritual practices in it. Taekwondo teaches respect for others, nurtures will power. This is not a street fight, you need to think about it. Vladimir says that the first Taekwondo coaches who came from Korea to the CIS countries were missionary Protestants. Many of them still distribute the Gospel, using this sport. Vladimir is sure that sport is a great opportunity for carrying the Good News.


Vladimir believes that no matter how strong the spirit is not possessed by the athlete, if he does not give enough time to physical exercises, then nothing will be achieved. In battle, he does not feel anger towards the opponent, does not want to break him physically, to suppress the will. Kim's task is to outsmart the opponent, using strategy and experience. Of course, there are knockouts, but it happens most often by coincidence.

Vladimir is an inquisitive person. He wants to know everything and know everything. Sport, unfortunately, takes away all his free time. Vladimir knows that he will not be engaged in them forever, so he wants to succeed in many ways. He is fond of music, sings for a while in the church choir. The athlete is a passionate admirer of studying foreign languages.


Vladimir is married to a wonderful woman Catherine. She is a master of sports of the international class in taekwondo, two-time champion of Russia, vice-champion of the European Cup in Azerbaijan, silver medalist of the World Championship in Mexico, has 1 dan.

It is known that the couple from Tikhoretsk, Ekaterina and Vladimir Kim, at the open competition of the United States in taekwondo were able to win bronze medals. More than 1500 fighters from 20 countries of the world challenged the victory in the tournament. Vladimir won four bouts and only in the semi-final lost to Chen Yan Wei (Taiwan).

Catherine also confidently reached the semifinals, where she lost to the Korean woman Yu Jin Kim.

In the future, Vladimir plans to engage in family activities. Athletes do not like being second, they do not want to be outsiders. Vladimir and Catherine decided that in the future they would raise children, work hard. They want to go on courses on education of child prodigies, plan a lot of time and finance to invest in kids.

Vladimir does not think that his children will be athletes, but he wants them to lead a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps they will be mathematicians. For Vladimir and Catherine their children are the main thing.


What schedule does Vladimir hold before the championship? For bodybuilders, for example, this is called "drying." They have to work hard to not gain extra pounds, which are then difficult to throw off. In 2014, Vladimir dropped the weight for the tenth time before the tournament. He has his own scheme of smuggling the excess mass.

He believes that you need to eat a little, not to eat bread. Kim trains in a special thermal underwear, which helps to dry out. He was lucky, as his body easily gives water. Vladimir was very difficult with 72 kg to drive excess to 63 kg and all year to keep in this weight category.

What does Vladimir feel in the "golden round" to one missed or exact strike? He claims that this moment is very scary, especially at serious tournaments. If Kim relaxes, he loses, but a second before the score, he fully concentrates and develops a good speed to outrun the opponent. At this point, he often gets a score. We can say that this is a lottery. Kim at this moment is mobilized. A second is like passing an exam: sometimes students can learn the whole textbook in a day! It's the same with Vladimir. At this moment, all emotions and feelings are mobilized, and the reaction speed reaches a maximum.

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