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We prepare jam from spruce cones

Strawberry or raspberry jam is known to everyone. Apple jam is also, perhaps, difficult to surprise anyone. But jam from spruce cones is not so common. In this case, it refers to the most useful desserts - with its help you can defeat colds, beriberi, gum and throat diseases, respiratory diseases and even asthma. Correctly prepared jam from spruce cones is full of useful phytoncides, which help the body cope with pathogenic microorganisms. So how to make this amazing dessert?

Preparing for cooking

It starts with raw materials. Not all cones will fit, so you need to choose the right moment. In the middle lane, cones ripen by the beginning of summer. Collect only the freshest, still soft and green, no more than four centimeters long. Only in this case will you get a delicious jam of pine cones, the use of which is invaluable in the treatment of colds and flu. In the hard and old fruits there is not so much phytoncide, they are unsuitable for food. So to make this original medicine, you will have to walk through the forest in late May or early June and carefully look for the right product. The cone should be easily cut with a knife or even pierced with a fingernail. Then it is exactly for your purposes. So, how to cook jam from spruce cones?

Prescription of medicinal dessert

There are several ways of cooking. The first is a classic jam of spruce cones. Move from the needles and rubbish all collected, rinse and pour into an enamel pot. Fill with water so that it closes the cones by a centimeter and a half. Boil and add a kilogram of sugar per liter of liquid, wait for the boil again and lower the heat. On a slow fire cook for about an hour and a half, periodically removing the foam. On the readiness can be judged by the color of cones - they must be soaked with syrup and get a reddish tinge.

The second recipe suggests preparing a kind of "honey". In fact, this is also a jam of spruce cones. How to cook it? Rinse and rinse the bumps, pour in a pan with water. Boil twenty minutes with the lid closed, then leave for a day in the room to stand. Get a greenish infusion. It needs to be poured into another pan, and bumps can be simply thrown away. In the infusion, add a kilogram of sugar per liter and cook it for about an hour and a half. Please note that this jam from cones can only be done in enameled pots. Ready "honey" should be crimson shade. Still hot it needs to be poured on preheated cans. It is not necessary to sterilize, it will be stored for so long in any conditions.

Finally, the third way, which does not require cooking. Go through and rinse the bumps, each cut and run in sugar. Lay them in layers in cans. In doing so, pour each sugar. Cover the jam from the fir cones with gauze. Put it in a warm and dark corner and shake it periodically until the sugar dissolves completely. This dessert is incredibly useful in diseases of the respiratory system, and just to strengthen immunity is very good. It is enough to eat a dessert spoon of jam with hot water twice a day.

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