IZH "Planet-5": tuning not only for speed, but also for the soul

Tuning a motorcycle IZH "Planet-5" is a dream of numerous boys, which sometimes begin to embody only in adulthood, when they can afford to buy a product of the Izhevsk motozavoda. Then it is possible to deal with Planet-5 closely. To such "operations" their children and grandsons of a male, and at times and female, join the amazing and mysterious world of a motorcycle.

Motorcycle Planeta-5

The motorcycle "Planet-5", the production of which was started in 1985 and completed in 2008, is remarkable for tuning. Most often tuning the exterior, some units or main units. To make the fifth "Planet" more frisky and passable (in fact, to transform the IZ "Planet-5" into a cross-country motorcycle), remove the excess from the frame to reduce the 180-kilogram weight in the curb of the motorcycle. Then for its best move to the rear wheel put long-stroke shock absorbers and replace the front fork. It is possible to rearrange it from the motorcycle "Java" with the increased speed. Naturally, the wings also change.

The engine does not make any drastic changes. To increase the service life of the crankshaft, the native bearings are changed from the secondary shaft to the "Yavovsky" ones. The quality and increased resource cost of these bearings are compensated.

For the motorcycle IZH Planeta-5, tuning the engine is also an increase in the volume of the cylinder. Cut it for it's top, the sleeve is bored up to 76 millimeters. Under such a size, the piston from the "Planet-Sport" will rise freely. After these modifications, the prototype of the modernized Planet-5 will develop speed up to 160 kilometers instead of its 120 kilometers per hour. By the way, on the test bench the motor developed a power of 42 hp. At 5950 revolutions. But with any forcing of the engine its resource is reduced. Such changes should not be carried out on a motorcycle designed for everyday normal driving.

When the motor is forced, the rear standard rubber, clutch and chain can not stand for long. We need to think about their modernization.

IZH Planeta-5 clutch tuning

The clutch is standard, reliably works only in normal conditions. With aggressive driving and with increasing loads, which occurred after the motor is forced, the load on the disks considerably increases, from which they can fail. Expert experts advise changing one of the disks to metal, thickened. This will ensure a significant compression of the springs, with it will not slip, of course, the clutch will be squeezed harder.

To increase the power of the motorcycle motor IZH Planeta-5, whose tuning is discussed in this article, at the expense of increasing the speed, cut the top edge of the outlet window by one and a half to two millimeters. A mandatory condition is an equal weight of the pistons, and the windows must coincide in the cylinders with purge windows, do not overlap them in any way. Piston rings should be chamfered from the edges. Piston fingers need to be lightened by grooving the end of the cone. From the end of the fingers, too, remove the bevel. It will be necessary to bite off the "tails" of the stoppers, so that they do not prune the piston pin. Cylinder heads must be clamped, cutting their ends on the lathe.

Tuning of the motorcycle IZH Planeta-5: refinement

For refinement it is necessary to find the crankshaft, which has a needle bearing in the upper part . Such a shaft can be found on the "liquid" Jupiter. It is interchangeable with other IL models. In the head, you need to drill 2 holes with a diameter of 3-3.5 millimeters, as it is done on the "Planet". Regular separators made of aluminum, installed at Izhevsk Motozavod, do not differ in reliability.
After rework, you will have to use gasoline AI-92.

The photo shows a motorcycle Izh "Planet-5", the tuning of which is really chic.

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