What can be the rear suspension of a car

Modern cars, thanks to the achievements of science in the automotive industry, have become an embodiment of perfection. Even inexpensive, budget cars can boast of enviable characteristics, which five years ago were shown by the best sports cars or sedans of the executive class.

Over time, the car's structure changed, its technical characteristics, behavior on the road changed, as well as the atmosphere in the interior itself. Previously, cars competed in power, speed, now the debate has shifted to environmental friendliness, economy, comfort smooth ride. Therefore, the design decisions had to be changed, and the suspension device changed, since it was designed to be responsible for this indicator.

If the suspension has too hard settings, then it will behave well on a winding road, since the rolls are minimal at the same time. Not without reason, racing and track cars have a very rigid suspension. But for road versions it is not applicable, especially for our roads. First of all, it is accompanied by low ground clearance, which is simply unacceptable in our road conditions. In addition, it is also necessary to "swallow" irregularities, which are enough.

The front suspension used to have separate springs and shock absorbers, now they are combined into racks, it's called McPherson. It has fairly stable characteristics, easy to install and dismantle. In addition, the manufacturer himself can choose the optimal ratio of the spring and shock absorber, depending on the purpose of the rack.

The rear suspension can be different. This may be a transverse beam, on which leaf springs are fixed. They are sheets of metal that have a rounded shape. Under pressure, they unbend, after which they take their form. The rear suspension of this type is used on the leading axles, usually large-class sedans, as well as pick-up trucks and trucks.

There is a rear suspension with the use of springs. Here they are installed in glasses instead of springs. Springs have the usual screw configuration. Shock absorbers are attached separately. This suspension is widely used on mid-sized sedans for everyday use. Again, it is used with a driving motom or beam. Its name is semi-independent.

And finally, the last type is an independent rear suspension. This means that the wheels of the rear axle are not fixed and can move independently of each other. It is quite convenient, but difficult to install, has a low load capacity. In addition, it uses only springs, which makes it softer. As a rule, it serves for small hatchbacks.

The device of the rear suspension directly affects the smoothness of the car. Here its action will be noticed by the passengers of the second row, because they sit just above it. In addition, do not forget that the performance of the suspension depends not only on its design, but also on the condition, so do not expect it to perform well with worn rubber gaskets or leaking shock absorbers.

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