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Sergei Pisarenko: from the captain of the KVN team to the actor

Who from the constant KVN spectators does not remember this cheerful tall blond shirt-guy in bright clothes and with a constant silly smile on his face? Of course, it's him, Sergei Pisarenko, one of the members of the "Uyezdny Gorod" team, the champion of the KVN Supreme League in 2002. And although he finished appearing on the stage, from performances on which it becomes more fun to everyone, forget it is not possible, so colorful it was a character.

The beginning of the life path

The future comedian Sergei Pisarenko was born on July 22, 1968 in Magnitogorsk.

At school he studied well, the exact sciences were his hobby. Therefore, after receiving the certificate Pisarenko carries the documents to the Magnitogorsk State Pedagogical Institute. He chooses for himself the specialty of "drawing and work." And in the institute he studies with pleasure. Here he finds a new hobby: he begins to play in KVN.

He manages everything, the training process continues smoothly, and many spectators come to the games. And then the restless merry fellow does not calm down. In parallel, he receives the second - a psychological education. And again he does not care: Sergei writes and defends his Ph.D. thesis. And a little later he starts teaching at the Magnitogorsk State University - MAGU.

His work book is still at the Institute, Sergei Pisarenko has retained the teacher's place. He still exists as an associate professor of the department of psychology, because under the contract he is an assistant to the rector. The only thing that has changed is the curriculum. Arriving from a tour in his native city, Sergey read the necessary lectures for the students for a week.

My friend Zhenya

Sergei Pisarenko, whose biography has developed quite unusually, as well as his friend and stage partner Evgeni Nikishin, became popular thanks to KVN. This comedic life began in 1997. It was Sergei (at that time already a teacher) noticed a talented student and offered him an acquaintance with KVN. Thus was born the creative duet. At first, they were very cleverly imagined images in the composition of one of the best teams "The Uyezd City". And now it's completely independent, loud-sounding names.

Friends already had time to work on the set - films "LopuHI", "Tourist", "Jam from the cherry blossom" ... They "enlightened" as a radio and TV host.

Advice of an experienced KVNschik

Sergei Pisarenko considers himself a man for himself, just unique. Indeed, the paradox of life: he, the son of an ordinary metallurgist, whose family has never had comedians or actors, was able to see this beautiful world from Hong Kong and to Seattle.

Whatever the hard and complicated tour life, Pisarenko has already reached a high level. Probably everyone would like to repeat his way, and not only KVNschik. He is sure that their team was lucky to get into the "golden age" of KVN. Then there were a few teams that were able to linger and leave their mark in the cinema and television. These are "Children of Lieutenant Schmidt", "Ural pel'menis". But after 2004, all players have become somehow the same, in black suits. Now it is almost impossible to remember some bright, juicy individual. Therefore Pisarenko always advises to try to be individual. When KVNschik comes on the stage, he must first think over his image, let the spectators laugh at him. Then even the most average joke necessarily sounds an order of funnier.

Family cheerful KVNschika

While Sergei Pisarenko, photo Which can be seen on the pages of glossy publications, went on tour, at home, in his native city of Magnitogorsk, the family waited: wife Natalya, daughter Dasha and son Nikita. His tour schedule was so tight that he spent four days a month with his family. This went on for more than ten years.

In Moscow, his husband Sergei Pisarenko lived. Wife Natalia, unfortunately, could not get there, because once the couple made an important decision: until their children grow up, do not change anything. Here they have their friends, hobbies. And in the new city, everything will have to be changed.

So communication at a distance with the family was at that time for Sergei the only way out. He was very much helped by the means of communication, because in any hotel he could connect to the Internet and chat with his family via Skype. Pisarenko once said that when he left, he gave the children different assignments, for example, to have new friends in the kindergarten. And when I came, I listened to children's stories. Sergei was worried that his son lacked male attention. And although there was only one man nearby - grandfather, he gave Nikitka to the hockey section. The eldest daughter Dasha seriously engaged in figure skating and was a prize-winner in regional competitions.

Changes in personal life

But some time ago the media reported information that in such a close family there was a serious split - the showman and former KVNschik Sergei Pisarenko left his wife for the sake of the Ukrainian producer.

It turned out that this is a cruel truth of life. The divorce proceedings of the now former spouses lasted for two years. The children stayed with their mother, and the three of them live in Magnitogorsk. Pisarenko promises that children will never become for him "former", he will never forget about his paternal obligations.

In bachelors, Sergei did not stay long. Now in his heart there is a new woman - TV producer Marina Gorodetskaya. It is because of her that Pisarenko has recently come to Kiev very often and has already obtained a residence permit in Ukraine.

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