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Rocking chair with your own hands - quickly and easily

A rocking chair is an indispensable object for rest after a hard day. It will be an excellent addition to any interior, as well as a convenient and practical piece of furniture. For those who own at least the minimum skills of a carpenter, to build a rocking chair will not be a difficult task. Therefore, in this article we will talk about how to make a rocking chair with their own hands.

Where to begin? First of all, you need to acquire the necessary tools and materials. Ready models, which are sold in stores, are usually made of cane, rattan or wood. Also there are chairs made of metal with leather or fabric trim. As a raw material for independent production, any tree can be used, but in this case coniferous rocks are best suited, since they are the most universal and available options. Be aware that the wood should be strong, well dried, without convolutions and knots. You can make a rocking chair with fabric elements - it remains at your discretion.

The manufacture of the armchair with your own hands is worth starting with the sidewalls. For this, take wood 3.5-4 cm thick. If you plan to make thicker parts, use a saber saw instead of an electric jigsaw. A rocking chair with its own hands will have a more elegant appearance if the crossmembers are treated with a router. Before cutting the material, carefully transfer all measurements to the workpiece in a ratio of 1: 1. The thickness of the rails that will fix the fabric should be at least 2 cm, and the diameter of the cross bars - about 25-35 mm.

When cutting parts, the main task is rational use of raw materials: both sidewalls need to be placed in such a way that the material is sufficient for the step, backrest and seat. Recommended dimensions for a person of medium size:

  • Backrest - 52x65 cm.
  • Length of the seat - 48 cm
  • Width - 52 cm

Pre-treat the structural elements with a sandpaper or Bulgarian, and apply only after assembly.

The most comfortable rocking chair with their own hands will be if you make the front of the seat and the upper half of the backrest semi-circular.

You can connect the individual elements in two ways. The easiest option is to use an electric drill. Before drill holes in the sidewalls that determine the inclination of the backrest, find the most comfortable angle for yourself.

When choosing the length of the armrests, pay attention to the fact that they should protrude slightly forward.

A more complicated method is a stud joint with glue. The lateral parts of the rocking chair in this case fasten the lateral jumpers. To do this, holes are drilled in the sidewalls of the correct size, cross-pieces are inserted in them and fastened to the glue. After the glue is completely dry, its residues must be removed.

Between the sidewalls are fixed rails. They can be fixed with screws or conventional nails.

The rocking chair with its own hands is covered with a layer of stain, and then with several layers of a suitable varnish.

The work on the rocking chair can be made more convenient by putting on the handles of tools a chlorovinyl tubing. To do this, it must first be held in acetone for about 15-20 minutes, so that the tube swells. After this treatment, it is easy to put on the handle and as it dries tightly it will tighten.

Also, the rocking chair is made with the help of weaving. This is a more laborious process, but the result is worth it. In this case, you can not do without certain skills and abilities. To make such an armchair, you will need sticks, plates, bars and ribbons. Please note that in the end you should get a particularly sturdy construction with an additional fixation at the bottom. To make the rest in the armchair more comfortable, you can install a step in front.

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