"Wolverine" (snowmobile): description, reviews. Snowmobile Stels S 800 "Wolverine"

In Russia, utilitarian snowmobiles are quite popular. They are positioned as the most budgetary transport, convenient for riding snow. However, prices for imported models are quite high, so they can afford to buy not all. However, the Russian company STELS solved this problem by releasing a worthy alternative to foreign competitors. This "Wolverine" - a snowmobile at the same time and inexpensive, and powerful.

general information

Rumors about the creation of new items went relatively short. For the first time the snowmobile "Stealth Wolverine" appeared by the end of 2013 year. Many Russians, flattered by the novelty, began to buy the very first model. However, "Wolverine" - a snowmobile, the first model of which was not very shining with its quality. Chinese eight-watt motor brand "Odes", shock absorbers and in general - many running parts could pump up at the most crucial moment. There were also miscalculations in the cooling system.

In general, the snowmobile even went, but assumed that its owner should have some skills to eliminate the arising malfunctions. Therefore, the company "Stealth", taking into account the defects and completely reworking its offspring, brought it to perfection. And today the Wolverine 800 snowmobile has nothing to do with the first model, except for the appearance.


The main change in this vehicle was a completely new engine, which was developed in the design bureau STELS. It is a two-cylinder injector, with four strokes and liquid cooling. An interesting fact is that the motor running the "Wolverine" (snowmobile), although it was invented in our country, but they produce it in ... Japan. And this is not accidental. The fact is that in the Land of the Rising Sun the best equipment in the world, on which it is possible to produce high-quality engines intended for motor vehicles.

The motor, starting immediately, works smoothly. It does not hear any foreign noise or characteristic ringing. And thanks to an excellent balancing shaft, it does not just work - it's almost silent. STELS is so confident in its power engine that it has offered a three-year warranty on it separately.


"Wolverine" - a snowmobile, equipped with a four-stroke engine, which initially caused the specialists bewilderment. After all, "push-pull" - more powerful, and in the cold they are much better. But the Steels motor in its basic configuration has a special pre-heater. If necessary, using a special wire, the electric heater in the motor can be connected to the terminals of its battery, and after five, maximum seven minutes, the oil in the crankcase will be liquid and warm. And thanks to this "Wolverine 800" snowmobile gets into trouble without any problems even in the most severe frosts. In addition, it has two batteries with a hanged capacity. This is another proof that this technique is fully envisaged for the Russian winter.


Even before the advent of the snowmobile, when the first announcements appeared in the press, he immediately attracted the attention of a certain category of consumers. They were primarily fishermen and hunters, farmers and just lovers of traveling in the winter. With its technical characteristics and the number of standard options Stels S 800 "Wolverine" (snowmobile) deserved today's popularity. It is considered to be fully double. The designers equiped it with a winch, heated handles and a gasket, capacious luggage capacities. In addition, the Wolverine snowmobile, whose testimonies testify that the model appealed to the domestic consumer, has a very attractive design, a characteristic that many of the Russian analogues can not boast of. This technique fully meets the needs of customers. Apparently, this was the reason that in winter many prefer to change from their off-road vehicles to the "Stealth Wolverine" snowmobile.


Already the very first test testified that the first domestic snowmobile got a really good engine. The motor has virtually no vibrations, many positive impressions of both dynamics and traction characteristics. And this is not at all surprising: the Wolverine snowmobile, which is a confirmation of this, does not cause problems with overheating, tees in the cooling system and with the fuel line. Even those who tested their technique in the mountains say that all these components did not burst from heavy loads, and the engine supports did not deform .

In addition, as on the first models, the Wolverine does not fly rubber elements from the rear suspension rollers , and it itself can withstand even the toughest jumps and rapid travel through roughness and bumps. A significant role in the list of advantages of this release is played by sixty-seven horsepower in the engine instead of the former fifty-nine.

However, many owners of this snowmobile, judging by the reviews, face the high cost of some spare parts offered by official dealers. But this discontent is caused by the habit of buying cheap Chinese components, whereas quality parts always cost a lot.

The price justifies itself

Many people today are wondering if it is worth buying a "Stealth" snowmobile - "800 Wolverine." This model was more appreciated by those who had in their garage "Buran" and "Taigu", in comparison with which this new technique wins in order. But you need to understand that the "Wolverine" does not go to any comparison with these two-stroke analogs, which any novice user could disassemble and collect in half an hour in the cold. This snowmobile has a more delicate, complex and delicate design.

The price of it justifies itself: although expensive, but reliable. "Wolverine" - this is a completely new for our country price segment of domestic technology. Even in the conditions of the growing dollar rate, STELS dealer centers give their offspring for two hundred and seventy-five thousand rubles. And this, according to many, is quite an adequate price for a well-equipped and powerful machine, not from a Chinese manufacturer. Especially since the excellent quality / cost ratio from the first year of production made this machine a hit of sales, which pulled the lion's share of buyers of heavy utility snowmobiles sold in Russia from the market.

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