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Tarsem Singh: the complete filmography

Tarsem Singh is an American filmmaker, famous for which brought the thriller "Cage", released in 2000. Tarsem Singh's films invariably have success with fantasy fans, as the visual component of his paintings always amazes spectators.


Tarsem Singh was born in the Indian city of Jalandhar in 1961. His father was an air engineer. Tarsem studied at the closed school for boys Bishop Cotton School. His father planned that he would go to Harvard, but Tarsem Singh himself decided to do directing. After graduating from college in Delhi, in 1985, he moved to California, where he entered a private art college.

Career director Tarsem Singh began with the filming of music videos, the most famous of which are Losing My Religion and Sweet Lullaby. Singh made dozens of commercials, including those for Nike.

Director's debut: "Cage"

Singh's debut in feature-length cinema was held in 2000 with work on a psychological thriller with elements of fantasy "Cage". The main roles in the film were performed by Jennifer Lopez and Vincent D'Onofrio. Singh's unusual, surreal film received mixed reviews from critics, but viewers rated him highly, quickly giving him the status of a cult.

The picture collected at the box office 104 million dollars with a budget of 33 million, becoming one of the highest-grossing films of the year. It was thanks to this thriller that Tarsem Singh became known all over the world. The films he shot in the following years will always be in demand.

Nine years later, inspired by the box office success of Tarsem Singh's picture, director Tim Jakafano made a sequel - "Cage-2". The film lost to the original both in the plot and in the cast, so not all the avid moviegoers know about its existence.

Further projects

The next full-length film by Singh, "Outland", was released in 2006. The picture became the debut for the 6-year-old actress Unaryu.

Filmed in the fantasy genre "Outland" by Tarsem Singh produced a favorable impression on the critics. Film critic Roger Ebert gave the film four stars out of four, writing: "You may want to watch this film simply because it exists, there will never be a second one like that."

The New York Times magazine spoke of "Outland" neutrally, calling it a real work of love - and a real bore. Despite the generally good reviews of critics, the picture collected at the box office only 4 million dollars, becoming, thus, the first and only box office failure in Singh's directorial career.

In 2011, Tarsem shot another film in his favorite fantasy genre - "The War of the Gods: Immortals." The picture is partly based on Greek myths, although it has little in common with them. The main roles in the film were played by Luc Evans, Mickey Rourke and Henry Cavill.

Critics did not understand the original approach of the director to the adaptation of Greek myths, while appreciating the "War of the Gods". In commercial terms, the project was quite successful - with a budget of 75 million box office fees amounted to 227 million.

The following year, the movie "Snow White: Revenge of the Dwarves" was released, directed by Tarsem Singh. Filmography Singh replenished with another colorful fantasy project. In fact, the work on the picture began in the summer of 2011.

Julia Roberts was the first to receive the role, since the director did not imagine anyone else in the role of queen. It was planned that the role of Snow White will be performed by Sears Ronan, but it was decided that Lily Collins is more suitable for this role. The role of Prince Andrew went to Armi Hammer, who managed to bypass the screen test of James McEvoy and Alex Pettyfer. The film premiered in March 2012. Like most of the previous paintings of Singh, "Snow White" was called by critics "undoubtedly a beautiful film."

The last full-length film in the career of the director, a fantastic thriller "Beyond / myself" was released in 2015. Ryan Reynolds, the star of "Deadpool", and Ben Kingsley played the main roles. The main character of the film, businessman Damian Hale, has cancer. Not wishing to part with life, he agrees on an expensive and risky procedure - moving his consciousness into the body of a young and healthy man. The operation is successful, but the past of the person, whose body was moved by Hale's consciousness, persistently pursues him.

Career on TV

Now Tarsem Singh is working on the television series "Emerald City", based on Lyman Baum's book "The Wizard of Oz". The pilot episode was shown in January 2017. The shooting took place in Europe - Hungary, Croatia, Spain. So far only one season of the television series has come out, and it is not known whether a continuation is planned.

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