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In cold regions with frosty winters, the problems of car operation are particularly acute due to the freezing of the power plant and the battery. Car enthusiasts cope with difficulties of this kind in many ways, most of which in themselves cause inconvenience.

Trying to save on modern heating systems, some car owners eventually face more serious problems in the form of engine overhauls. Minimize the same risks allows the pre-heater DEFA, presented in the market in different variations. Developments of this company are of interest both for ordinary car owners and for professionals.

General information about DEFA heaters

In the standard version, the preheaters are heat generators. They differ in their compactness, flexibility in installation, ease of management and efficiency. At least, these qualities refer to most of the DEFA models.

The principle of the device is based on autonomous heat production. The generation process is ensured by the combustion of fuel in a small chamber or by electricity. All without exception, electric models DEFA implement heating 220 V, and the developers guarantee an increased level of safety for the local automotive network. It is also important to note that the devices do not use the engine in their work.

Activation of the heater function is carried out according to the algorithm selected by the user. This can be a programmed heating mode - for example, every night in a certain time interval. Or the owner of the machine itself for an hour and a half before departure includes a system that leads the power unit in readiness for use.

As for the very need for such devices, it is advantageous to use them even if there is no risk of engine failure at start-up - the cold environment as such negatively affects any power plant. In turn, autonomous heaters reduce overvoltage from the motor and its element base, optimize fuel consumption, and also stimulate it to provide a higher power capacity.

Varieties of the device

Flexibility in the integration of heaters is due, first of all, to the variety of the model range and design designs. In the manufacturer's family, you can find hose devices, tapered, contact, etc. In this classification also provides for separation in place and method of installation. For example, there are models that provide oil heating in power units with air cooling.

Hose models of the traditional type are integrated into the small or main circle of the cooling system. In addition to these modifications, the manufacturer also delivers special liquid pumps. Noteworthy and contact devices that realize the electric heating of the engine due to a tight fit with direct recoil of warm energy. The heating element in this case is poured with aluminum, which further allows organically to inscribe the device to the heating point. Now you can proceed to a more detailed description of the installation technology.

Installing the preheater with flange and thread

First of all, it is necessary to evaluate the fundamental possibility of the installation of the heater itself to serve the target object. Then the process looks like this:

  1. If the installation is permissible, then the most suitable area is cleaned of dirt, oil and, if possible, is ground with an abrasive.
  2. Further, a technological installation site is formed, which will be the shape of the plug. A kind of cork is removed, on the site of which the installation is made. DEFA recommends small efforts when screwing in, as well as adding technical oil in small quantities to the contact area.
  3. In the process of integration of the working head into the formed branch pipe, it is especially important to estimate how tight the element will be, since even the slightest gap in the fixation line will make the heating ineffective.

Installation of models with spacer bar

These models are installed in the cooling system in such a way that the spacers from the inner already sides will be flush with the cylinder block.

The main difference between this type of heater and the threaded models is that the spacer element plays the fastening function. And if the fixation in the previous case is realized during the screwing, this time it will be in the plug clamp, which is performed after the head is put in place.

This system provides a more reliable electrical heating of the engine in the sense that integration involves a tight entry of the device. However, the bulge on the underside, in the wrong position, can damage the engine or adjacent parts.

Installation of models with thermostat

The presence of a thermostat is not a fundamentally important addition, but in order to increase the control function, it should be established. Another thing is that not always there is a technical possibility of such a solution. The installation itself is made on the coolant hose or in the oil sump. The main thing is that the line on which the tie-in will be carried would go up to the engine, and not go straight to it horizontally.

Like stand-alone heaters, the thermostat is mounted on the place of the finished plug. If there is not one, you will need to drill the site with the removal of the cork. The complexity procedure corresponds to the mounting of the main unit, but in this case the measuring device environment itself will also be important. The thermostat must be selected in accordance with the temperature loads characteristic of the engine block of a specific model.

User's manual

Control of the heater is realized through a special panel or a monitoring relay. That is, the user will have two options for setting the engine preheating. In the first case, it will be made with the help of the remote control directly from the house, and in the second - by means of the initial programming of the device by the type of a timer.

This is the standard control scheme for such a technique, but the Defa heaters have one feature. The fact is that together with a heater many users supply cars and heating systems of the same brand.

Developers offer separate management of these systems, but at the same time from the same source - using the same remote control. Two schemes can be used to accomplish this task.

In the first case, there are two relays connected to one console. In the second configuration, the pre-heater DEFA provides operation with one relay, supplemented by a charger.

Maintenance Instructions

Achievement of the expected results of the heater operation is possible only if the optimum condition of the equipment is maintained:

  • First of all, the user needs periodic monitoring of the physical integrity of the heater. It should be free from pressure, from pouring with technical fluids, and also free of temperature effects not provided for by regulations.
  • In addition, it should be checked regularly that the pre-heater DEFA is in a constant position without any shifts.
  • Here, the tightness is checked.

For cleaning the surfaces of the heater, typical means of autochemistry are usually used, designed to create protective anticorrosive coatings. It is not worth to abuse these drugs, but if you are referring to the same engine, you can also process this site at the same time.

Also check the condition of the thermostat, performing calibration and calibration if necessary - the need for these operations depends on the model of the device.

Positive reviews

Users of devices of the described brand note that developers manage to combine functionality, reliability and performance of systems at small sizes.

The most important thing for the majority of car owners who use this product is extensive installation possibilities. In the range you can find a solution for almost any engine. Moreover, even with compact dimensions, such models do not lose to analogues in the power of thermal impact.

Actually, the final effect in the form of heating and justifies the purchase of DEFA heaters. Reviews at the same time indicate not only the positive aspects of devices designed for power units. The company offers no less effective versions of pre-start heaters for other technical areas of the car, which are also affected by frost.

Negative feedback

Achieving increased reliability is rarely provided by simple solutions. And if to the mechanical installation of the structures, most users have no complaints, then the connection to the wiring of the car raises some questions. At least, because of the complexity, this part is often trusted by specialists.

True, this applies primarily to complex solutions. If one relay is used that connects the pre-heater DEFA to a user without auxiliary systems, then the connection does not cause any special difficulties.

Some drawbacks include some aesthetic moments. In particular, some models make noise in the process of work. This factor may remain unnoticed for the amateur, but experts note it.

How much do Defa heaters cost?

Threaded devices of an entry-level are estimated by average measures in 2-2,5 thousand rbl. This is the simplest in design heaters, which, however, are made of the same components as more solid options.

Large version of the contact type and spacer modifications are already about 3 thousand (we can say, this is the average level of DEFA). The price of devices, provided with a wide range of equipment and high-tech controls, varies between 4-5 thousand.


Many motorists still avoid switching to new preheating systems. They are scared away not so much by financial investments as by the need to intrude into the structure of the power plant. Nevertheless, provided that the risks are correctly established, which entails the insertion of such a device, it can be avoided. And then the driver will be able to count on a number of advantages, which still gives the heater for the car in the winter.

First of all, they can include a guarantee that the car will start on a frosty morning. Further, there are probably less tangible, but in the long run, significant benefits. By and large the start-up of the heated engine minimizes the resources expended on its operation. As a result, the fuel consumption level is slightly reduced and the parts wear less.

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